Friday, November 25, 2011

Cheap and Easy Baby Gift Wrap Ideas

When I saw these cheap and easy baby gift wrap ideas, I said NO MORE boring baby shower gift wrap for me! I'm lazy, there I said it. A lifelong habit of procrastination has led me to show up embarrassingly late to more than a few friends' baby showers with an often fabulous present (sometimes I even make them myself!) wrapped in the most uninteresting paper.

Now I will share with you the websites with instructions and tutorials that have moved me to make a resolution (before New Year's!) to wrap the beautiful gifts with more care and respect.

Here is a list of my favorite ideas for wrapping baby gifts for Christmas or baby showers. Here's a tip; even if the instructions are for a particular holiday they can often be adapted for other occasions! Now, let's get started.

1. How to make your own paper bows for gifts.There are many ways of recycling gift wrap after Christmas or after a party but how about baby gift wrap that is MADE from recycled paper?
I love these bows that are actually made from the pages of old books and magazines. Heck, I might stop shredding my used inkjet paper and start making bows to put on my eco-friendly baby gifts to created a theme!

2. How to make your own wrapping paper out of brown paper bags
I used to use colored ink and rubber stamps to decorate paper bags for crafts projects all the time when I was a kid and now it's time to pull that technique out and use it to wrap presents!

You can cheat a little and buy a big roll of clean brown paper or you can think ahead like the crafty mom I know you are and save grocery bags until you build a stash and cut them apart to get them ready to use according to the instructions in this blog.

3. How to turn boring baby shower gift wrap into something wonderful!
We all have cardboard rolls with tiny scraps of leftover paper on them that are really too small to wrap anything other than a jewelry box, right? Well, here's the secret of how to turn those paper scraps into really cute gift tags.

4. Forget cheap paper gift tags, make them out of wood!
I hate to throw stuff away and have been accused more than once of being a bit of a hoarder. To repair my reputation, I've learned to transform disposable items into keepsakes that nobody would ever want to trash. THIS gift tag painted in cute baby colors with a cute saying on one side will decorate your gift and then you can suggest that it can be displayed on the mother-to-be's keychain!

5. Pom Poms!
Even if you don't knit or crochet, it's worth the price of a skein of yarn to make precious pom poms to use instead of traditional bows. You can get instructions for how to make pom poms FREE in many baby hat knitting patterns.

If you find any cheap and easy baby gift wrap ideas that you want to tell us about, please email me or drop a link in the comments box and we'll help you spread the word.