Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fun Pink and Brown Baby Shower Cake

Cute round pink and brown girl baby shower cake decorated with pink and brown fondant polka dots and a light pink gum paste bow
The fun pink and brown baby shower cake is not without a few flaws. But you really have to look hard to find them so I'm really, really proud of it! I baked it myself from start to finish and since I'm not anywhere close to what you might call a professional cake baker and/or decorator I think that it turned out rather well if I do say so myself.

The goal was to decorate the cake to match the pink and brown baby shower decorations and tableware that were pink and brown (duh). There were several ways that the cake could have been decorated if my skills were more advanced but since I'm a beginner, I took the easy route and chose large, brown polka dots with smaller pink dots inside them on a sheet of pink fondant topped off with a big, pink gum paste bow!

The fondant and gumpaste didn't give me much trouble other than dying the chocolate brown fondant took a LOT of food coloring. Here's a tip; if you will be using dark brown fondant buy brown rather than having to use food dye to tint it brown.
I was even able to manage a perfect match to the colors of the brown and pink baby shower decorations which made me very happy!

For a little time and about $10 in fondant and gumpaste, I got a fun pink and brown baby shower cake that looked (almost) as if it had been decorated at a bakery!
A round cake with polka dots is a great cake for a beginner and for my next party, I'm going to give pink and brown zebra stripes a shot!