Monday, January 10, 2011


rubber duck ducky baby shower centerpiece decorations picture ideas bowl


Would you believe that these rubber duck baby shower decorations cost less than $5? I can't take all the credit for the ideas though. You see, I needed a yellow ducky baby shower centerpiece and went to the florist to pick out flowers and she gave me the instructions. The floral designer is not only a personal friend of mine but baby shower ideas are her specialty. When I told her the theme of the shower, she asked me right away if I had my heart set on a centerpiece of flowers. The puzzled look I gave her called for a little clarification and she then shared her ideas for the homemade centerpiece that you see in the above picture.

The bottom line is that I saved a bundle on rubber duck baby shower decorations by following her advice. In fact, the money I saved more than covered the cost of my baby shower invitations! And in case you're worried that she got in trouble with her employer or that she is putting her own store out of business by handing out decorating advice that sends hostesses out the door, don't worry. Her shop has so many cute wreaths, floral arrangements and handmade baby shower decorations that you could never find anywhere else that she can easily afford to give cost-cutting tips from time to time. She knows that most of her customers never leave the store empty-handed!