Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to Make a Wreath with Leftover Baby Shower Decorations

Door wreath made from leftover hot pink baby shower napkins and baby birdy party circles
Recently, during a rare quiet moment at my house, I decided to figure out how to make a wreath with leftover baby shower decorations. I had some really cute green, white and pink baby birdy cupcake toppers and hot pink napkins left over from the last bird theme baby shower that I hosted; actually the party unexpectedly became a sip n see but that's neither here nor there as they say.

I could've socked the cute party circles and baby shower napkins back and added them to my ever-growing stash of tableware and decorations but something (probably the fact that it's getting more and more difficult to close that cabinet door)motivated me to go online and see if anybody had any craft ideas that might call for the items that I had on hand.

As luck would have it, one crafty mom had posted pictures of a door wreath made using tissue paper and others had I had to tweak their instructions to adjust for the slight differences in paper napkins and their materials but after some trial and error not to mention some issues I had with the hot glue gun things moved right along.


I found a styrofoam wreath form in the storage room that was decorated with some very tired fall leaves. The leaves were faded but the form was good to go after I stripped the old decorations off of it. Here are the instructions:

1. Open the napkins and cut them into uniform 5X7 shapes
2. Pink the napkins in the middle making a "point" where they will be glued onto the styrofoam
3. Poke a tiny hole in the styrofoam and shoot a bead of hot glue inside. I used a wooden chopstick to both poke the hole and to push the points of the fluffed napkin into the glue. SPACING: I spaced each "napkin rosette" about 2 inches apart but you will need to determine how close you need for each to be to get good coverage.
4. Using wired ribbon tie a bow.
5. Nestle it slightly into the napkins where you want it to be positioned on the wreath. I used "10 o'clock" and "2 o'clock" for the wreaths for my french doors.
6. Glue two party circles in the center of the bows


Since I already had the wreath form, the party circles AND the napkins on hand all I had invested in two wreaths was my time so you might say my front door decorations for the summer were FREE!
and hot glue it