Friday, February 24, 2012

Golf Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Spring is almost here and with it comes the best time to play golf and baby showers with a need for some golf baby shower gift ideas! The little one's golf themed nursery can always use a few personalized decorations and mom will be needing golfing apparel in varying sizes to keep baby in clothes.

Let's start with the latest in cute outfits for golfers not yet out of diapers.

Golf theme baby layette with argyle outfit socks booties and hat

Golf Baby Clothes

This baby layette popped into its own special golf cart gift box makes preparing something nice for the shower fast and easy.

If you'd like, you can include a beanie or a cap with a matching golf themed onesie and an extra pair of golf shoes would also be great.

Lime green and white fringed baby golf shoes

Baby Golf Shoes

These cute shoes match the onesie in the layette very nicely but can be used with other outfits as well.

In addition to baby golf apparel and golf nursery perhaps some toy golf clubs or books would be appreciated.

A board book on the ABC's of Golf will teach baby the basic rules and regulations of the game while sneaking in an early educational experience.

And we have saved the best of all our golf baby shower gift ideas for last!

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The toy golf clubs come in their own bag with a tee and a golf ball baby rattle!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Panda Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Here are a few cute panda baby shower gift basket ideas that will have your basket filled with gifts including outfits, panda nursery items and a few things that a bear loving mama will love!

Let's start with cute panda themed items that also have a practical purpose.

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A two-piece panda onesie and baby hat set fill a large amount of space in a basket for a very inexpensive price.

Adding an extra baby hat or onesie would be an option but don't forget a pair of baby booties.

Black and White Panda Baby Socks

The socks match the onesie set perfectly!

Now that baby has a cute panda outfit, assuming mom has a panda baby nursery theme, tucking some nursery items in the basket seems like a great idea.

Mom as well as baby will enjoy this adorable mother and baby panda nightlight!

And perhaps the most fun of all our panda baby shower gift basket ideas are these darling toys!

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This rattle comes in high contrast, black and white just like a real panda bear!

Please visit us again soon to see the latest in panda baby shower decorations and gift ideas.