Sunday, January 16, 2011


baby boy onesie clothesline baby shower invitations invites cards blue


There are lots of ways to make a CLOTHESLINE BABY SHOWER THEME memorable, fun and filled with joy. As with all successful baby shower themes, the tone of a clothesline shower is set with the invitations.

If you know the baby's gender, a background of pink or blue lets your potential guests know right away whether their shower gifts should be for a baby boy or a baby girl! And speaking of clothesline baby shower invitations, I just read a very cute idea that will give your friends an opportunity to show off their creativity AND will provide you with some very original and unique baby shower decorations!

Choose your clothesline baby shower invitations and then tuck a paper onesie, dress or t-shirt (depending on whether the shower is for a baby boy, girl or a baby whose gender is unknown) inside each one of the invites' envelopes. You can GO HERE to find a t-shirt template as well as a baby onesie template that you can use as a pattern for your drawing.

You will then tuck one of the baby onesie or t-shirt shapes inside each envelope along with a note with wording indicating that your guests are to decorate the front of their paper baby clothes, write a note to the mother-to-be on the back and bring their artwork with them to the shower.

When the guests arrive, have a hostess greet them, collect their artwork and clip their paper baby outfits to a special clothes line using color coordinated wooden clothes pins. You will find that the display quickly grows in size and becomes a charming, decorative focal point for your clothesline baby shower theme.

When the party is over, all of the paper baby clothes can be collected and put into a scrapbook as a keepsake for the mother-to-be along with pictures from the shower to preserve those special memories that she, and the baby, will enjoy for many years to come.

To show your appreciation to the guests that shared in the celebration, t-shirt or onesie shaped cookies in a special goodie bag will make excellent clothesline baby shower favors.