Friday, February 18, 2011

CoCo Chanel Baby Shower Theme

pink gray and white baby girl shower invitations card chanel french parisian


What did I spy in pictures of a recent Coco Chanel baby shower theme but these personalized pink and gray baby shower invitations! Being a girl who would never consider leaving the house without a misting of her Chanel No. 5, I was enchanted by the thought of a Chanel baby shower!

You can go HERE to see pictures of the baby shower decorations as well as the floral arrangements and food ideas..not to mention the lovely, white and pink ruffled cake that played a part in taking this celebration to the height of elegance.

When I think of my favorite French perfume, I must say that gray and pink with ruffles doesn't enter my mind but the pink and gray colors that were used to create the atmosphere of the Coco Chanel theme blended with liberal references to Chanel and things Parisian is lovely.

And I'm sure that the food ideas appealed to everyone as there were both hearty and light selections including filling bacon-wrapped filet, Kobe beef sliders and tomato soup shooters with grilled cheese sandwich wedges as well as lighter grilled vegetables, cherry salad, fresh fruit, chicken empanadas and Caprese skewers. And of course there was French pink lemonade (in keeping with the gray and pink decor) and champagne.

One of my favorite of all the creative baby shower ideas that I read about was the perfume bar(how apropos!). I'm sure that the guests were invited to create their own special blend of perfume and then take these sophisticated baby shower favors right on home with them.

Perhaps the most intriguing decorative details of the Coco Chanel baby shower theme was how the hostess incorporated the look and feel of the famous Chanel perfume label into both the design of the baby shower favors and the party decor. Rather than reading Chanel No. 5, the elegant sign read PEYTON No. 2 (Peyton was the guest of honor's second baby).