Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to Make a Free Birth Stats Print

A really savvy blogger posted some instructions on how to make a FREE birth stats print that you can give to a friend as a happy or wrap it up to give as a very nice, personalized baby shower gift or you could frame it and use it as part of the baby shower decorations if the guest of honor's baby has already been born!

Most of the art prints of this type cost at least $25 or more! Why would you want to spend that much for what amounts to a sheet of inkjet paper with some colored printer ink on it when you can make your own?

All you need for this craft is a sheet of 8X10 printer paper and a colored ink cartridge (OK, so you might use 25 cents worth of ink! If you object to that you're a bigger cheapskate than I am and that's saying something!)

After you have your supplies ready to go, take a look at the example to get an idea of the colors and the fonts that you might want to use. Here's a tip, call the mom (unless you are making the art for yourself) and ask what colors she has in her nursery and casually ask:

  • How to correctly spell the baby's name
  • The baby's date of birth
  • How much the baby weighed
  • The baby's length
I haven't printed mine up yet but the crafty mom who posted the instructions showing how to make a free birth stats print for her baby says it took about ten minutes.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Apple Theme Baby Shower Decorations

Apple of My Eye baby shower party banner with apple shaped photo cut outs with pictures of the kids draped on the dessert table
The heart of all the apple theme baby shower decorations that were made for this shower was this amazing photo homemade photo banner. The hostess of the event put a lot of time and love into making this item for the guest of honor so that her older children would feel a part of the celebration.

Most of the pictures that we saw were of the amazing treats and decorations with a focus on the dessert table. We don't see what was done in other areas but here's how I would decorate the venue to enhance the invitation of an apple theme baby shower dessert table in a style such as the one we see in the pictures.

I would take things in a country direction with all of the guest tables covered in red and white checked tablecloths with hay bales instead of chairs.

At the entryway, I would have shocks of corn stalks surrounded by bushel baskets filled with fall fruits and vegetables. After all; wouldn't baskets of apples make the best apple theme baby shower decorations of all?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Candy Corn Craft Ideas

Candy corn craft ideas for kids
Ghosts, goblins and things that go bump are fun for the older kids but here are SIX (6) SUPER FUN candy corn craft ideas that little kids and mom will enjoy! The first candy corn craft comes in a bucket with enough supplies for 16 children to each make one of these cute little guys. All mom has to supply is glue! The finished product makes a great Halloween party favor!

Candy corn theme lollipop labels
Buy as many cheap lollipops at the store and then personalize them with candy corn theme party circles. Pick your favorite candy corn clipart and use one of the free printable downloads to make your own labels. Or you could take the easy route and just buy the ones in the picture already personalized with the wording of your choice.

Cute candy corn party favor ideas.  Personalized candy corn mint tins.
One of my favorite candy corn craft ideas is to take all those breath mint tins that you've been saving and re-purpose them with a fresh, new label and a refill of candy for the kids. You can also buy them already personalized and filled with candy with the label in place! But I have to say that my favorite is the cute candy corn candles made from flower pots. They are so cheap to make and absolutely precious. The only drawback with this craft is that some painting skills and supplies are required. But since you get cute
table decorations for a baby shower
or a Halloween party that you can use over and over, you may find that it's worth breaking out the paints and brushes.

Here's a cheap craft idea with a tutorial that is nothing more than orange, yellow, and white yarn glued onto styrofoam cones with a hot glue gun! Sounds silly, right? But three of them as a group make a great table top display!

If you have no yarn but have lots of orange, yellow and white tissue paper, here's instructions on how to make candy corn decorations out of tissue paper.

And I saved the BEST for last! Why is this the best of ALL the candy corn craft ideas? Because you can EAT this one! Yeah! Anything you can eat is top notch in my book! Go HERE to get the recipe and instructions for how to make (drumroll please) candy corn cheesecake! Just so you know, the recipe doesn't actually have candy in it so that's a good thing!

Throw a Practically FREE Halloween Baby Shower

Halloween Costumes by ShindigZ

Today I will tell you how it may be possible to throw a practically FREE Halloween baby shower. Yesterday I gave you some ideas on how to make the most of your budget by buying cheap Halloween baby shower decorations (pumpkins in particular) that could be multi-purposed and I had no more hit the "publish post" button than I found an amazing offer in my email inbox from Shindigz telling me that they have reduced prices on a bunch of their Halloween store items!

Not only can your shoppers get up to 85% off Halloween items without a coupon code, they can also get on orders UNDER $49 using code WSGJ9N.

If you shop their sale items and use the coupon code to get free shipping a discount of 85% will put you on your way to throw a practically free
Halloween baby shower
as far as
baby shower decorations
and tableware are concerned with money left over to buy that costume that you've had your eye on!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Throw a Cheap Halloween Baby Shower

Gorgeous fall pumpkin arrangement with potted fall greenery.
I can tell you how to throw a cheap Halloween baby shower this fall so listen up! If you've been to the grocery store lately, you know how expensive fresh produce has become and sadly, pumpkins are more expensive than ever!

But what's a baby shower
without pumpkins?

Let's take another look at these big, orange beauties and you can decide whether they are as prohibitively expensive as we thought or whether we need to load up our shopping cart with as many as we can carry.

It's a fact that decorative paper pumpkins are dirt cheap but chances are that you will get only one use out of them, TOPS, before you have to toss them in the trash.

With real pumpkins, you get to

a. arrange them to make a stunning display at the entrance of your shower venue

b. relocate them to your front lawn after the baby shower is over

c. include them as part of your Thanksgiving decorations

d. roast the seeds

e. make a pumpkin pie

Once you consider all of the ways that pumpkins can be used as
baby shower decorations
as well as vitamin packed food for your family, I'm sure that you will realize just how frugal a purchase they are! And if you know of a local farmer, chances are they will be even cheaper than if you bought them at the grocery store. Now, THAT'S how to throw a cheap
Halloween baby shower

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Baby Shower Beverage Ideas

Black and Green Spooky Halloween Baby Shower Punch, Free Printable Labels and Decorations

Here are a few Halloween baby shower beverage ideas that are spooky, fun and inexpensive. There are no weird ingredients or flavorings to buy but you might want to ask your friends to hang onto their empty Starbucks Frappuccino bottles for a few weeks so that you will have them ready to fill with your frightfully delicious punch! Wash the glass bottles, remove the labels before the party and replace them with these great free, printables from the This Blog. Don't forget the super creepy matching straw flags!'s what you do to turn your favorite recipe into the perfect Halloween party punch. Whip up a recipe of your favorite baby shower punch in the old witch's cauldron and then add some enough black and green food and drink coloring to give it a pleasantly putrid color.

I tried this with my favorite
pink baby shower punch recipe
and everything went well but I wished that I had added the green coloring first and then the black so that the drinks would have had more of a green-ish color.

Feel free to share your own Halloween baby shower beverage ideas, recipes and pictures of your Halloween baby shower decorations in the comments section!