Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to Make a Free Birth Stats Print

A really savvy blogger posted some instructions on how to make a FREE birth stats print that you can give to a friend as a happy or wrap it up to give as a very nice, personalized baby shower gift or you could frame it and use it as part of the baby shower decorations if the guest of honor's baby has already been born!

Most of the art prints of this type cost at least $25 or more! Why would you want to spend that much for what amounts to a sheet of inkjet paper with some colored printer ink on it when you can make your own?

All you need for this craft is a sheet of 8X10 printer paper and a colored ink cartridge (OK, so you might use 25 cents worth of ink! If you object to that you're a bigger cheapskate than I am and that's saying something!)

After you have your supplies ready to go, take a look at the example to get an idea of the colors and the fonts that you might want to use. Here's a tip, call the mom (unless you are making the art for yourself) and ask what colors she has in her nursery and casually ask:

  • How to correctly spell the baby's name
  • The baby's date of birth
  • How much the baby weighed
  • The baby's length
I haven't printed mine up yet but the crafty mom who posted the instructions showing how to make a free birth stats print for her baby says it took about ten minutes.