Sunday, January 30, 2011


I just found a downloadable template that will show you how to make your own FREE owl baby shower invitations. Well, the printable download is free but you should add the cost of the colored ink cartridges for your inkjet printer and the paper that you will be using to make this delightful little forest creature. And I DO so love the colors that were used in the example on 3EYEDBEAR.

You could use these decorations instead of store bought lanterns for a wise old owl baby shower and coordinate the little hoot with your owl baby shower invitations by altering the color combinations. The example on the paper craft website, at first glance, seems to be gender neutral in design because of the predominance of yellow. But after taking a closer look I noticed that the owl's beak, feet and the circles around the eyes had lots of baby blue making it more suitable for a baby boy shower than a baby girl shower. If you think these paper birds are as cute as I do but need decorations for a girl's baby shower, you could substitute pink in the blue areas to give your free owl baby shower decorations a more feminine look. Use green ink for gender neutral owl decorations!