Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Throw a Cheap Halloween Baby Shower

Gorgeous fall pumpkin arrangement with potted fall greenery.
I can tell you how to throw a cheap Halloween baby shower this fall so listen up! If you've been to the grocery store lately, you know how expensive fresh produce has become and sadly, pumpkins are more expensive than ever!

But what's a baby shower
without pumpkins?

Let's take another look at these big, orange beauties and you can decide whether they are as prohibitively expensive as we thought or whether we need to load up our shopping cart with as many as we can carry.

It's a fact that decorative paper pumpkins are dirt cheap but chances are that you will get only one use out of them, TOPS, before you have to toss them in the trash.

With real pumpkins, you get to

a. arrange them to make a stunning display at the entrance of your shower venue

b. relocate them to your front lawn after the baby shower is over

c. include them as part of your Thanksgiving decorations

d. roast the seeds

e. make a pumpkin pie

Once you consider all of the ways that pumpkins can be used as
baby shower decorations
as well as vitamin packed food for your family, I'm sure that you will realize just how frugal a purchase they are! And if you know of a local farmer, chances are they will be even cheaper than if you bought them at the grocery store. Now, THAT'S how to throw a cheap
Halloween baby shower


Anonymous said...

I am hostessing a baby shower right before Halloween and found the following instructions that gave me some ideas for cute Halloween baby shower favors.

They were posted as teacher's gifts, but take a look HERE and you will see that they would make very nice party favors, too!

Anonymous said...

And HERE are some adorable Halloween theme goodie bags that you could make!

MSBABY said...

I love this spooky bunting made of "aged" pages from a book.

You could personalize it with whatever name or greeting that you want.

See the instructions HERE.

Anonymous said...

Just in case anybody's looking, I just found some

FREE PRINTABLE HALLOWEEN party labels and tags.

Here's the url for the FREE DOWNLOADS.

There are Halloween party circles and cards and a few Christmas files on the same page.

Anonymous said...

Could you use this large bat printable as a placemat or a Halloween party sign?

Here's the page where you can find this free Halloween party printable.