Friday, February 18, 2011

CoCo Chanel Baby Shower Theme

pink gray and white baby girl shower invitations card chanel french parisian


What did I spy in pictures of a recent Coco Chanel baby shower theme but these personalized pink and gray baby shower invitations! Being a girl who would never consider leaving the house without a misting of her Chanel No. 5, I was enchanted by the thought of a Chanel baby shower!

You can go HERE to see pictures of the baby shower decorations as well as the floral arrangements and food ideas..not to mention the lovely, white and pink ruffled cake that played a part in taking this celebration to the height of elegance.

When I think of my favorite French perfume, I must say that gray and pink with ruffles doesn't enter my mind but the pink and gray colors that were used to create the atmosphere of the Coco Chanel theme blended with liberal references to Chanel and things Parisian is lovely.

And I'm sure that the food ideas appealed to everyone as there were both hearty and light selections including filling bacon-wrapped filet, Kobe beef sliders and tomato soup shooters with grilled cheese sandwich wedges as well as lighter grilled vegetables, cherry salad, fresh fruit, chicken empanadas and Caprese skewers. And of course there was French pink lemonade (in keeping with the gray and pink decor) and champagne.

One of my favorite of all the creative baby shower ideas that I read about was the perfume bar(how apropos!). I'm sure that the guests were invited to create their own special blend of perfume and then take these sophisticated baby shower favors right on home with them.

Perhaps the most intriguing decorative details of the Coco Chanel baby shower theme was how the hostess incorporated the look and feel of the famous Chanel perfume label into both the design of the baby shower favors and the party decor. Rather than reading Chanel No. 5, the elegant sign read PEYTON No. 2 (Peyton was the guest of honor's second baby).

Friday, February 11, 2011


pink princess baby shower diaper cake decorations white girl


This adorable princess castle diaper cake has to be one of the cutest princess baby shower ideas ever! From the pink satin ribbons that secure the rolled onesies on each of the three layers all the way up to the hot pink turrets flying the paper flags of the (undoubtedly) magical kingdom this diaper cake is enchanting. And all those diapers; it just has to be the baby shower gift of a lifetime for a mother expecting a baby girl.

hot pink and green princess baby shower cakes crown cake topper non pareils stripes flowers girl

In colors that match the princess baby shower invitations here we have a precious hot pink and green princess baby shower cake. The crown cake topper is bejeweled with non pareils and on the sides of each layer are alternating pink and green stripes.

All of this hostess' princess baby shower ideas were bright and cheerful and I'm saving these pictures so that I can refer back to them the next time I host a princess baby shower theme for a baby girl!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


red and white baby shower cupcakes cakes christmas valentines day fondant

One of the most famous of all red baby shower themes is a Valentine's Day theme! It's the hostess' only chance until the 4th of July to bump up the volume on pink and complement navy blue with beautiful, bright red! As we know red baby shower invitations (romantic heart shaped, Santa themed and patriotic) are more abundant during the weeks before Cupid's favorite holiday, Independence Day and Christmas.

But a smart hostess can't always work with holiday themes since babies tend to arrive on their own timetable. If you have your heart set on red baby shower decorations when no "red" holidays are close to the guest of honor's due date, a black and red ladybug theme might quench your thirst for this color scheme. Or what about a spring theme decorated with lipstick red tulips? Another popular theme for a baby boy's shower that works well with rust and bright red is a cowboy or western theme.

There are many, many festive holidays that the color red brings to mind, but if we put our heads together we can plan our celebrations with red baby shower themes any day of the year!

Monday, February 07, 2011


Aren't these elegant, black and white baby shower cupcakes incredible? I suppose it's selling them short to limit them to baby showers, they would be amazing for any celebration that has a formal "tuxedo required" atmosphere or any black and white shower theme including black toile or black and white damask baby shower decorations.

elegant black and white baby shower cupcakes bridal

See More Here

You might be wondering where I found them... do you remember a few days ago when I posted about a few amazing showers that I had seen online? Well, I paid a visit to all of the vendors that were mentioned on the post including Sweet Cupcakes and Treats to see what else they had in their photo galleries. During my visit I saw so many amazing cakes and cupcakes that I wrote them a note to tell them how much I admired their baked goods and they so kindly gave me permission to feature some pictures of these black and white baby shower cupcakes and be sure to visit again soon to see the other pictures they said I could share with my visitors.

Here's a hint; the next baby shower cupcake pictures that I post will be Valentine's Day cupcakes.

Friday, February 04, 2011


farm animals theme baby shower invitations homemade cow horse pig duck chickens barnyard animals


These farm animal baby shower invitations had all my favorites on them, horses, cows, cute, pink pigs and even a few baby chicks. I admit that I was slightly disappointed that there were no yellow ducks or geese but since the rubber ducky baby shower invitations have their own category, I suppose that's to be expected.

But I feel I must tell you that when I found this baby shower invitation it was actually a personalized birthday party invitation for a little boy. You see, someone contacted me and said that they were having trouble finding invitations for a farm animal baby shower and wanted to know if I had any ideas or pictures of examples they could go by to help them make their own homemade invitations.

The lady indicated that she didn't find the idea of making her own cards especially appealing. I set out to see if I could find some cute store bought cards to spare her having to buy craft supplies to add to the expense of the necessary farm animal baby shower partywear , decorations and food. What I found was enough wild jungle animal invitations for 100 showers and no farm animal baby shower invitations whatsoever! That's pretty confusing what with the popularity of decorating the nursery using baby farm animals , isn't it?

I was so happy that my friend really liked this card that I found AND she also liked my suggestion of considering a petting zoo or a farm animal sanctuary as possible farm theme baby shower venues. When I was reading about Molly B, the cow that escaped (more than once) I read that the Non Profit Farm Sanctuary where this lucky black and white cow now resides books all kinds of events at the sanctuary including children birthday parties, weddings, business events, etc. PLUS they do why not a farm theme baby shower? The kids that attend with their moms would love that and it would help support the sanctuary and if you need farm animal baby shower invitations, I found at least one!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


pink mocktail pregatini non-alcoholic drinks punch for baby shower

I have been looking around and learned that non-alcoholic drinks for a baby shower have the catchiest names! Some hostesses call them "Mocktails" some refer to them as "Preggatinis" and I've also heard them mentioned in terms of "punch without the punch". And by now you may be wondering why they are so important that they have so many cute names attached to them.

Well, as you probably already know mommies-to-be are advised not to drink alcohol while they are pregnant. In order for the guests to have real cocktails or spiked punch without making the guest of honor feel left out, recipes for sparkling, festive non-alcoholic punch and beverages are very popular.

If you are planning to toast the mother-to-be with a flute filled with sparkling champagne it would only be fair for her to have a glass to lift in response. To avoid the possibility of an awkward moment without pressing mom to go against her doctor's orders, you should take a look at this tasty recipe for mock champagne or Martha Stewart's picture gallery of non-alcoholic drinks to see if you find one or two that you might want to add to your portfolio of baby shower ideas because there will always be need for recipes for non-alcoholic drinks for a baby shower!