Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby Shower Cakes Gone Wrong

I'm calling this post baby shower cakes gone wrong rather than "funny baby shower cakes" after careful thought and consideration. Before you judge me you should know that there is not a soul on this earth that appreciates the beauty of pregnancy more but somehow the idea of non-medical personnel taking a cake knife and carving up pregnant belly is (to me):

a. weird
b. gruesome
c. anything but appetizing

The first case in point is this hot pink and black beauty.

Hot pink and black pregnant belly baby shower cake

Via Cake Wrecks

Right off the bat, I have to admit I'm extremely envious of Alaysia's cake's impressive boobs and that I love hot pink and black baby shower decorations but setting those considerations aside; the idea of slicing up a tummy with a little footprint doesn't exactly put me in a festive mood.

The next pregnant belly cake was obviously baked for a mother-to-be expecting boys. Actually, if I had to guess, I would say she was expecting several of them.

Blue and white pregnant belly baby boy shower cake for multiples twins or triplets

Admit it, you tried to match up the baby hand and footprints to figure out how many babies this mommy of multiples was expecting. I know that I did!

Does it strike you that these expensive, professionally baked baby shower cakes are so lovely if it weren't for the prospect of the bellies destined to be sliced open?

Hot pink and pregnant belly baby girl fondant baby shower cake in polka dots

Take, for example, this elegant pink and white polka dot cake with the flowing fondant bow. But DEAR LORD look at the size of that baby girl's foot! Can you say, "Mommy's gonna need a whopper of an episiotomy?

Let this be a lesson to you to think twice before giving your baker directions lest you join the gallery of baby shower cakes gone wrong. For those of you who have pictures of a professionally baked cake that either by twist of fate or by design turned out to have, shall we say, a "unique" personality, please visit Cake Wrecks to upload pictures and make light of your disaster. I promise that we will laugh with you, not at you.