Thursday, June 02, 2011

Worst Baby Shower Gifts Ever

I have my own opinions of the worst baby shower gifts ever but I can't list them here to avoid possibly hurting the feelings of well meaning family members and friends (hi there, Aunt Molly! Don't worry I LOVED the wool onesie and it doesn't make my baby's eczema that bad at all!). One mommy's trash may be another one's treasture and everyone's tastes and needs are different as to what might constitute a bad baby gift but according to a recent survey that I conducted on Unique Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas' Facebook page, there are a few items that most moms who have a few months of newborn care under their belts agree are not worth the price or the space they take up in the baby's room.

The funny thing is that I see many baby gear and popular nursery items that made it into the "Top 5" of the list on practically every mother-to-be's baby shower registry! I guess that everyone thinks warm baby wipes are the bomb until they realize that they can easily warm them with their hands, right?

I know that you are waiting to get the results of the Worst Baby Gift opinion poll and here they are!

1. Wipe Warmers
2. Diaper Genies
3. Changing Tables
4. Jogging Strollers
5. "How To" Books for Baby Care

The question that was asked was actually worded as "What is the most useless baby product" but since most moms regard these items as not worth the trouble, we certainly don't want to give them as baby shower gifts, do we?

I would love hear your ideas of the Worst Baby Shower Gifts Ever if you would care to share!