Thursday, December 15, 2011

These World Wall Maps Make Great, Cheap Gifts

These wall maps make great, cheap gifts for the baby shower gift basket especially if you heard a rumor that the the mother-to-be is working on a world map nursery theme. You could also add them to your stash and tuck into someone's Christmas stocking!

Large vintage style world wall map to frame for a kids room or a baby nursery

Large vintage segmented world wall map to frame for a kids room or a baby nursery

Decorating the walls of your home with a world wall map, including the baby's nursery or your kids' rooms is nothing new but right now the trend is red hot! Examples of large wall murals created using vintage world maps as theme are being featured in trendy home decor catalogs that target customers with an abundance of discretionary income. And these huge maps are not cheap by any means.

Modern World Wall Map Baby Nursery Design Mural
World Map Wall Mural in a Baby Nursery

BUT.. you can get both of these wall maps for kids, for your office or for the living room of your home at the time of this article for less than ten cents! That is correct, these maps cost one dime plus shipping. Of course, there’s some shipping costs but it’s very unlikely that you will find art less expensive than this.

Should we, the do-it-yourself decorators, without wagonloads of cash to spend on giving the den a makeover or designing a baby nursery with an educational nursery theme simply can‘t afford one of these framed world wall maps? Absolutely not! We may not have the means to buy one of the framed, vintage wall maps of Paris as seen recently in the Restoration Hardware catalog. But who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for an old Parisian map when you can buy a vintage world wall map for penny! That’s right I said 1 cent!

At the time of this post (prices are always subject to change) you can buy a large wall map of the world for very cheap price and these world wall maps make great cheap gifts for a baby shower so stock up before they're gone!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby Deer Shower Gift Ideas

I have some precious baby deer shower gift ideas that are sure to be a giant hit at a baby girl or boy's forest friends theme baby shower.

Every hunter dreams of taking his son hunting. But until the baby boy is old enough to follow in the might hunter's footsteps this plush, deer nursery rug would be just the thing for the floor of his baby's forest or baby deer nursery theme.

Whitetail baby deer nursery rug for a baby forest or hunting theme room


And how tickled would mom and dad be to unwrap this toy deer at the shower? The buck even has an impressive rack!
Large, stuffed whitetail deer toy for a baby's forest, or hunting theme nursery

The toy whitetail is over 30 inches tall and built sturdy enough to last as a room decoration through the newborn and toddler stage and beyond.

If the newborn will be welcomed home into a small baby nursery that hasn't got room for a giant deer, perhaps this little fellow would be a better fit for the nursery (and your baby shower gift budget?).

Either of the toys would make a lovely present for your friends that are decorating a nursery for baby in forest creatures.
Small plush, stuffed whitetail deer toy for a baby's nursery

These beautiful toys can even be used as forest themed baby shower decorations before being presented to the guest of honor!

The rug and forest animal toys are excellent baby deer shower gift ideas that will give you lots of bang for your buck. The items can be used as toys as well as nursery decor ensuring that the mother-to-be and her baby will enjoy them for a very long time.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

TOP 5 Gift Ideas for New Moms with Babies

New mom getting a much needed massage

New Moms Love a Massage!
Here's my list of the TOP 5 gift ideas for new moms with babies according to a recent opinion poll. New dads are welcome to shower me with compliments to show their appreciation.

1. Household help for a day. New moms would love to have someone come in and clean the house, cook a meal or two and give them a fresh start.

2. A babysitter. It would be so nice to have someone that we could trust come in and take care of the baby for a little while to give us a little time for ourselves.

3. A spa gift certificate. How nice would it be to have a fresh mani-pedi for the holidays?

4. A massage. Who wouldn't love to answer a knock at the door and find your own personal masseuse standing there ready to work on their aching back? If money is tight, dad should visit youtube to get instructions on how to give his sweetheart a massage himself. Hey! She just gave you a baby! The least you can do is rub her back and feet!

5. Prepared meals. Even those of us who love to cook have precious little time to clean up the kitchen afterwards (and NObody likes that!) so some frozen casseroles or a gift card to a favorite local restaurant would truly be a Christmas wish come true!

As you can see, there are no luxury or designer clothes, shoes or purses on the top 5 gift ideas for new moms with babies; we just want a little time to ourselves, a clean home, a well-fed husband and some well-deserved pampering after delivery.

And these recommendations are not just for husbands! A thoughtful friend might consider adding one of the gift cards or a voucher promising a frozen casserole to their baby shower gift!