Sunday, January 30, 2011


I just found a downloadable template that will show you how to make your own FREE owl baby shower invitations. Well, the printable download is free but you should add the cost of the colored ink cartridges for your inkjet printer and the paper that you will be using to make this delightful little forest creature. And I DO so love the colors that were used in the example on 3EYEDBEAR.

You could use these decorations instead of store bought lanterns for a wise old owl baby shower and coordinate the little hoot with your owl baby shower invitations by altering the color combinations. The example on the paper craft website, at first glance, seems to be gender neutral in design because of the predominance of yellow. But after taking a closer look I noticed that the owl's beak, feet and the circles around the eyes had lots of baby blue making it more suitable for a baby boy shower than a baby girl shower. If you think these paper birds are as cute as I do but need decorations for a girl's baby shower, you could substitute pink in the blue areas to give your free owl baby shower decorations a more feminine look. Use green ink for gender neutral owl decorations!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


baby boy blue diaper bag baby shower invitation invitations card invites announcement party


A fill the diaper bag baby shower theme isn't just about buying enough pacifiers, diapers, baby wipes and toys to cover baby's needs for a quick trip out on the town. It's a wonderful opportunity for close friends to gather, have a relaxing sip of their favorite beverage, have some good food and share tips on what every mom MUST have in her baby's bag.

New moms need lots of advice and who better to help her build her diaper bag checklist than her besties? Who else would know how particular the mother-to-be is bound to be about her baby's bib or that if a stiff breeze comes up that she will insist that her baby's head and ears be covered with a cute hat immediately?


Beyond the usual details of when, where and what time, the hostess should indicate that each guest jot down their ideas of what items are necessities that must be in every well-stocked baby bag and that they present a few of inexpensive items as gifts in keeping with the "Fill the Diaper Bag Baby Shower Theme" and if your budget allows; the new mother would surely appreciate a spare diaper bag or two.


This would be a super time to use those vintage baby shower decorations that your mom (or grandmother?) have packed away. Floral arrangements in old-fashioned pink or blue ceramic baby shower or pacifier shaped flower vases would be perfect! The idea is to decorate the venue with items that are staples in baby bags and back in the day florists primarily used ceramic planters shaped like diaper pins, diapers and booties.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


bring a book baby shower invitations invitation template invites cards announcements baby girl boy neutral


After spending a few hours brainstorming bring a book baby shower ideas and looking at some pictures of beautifully styled baby showers, I decided to throw a WISE OWL BABY SHOWER THEME. Baby owls are very trendy at the moment and popping up in all areas of the baby's nursery including the crib bedding, quilts, blankets and anything else big enough to carry images of these cute little critters.

Bird theme showers and nursery decor were all the rage for awhile, and owls are a kind of bird, right? So, it was just a matter of time before we re-visted the late 1970s and brought owls back into the spotlight. And once the ball got rolling, we brought them back in a big way.

If you are wondering how owls figure into my "Bring a Book Baby Shower Ideas", the best expanation I can give is what is more bookish than a wise old owl?

I made my own owl baby shower invitations and I used a short poem as baby shower invitation wording indicating that the guests bring books to build the baby's library as gifts. To give the books a personalized touch, everyone was asked to (at the very least) write their names inside and hopefully they will take a minute to write a note wishing the little one well.

The inspiration for my combination bring a book/owl baby shower came from here and here if you want to take a look and see pictures of the baby shower decorations and get some food and menu ideas!

Friday, January 21, 2011


black and white formal tuxedo baby shower neutral baby shower invites cards invitations announcements


Have you seen pictures of the baby shower that Oprah hosted? I did AND I found some amazing black and white baby shower ideas in the process! To give you some background, Oprah hosted a baby shower for Catherine Shranks in December last year (sounds like a long time ago, but it was only a month!) while she was in Melbourne. It was hosted at a local baby boutique, Bebe, and styled by Sharnel the web-mommy of My Life My Loves blog and you can see pictures of the "to die for" pink baby shower that Oprah hosted right there on her blog!

And what a delightfully pink affair it was! I enjoyed looking at each and every one of the vendor's websites and when I was checking out the bakery that made the baby shower cupcakes, I hit pay dirt!

You see I am styling a black and white baby shower in the next couple of weeks. The invitation that you see above was picked since the mother-to-be showed a strong preference for black and white baby shower invitations and a shower color scheme of black, white and red! I was in the process of checking into black and white baby shower decorations when I found the perfect cupcakes for the shower right there on Sweet Cupcakes and Treats which is the bakery that created the pastel pink, floral cupcakes for Oprah's party.

The black and white cupcakes are called "Fred Astaire". They are in shiny silver jackets, and have thin, black stringwork bows with a silver, edible bead decorating the center. Alongside them are white on white cupcakes in silver cups with silver decorations. They remind me of a tuxedo and are VERY elegant; just perfect for the black and white baby shower invitations. And if I'm right, my red camellias should be in bloom right in time to provide free flowers for my floral centerpieces! What can say? Sometimes just the perfect inspirations just falls in your lap and when it does; I would be the last person to complain!

Monday, January 17, 2011


With so many families miles apart, I get more and more requests for cyber baby shower ideas. If you aren't familiar with this kind of baby shower, it's not actually a baby shower theme. It's a baby shower that takes place via the internet using a service like Skype or Facebook or some other virtual location in cyberspace.

Needless to say when all the visuals and communication take place via a webcam or through keystrokes, hostesses have to really focus and be creative to give the affair a festive atmosphere and to make all of the virtual guests feel like they are taking part in the celebration.

Just because the shower is taking place on the web does NOT mean that your invites should be delivered by email. Budget permitting, I believe that cards delivered the old-fashioned way using the United States Postal Service is one tradition that is well worth keeping.


No mother-to-be can feel properly showered without decorations. One of the best cyber baby shower ideas I've seen was to have a cute banner made with the baby's name on it and pop them in the mail in time for the guest of honor in time for the party! The banner will make a nice backdrop and the guests will be able to see it while mom is opening her gifts.


And speaking of gifts, it's a great idea for the guests to choose items from the guest of honor's registry, have all gifts shipped directly to her and then she can open them while her cyber guests watch!

I'm sure as this type of shower becomes more commonplace, there will be more and more cyber baby shower ideas to share. Meanwhile, the best advice is to forget that you are chatting via the internet and behave as though everyone is together in the same room and have a great time. Appreciate the times we live in and enjoy that distance doesn't keep you from celebrating with your friends and taking part in important events! Isn't it nice to know that with today's technology, we're never far apart!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


baby boy onesie clothesline baby shower invitations invites cards blue


There are lots of ways to make a CLOTHESLINE BABY SHOWER THEME memorable, fun and filled with joy. As with all successful baby shower themes, the tone of a clothesline shower is set with the invitations.

If you know the baby's gender, a background of pink or blue lets your potential guests know right away whether their shower gifts should be for a baby boy or a baby girl! And speaking of clothesline baby shower invitations, I just read a very cute idea that will give your friends an opportunity to show off their creativity AND will provide you with some very original and unique baby shower decorations!

Choose your clothesline baby shower invitations and then tuck a paper onesie, dress or t-shirt (depending on whether the shower is for a baby boy, girl or a baby whose gender is unknown) inside each one of the invites' envelopes. You can GO HERE to find a t-shirt template as well as a baby onesie template that you can use as a pattern for your drawing.

You will then tuck one of the baby onesie or t-shirt shapes inside each envelope along with a note with wording indicating that your guests are to decorate the front of their paper baby clothes, write a note to the mother-to-be on the back and bring their artwork with them to the shower.

When the guests arrive, have a hostess greet them, collect their artwork and clip their paper baby outfits to a special clothes line using color coordinated wooden clothes pins. You will find that the display quickly grows in size and becomes a charming, decorative focal point for your clothesline baby shower theme.

When the party is over, all of the paper baby clothes can be collected and put into a scrapbook as a keepsake for the mother-to-be along with pictures from the shower to preserve those special memories that she, and the baby, will enjoy for many years to come.

To show your appreciation to the guests that shared in the celebration, t-shirt or onesie shaped cookies in a special goodie bag will make excellent clothesline baby shower favors.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


ducky duck baby shower cake yellow rubber cupcakes

Just when you think you've seen all of the ducky or rubber duck baby shower cake ideas, in slips something unique that you never have seen before. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was recently hostess of a neutral rubber ducky baby shower and spent more than a little amount of time shopping for cute baby shower decorations and centerpieces. Not meaning to pat myself on the back, but I really hit it out of the park in both categories with the help of a very savvy florist here in town. Ok, that's enough about the cute table decorations.

The purpose of this post is to showcase this duck themed cupcake display for a baby girl. Usually yellow duck baby shower themes are chosen because the mother-to-be doesn't know or doesn't want to know the gender of her unborn baby and most duck baby shower cake ideas completely exclude gender specific colors of pink and blue. But here we have
a cute little, white duck cake topper swimming along on a small island of baby blue floating on a large sea of cupcakes with pink frosting. What a wonderful duck baby shower cupcake idea for boy and girl twins!

The collection of cupcakes gives the same visual as a sheet cake only requires no special serving tools. It's kind of a "pull apart" baby shower cake that could be adapted to many different baby shower themes. This one is going in my folder of baby shower ideas for sure!

Monday, January 10, 2011


rubber duck ducky baby shower centerpiece decorations picture ideas bowl


Would you believe that these rubber duck baby shower decorations cost less than $5? I can't take all the credit for the ideas though. You see, I needed a yellow ducky baby shower centerpiece and went to the florist to pick out flowers and she gave me the instructions. The floral designer is not only a personal friend of mine but baby shower ideas are her specialty. When I told her the theme of the shower, she asked me right away if I had my heart set on a centerpiece of flowers. The puzzled look I gave her called for a little clarification and she then shared her ideas for the homemade centerpiece that you see in the above picture.

The bottom line is that I saved a bundle on rubber duck baby shower decorations by following her advice. In fact, the money I saved more than covered the cost of my baby shower invitations! And in case you're worried that she got in trouble with her employer or that she is putting her own store out of business by handing out decorating advice that sends hostesses out the door, don't worry. Her shop has so many cute wreaths, floral arrangements and handmade baby shower decorations that you could never find anywhere else that she can easily afford to give cost-cutting tips from time to time. She knows that most of her customers never leave the store empty-handed!