Monday, November 12, 2012

Best Free Crochet Ladybug Hat Patterns

What I have for you today are, in my opinion, a few of the best, free crochet ladybug hat patterns that I have now added to my already very lengthy list of gifts to make. To save money, I like to keep a stash of ladybug baby gifts ready and waiting for baby girl showers. Ladybug stuff never goes out of style so when I find something cute on sale; I snap it up and add it to the pile. Buying items at discount sales is great but homemade baby shower gifts are my favorites. Since so many newborn photo shoots are popping up using cute, crocheted baby hats in all kinds of themes as props; I'm bound and determined to learn how to make my own crochet ladybug hat.

Red and black crochet ladybug newborn baby hat photo prop

Go Here to See More

The red and black ladybug nursery theme is an all-time favorite and these colors really POP in portraits.

As far as a ladybug nursery theme or baby shower goes, I like pink and brown just as much but somehow I don't this this ladybug hat would be as easily identified in those colors.

This earflap hat will keep baby's ears warm during the winter months and I love the antennas. This ladybug beanie has the cutest scalloped edge and this one is adorable and would probably be easier for a beginner since it has a plain, straight edge but I'm not knocked out by the antennas of either of these free crochet ladybug hat patterns. Perhaps the thing to do would be to combine the patterns taking the best features from the three..what to do, what to do? Visit Unique Baby Gear Ideas website to find more of the baby hat and bootie patterns that I have on my "to-do" list.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lilly's Pretty Pink and Orange Nursery Decor

After being totally knocked out by Lilly's pink and orange baby nursery decor on Unique Baby Gear Ideas main site, I thought I'd post a few pictures filled with ideas that will encourage you to stop procrastinating over decorating your own nursery on my blog!

Framed Pink and orange Jonathan Adler silhouette baby girl nursery wall art

There's something about the months of September, October and November that inspire me to explore the possibilities of decorating a baby's nursery in orange even if there is a healthy splash of bright pink in the mix.

My personal opinion is that pink and orange baby bedding is delightful; but some moms feel that it's too spring-like or summery for a space that they will be using year round. I believe that this baby girl's room is proof positive that this style is perfect no matter the season.

The un-cluttered look is perfect for apartment dwellers looking for furnishings and decorations with clean, modern lines and lots of storage space. The fabric storage bins neatly tucked under the baby's crib and the shelves are a lovely way to organize everything from clothes to toiletries while adding lots of bright, bold color and I'm still fascinated by chevron print fabrics. I just love this room; can't you tell?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Most Expensive Items Moms Buy for the Baby and Nursery

Some of the most expensive items moms buy for the baby and nursery are absolute, "could never do without" necessities and some (according to many) are not! There are all sorts of nursery checklists and diaper bag checklists with items on them that I've managed to do without. Then on the other hand, I have been known to splurge on high end stuff like designer diaper bags that made my frugal friends screech in pain and (I'm sure) scorn me to anyone who would listen.

Oeuf Classic cribs in walnut in an aqua nursery decorated for a twin boy and girl

Oeuf Classic cribs in walnut with Dwell Studio Bedding

I would like a reprieve from their scathing remarks for a bit so you won't find a designer baby bag anywhere on the following list. That being said, I'm sure that I will still draw a few scathing remarks from my thrifty readers.

Bring it on, ladies! I've developed skin as tough as a rhino's rump and I can take it.

No. 1. A crib: You might skip a cradle. You can skim right past the bassinet but the baby will have to have a bed to sleep in unless you plan to co-sleep until he or she is ready for a big bed. There are ways to furnish the baby's room frugally but even if you are dedicated to buying second hand, relatively speaking, the crib and nursery furniture will be the most expensive outlay of funds.

No. 2. The nursery furniture: Nursery armoires, changing tables and gliders are next on the list. Buy only what you need and rely on organization to keep the room clutter free.

No. 3. The baby stroller: A full size stroller, even one without all the bells and whistles, will set you back. Expect to pay at least $100 to $150 for a basic model and more if you must have the exact same stroller as your favorite celebrity mom has chosen for her baby.

Those are, in my opinion, the most expensive items moms buy for the baby and nursery under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, it's rare for any of these big-ticket items to be presented as baby shower gifts for obvious reasons; they are expensive but they are also items that parents prefer to research and buy themselves. In fact, these purchases are so important that well meaning grandparents who want to help out would be better off presenting mom and dad with a gift certificate rather than surprising them with (gasp) a pricey gift that is all wrong.

What was the most expensive item you bought to prepare your nursery for baby? Do you have any shopping tips to help others save a little money?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baby Shower Cakes Gone Wrong

I'm calling this post baby shower cakes gone wrong rather than "funny baby shower cakes" after careful thought and consideration. Before you judge me you should know that there is not a soul on this earth that appreciates the beauty of pregnancy more but somehow the idea of non-medical personnel taking a cake knife and carving up pregnant belly is (to me):

a. weird
b. gruesome
c. anything but appetizing

The first case in point is this hot pink and black beauty.

Hot pink and black pregnant belly baby shower cake

Via Cake Wrecks

Right off the bat, I have to admit I'm extremely envious of Alaysia's cake's impressive boobs and that I love hot pink and black baby shower decorations but setting those considerations aside; the idea of slicing up a tummy with a little footprint doesn't exactly put me in a festive mood.

The next pregnant belly cake was obviously baked for a mother-to-be expecting boys. Actually, if I had to guess, I would say she was expecting several of them.

Blue and white pregnant belly baby boy shower cake for multiples twins or triplets

Admit it, you tried to match up the baby hand and footprints to figure out how many babies this mommy of multiples was expecting. I know that I did!

Does it strike you that these expensive, professionally baked baby shower cakes are so lovely if it weren't for the prospect of the bellies destined to be sliced open?

Hot pink and pregnant belly baby girl fondant baby shower cake in polka dots

Take, for example, this elegant pink and white polka dot cake with the flowing fondant bow. But DEAR LORD look at the size of that baby girl's foot! Can you say, "Mommy's gonna need a whopper of an episiotomy?

Let this be a lesson to you to think twice before giving your baker directions lest you join the gallery of baby shower cakes gone wrong. For those of you who have pictures of a professionally baked cake that either by twist of fate or by design turned out to have, shall we say, a "unique" personality, please visit Cake Wrecks to upload pictures and make light of your disaster. I promise that we will laugh with you, not at you.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Tree Theme Baby Shower Decorations

My favorite tree theme baby shower decorations are ones that can go home with the guest of honor that she can use to decorate the baby's nursery. Unless you host numerous showers each year and have an endless amount of storage space (which I do not and am jealous as all get out if you do) this is a super way to decorate the venue and make the mommy-to-be feel like she made out like a bandit in the gift department which is so much more fun than having to figure out a way to pack and store lots of stuff that you may never use again when the party is over.

Baby blue green and white baby boy shower wishing tree decorations with paper birds and wall banner

Go Here to See More

One of the best tree theme baby shower decorations that I've used to decorate that mom was tickled to load in her car after the celebration was a large tree wall decal that I ordered after craftily quizzing her what her nursery's colors were. For less than $30 I decorated the wall behind the gift table and made my friend squeal with delight..priceless!

Baby girl wishing tree shower centerpiece with hot pink flowers as decorations

The next great idea is a wishing tree which operates along the same lines as a wishing well at a money tree shower. Only with a wishing tree, the guests are asked to pin wishes on the branches instead of cash. Of course, if you wanted to pin a few dollars inside your wish, I'm sure that would be appreciated.

If you just insist on adding your tree theme baby shower decorations to your cache of supplies to use over and over again, be sure that you buy them in gender neutral colors.

Wishing tree baby shower centerpiece with paper pink and blue bird decorations on the branches

That way you will have the option of adding blue birds for a baby boy or pink flowers for a baby girl to the branches of the tree for a gender specific look.

The little pink or blue birds and flowers that you use to decorate the branches can also be used to enhance the look of the tableware.

Pink or blue paper birds make excellent baby shower decorations perched on the rim of water or wine glasses

Perch a paper bird on the rim of water glasses and champagne flutes for an inexpensive yet elegant touch.

Friday, March 02, 2012


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Friday, February 24, 2012

Golf Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Spring is almost here and with it comes the best time to play golf and baby showers with a need for some golf baby shower gift ideas! The little one's golf themed nursery can always use a few personalized decorations and mom will be needing golfing apparel in varying sizes to keep baby in clothes.

Let's start with the latest in cute outfits for golfers not yet out of diapers.

Golf theme baby layette with argyle outfit socks booties and hat

Golf Baby Clothes

This baby layette popped into its own special golf cart gift box makes preparing something nice for the shower fast and easy.

If you'd like, you can include a beanie or a cap with a matching golf themed onesie and an extra pair of golf shoes would also be great.

Lime green and white fringed baby golf shoes

Baby Golf Shoes

These cute shoes match the onesie in the layette very nicely but can be used with other outfits as well.

In addition to baby golf apparel and golf nursery perhaps some toy golf clubs or books would be appreciated.

A board book on the ABC's of Golf will teach baby the basic rules and regulations of the game while sneaking in an early educational experience.

And we have saved the best of all our golf baby shower gift ideas for last!

See More Here

The toy golf clubs come in their own bag with a tee and a golf ball baby rattle!

Please make plans to visit our blog again soon to see the latest in golf theme baby shower decorations and gift ideas.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Panda Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Here are a few cute panda baby shower gift basket ideas that will have your basket filled with gifts including outfits, panda nursery items and a few things that a bear loving mama will love!

Let's start with cute panda themed items that also have a practical purpose.

See More Here

A two-piece panda onesie and baby hat set fill a large amount of space in a basket for a very inexpensive price.

Adding an extra baby hat or onesie would be an option but don't forget a pair of baby booties.

Black and White Panda Baby Socks

The socks match the onesie set perfectly!

Now that baby has a cute panda outfit, assuming mom has a panda baby nursery theme, tucking some nursery items in the basket seems like a great idea.

Mom as well as baby will enjoy this adorable mother and baby panda nightlight!

And perhaps the most fun of all our panda baby shower gift basket ideas are these darling toys!

See More Toys Here

This rattle comes in high contrast, black and white just like a real panda bear!

Please visit us again soon to see the latest in panda baby shower decorations and gift ideas.