Thursday, December 15, 2011

These World Wall Maps Make Great, Cheap Gifts

These wall maps make great, cheap gifts for the baby shower gift basket especially if you heard a rumor that the the mother-to-be is working on a world map nursery theme. You could also add them to your stash and tuck into someone's Christmas stocking!

Large vintage style world wall map to frame for a kids room or a baby nursery

Large vintage segmented world wall map to frame for a kids room or a baby nursery

Decorating the walls of your home with a world wall map, including the baby's nursery or your kids' rooms is nothing new but right now the trend is red hot! Examples of large wall murals created using vintage world maps as theme are being featured in trendy home decor catalogs that target customers with an abundance of discretionary income. And these huge maps are not cheap by any means.

Modern World Wall Map Baby Nursery Design Mural
World Map Wall Mural in a Baby Nursery

BUT.. you can get both of these wall maps for kids, for your office or for the living room of your home at the time of this article for less than ten cents! That is correct, these maps cost one dime plus shipping. Of course, there’s some shipping costs but it’s very unlikely that you will find art less expensive than this.

Should we, the do-it-yourself decorators, without wagonloads of cash to spend on giving the den a makeover or designing a baby nursery with an educational nursery theme simply can‘t afford one of these framed world wall maps? Absolutely not! We may not have the means to buy one of the framed, vintage wall maps of Paris as seen recently in the Restoration Hardware catalog. But who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for an old Parisian map when you can buy a vintage world wall map for penny! That’s right I said 1 cent!

At the time of this post (prices are always subject to change) you can buy a large wall map of the world for very cheap price and these world wall maps make great cheap gifts for a baby shower so stock up before they're gone!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby Deer Shower Gift Ideas

I have some precious baby deer shower gift ideas that are sure to be a giant hit at a baby girl or boy's forest friends theme baby shower.

Every hunter dreams of taking his son hunting. But until the baby boy is old enough to follow in the might hunter's footsteps this plush, deer nursery rug would be just the thing for the floor of his baby's forest or baby deer nursery theme.

Whitetail baby deer nursery rug for a baby forest or hunting theme room


And how tickled would mom and dad be to unwrap this toy deer at the shower? The buck even has an impressive rack!
Large, stuffed whitetail deer toy for a baby's forest, or hunting theme nursery

The toy whitetail is over 30 inches tall and built sturdy enough to last as a room decoration through the newborn and toddler stage and beyond.

If the newborn will be welcomed home into a small baby nursery that hasn't got room for a giant deer, perhaps this little fellow would be a better fit for the nursery (and your baby shower gift budget?).

Either of the toys would make a lovely present for your friends that are decorating a nursery for baby in forest creatures.
Small plush, stuffed whitetail deer toy for a baby's nursery

These beautiful toys can even be used as forest themed baby shower decorations before being presented to the guest of honor!

The rug and forest animal toys are excellent baby deer shower gift ideas that will give you lots of bang for your buck. The items can be used as toys as well as nursery decor ensuring that the mother-to-be and her baby will enjoy them for a very long time.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

TOP 5 Gift Ideas for New Moms with Babies

New mom getting a much needed massage

New Moms Love a Massage!
Here's my list of the TOP 5 gift ideas for new moms with babies according to a recent opinion poll. New dads are welcome to shower me with compliments to show their appreciation.

1. Household help for a day. New moms would love to have someone come in and clean the house, cook a meal or two and give them a fresh start.

2. A babysitter. It would be so nice to have someone that we could trust come in and take care of the baby for a little while to give us a little time for ourselves.

3. A spa gift certificate. How nice would it be to have a fresh mani-pedi for the holidays?

4. A massage. Who wouldn't love to answer a knock at the door and find your own personal masseuse standing there ready to work on their aching back? If money is tight, dad should visit youtube to get instructions on how to give his sweetheart a massage himself. Hey! She just gave you a baby! The least you can do is rub her back and feet!

5. Prepared meals. Even those of us who love to cook have precious little time to clean up the kitchen afterwards (and NObody likes that!) so some frozen casseroles or a gift card to a favorite local restaurant would truly be a Christmas wish come true!

As you can see, there are no luxury or designer clothes, shoes or purses on the top 5 gift ideas for new moms with babies; we just want a little time to ourselves, a clean home, a well-fed husband and some well-deserved pampering after delivery.

And these recommendations are not just for husbands! A thoughtful friend might consider adding one of the gift cards or a voucher promising a frozen casserole to their baby shower gift!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Cheap and Easy Baby Gift Wrap Ideas

When I saw these cheap and easy baby gift wrap ideas, I said NO MORE boring baby shower gift wrap for me! I'm lazy, there I said it. A lifelong habit of procrastination has led me to show up embarrassingly late to more than a few friends' baby showers with an often fabulous present (sometimes I even make them myself!) wrapped in the most uninteresting paper.

Now I will share with you the websites with instructions and tutorials that have moved me to make a resolution (before New Year's!) to wrap the beautiful gifts with more care and respect.

Here is a list of my favorite ideas for wrapping baby gifts for Christmas or baby showers. Here's a tip; even if the instructions are for a particular holiday they can often be adapted for other occasions! Now, let's get started.

1. How to make your own paper bows for gifts.There are many ways of recycling gift wrap after Christmas or after a party but how about baby gift wrap that is MADE from recycled paper?
I love these bows that are actually made from the pages of old books and magazines. Heck, I might stop shredding my used inkjet paper and start making bows to put on my eco-friendly baby gifts to created a theme!

2. How to make your own wrapping paper out of brown paper bags
I used to use colored ink and rubber stamps to decorate paper bags for crafts projects all the time when I was a kid and now it's time to pull that technique out and use it to wrap presents!

You can cheat a little and buy a big roll of clean brown paper or you can think ahead like the crafty mom I know you are and save grocery bags until you build a stash and cut them apart to get them ready to use according to the instructions in this blog.

3. How to turn boring baby shower gift wrap into something wonderful!
We all have cardboard rolls with tiny scraps of leftover paper on them that are really too small to wrap anything other than a jewelry box, right? Well, here's the secret of how to turn those paper scraps into really cute gift tags.

4. Forget cheap paper gift tags, make them out of wood!
I hate to throw stuff away and have been accused more than once of being a bit of a hoarder. To repair my reputation, I've learned to transform disposable items into keepsakes that nobody would ever want to trash. THIS gift tag painted in cute baby colors with a cute saying on one side will decorate your gift and then you can suggest that it can be displayed on the mother-to-be's keychain!

5. Pom Poms!
Even if you don't knit or crochet, it's worth the price of a skein of yarn to make precious pom poms to use instead of traditional bows. You can get instructions for how to make pom poms FREE in many baby hat knitting patterns.

If you find any cheap and easy baby gift wrap ideas that you want to tell us about, please email me or drop a link in the comments box and we'll help you spread the word.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to Make a Free Birth Stats Print

A really savvy blogger posted some instructions on how to make a FREE birth stats print that you can give to a friend as a happy or wrap it up to give as a very nice, personalized baby shower gift or you could frame it and use it as part of the baby shower decorations if the guest of honor's baby has already been born!

Most of the art prints of this type cost at least $25 or more! Why would you want to spend that much for what amounts to a sheet of inkjet paper with some colored printer ink on it when you can make your own?

All you need for this craft is a sheet of 8X10 printer paper and a colored ink cartridge (OK, so you might use 25 cents worth of ink! If you object to that you're a bigger cheapskate than I am and that's saying something!)

After you have your supplies ready to go, take a look at the example to get an idea of the colors and the fonts that you might want to use. Here's a tip, call the mom (unless you are making the art for yourself) and ask what colors she has in her nursery and casually ask:

  • How to correctly spell the baby's name
  • The baby's date of birth
  • How much the baby weighed
  • The baby's length
I haven't printed mine up yet but the crafty mom who posted the instructions showing how to make a free birth stats print for her baby says it took about ten minutes.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Apple Theme Baby Shower Decorations

Apple of My Eye baby shower party banner with apple shaped photo cut outs with pictures of the kids draped on the dessert table
The heart of all the apple theme baby shower decorations that were made for this shower was this amazing photo homemade photo banner. The hostess of the event put a lot of time and love into making this item for the guest of honor so that her older children would feel a part of the celebration.

Most of the pictures that we saw were of the amazing treats and decorations with a focus on the dessert table. We don't see what was done in other areas but here's how I would decorate the venue to enhance the invitation of an apple theme baby shower dessert table in a style such as the one we see in the pictures.

I would take things in a country direction with all of the guest tables covered in red and white checked tablecloths with hay bales instead of chairs.

At the entryway, I would have shocks of corn stalks surrounded by bushel baskets filled with fall fruits and vegetables. After all; wouldn't baskets of apples make the best apple theme baby shower decorations of all?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Candy Corn Craft Ideas

Candy corn craft ideas for kids
Ghosts, goblins and things that go bump are fun for the older kids but here are SIX (6) SUPER FUN candy corn craft ideas that little kids and mom will enjoy! The first candy corn craft comes in a bucket with enough supplies for 16 children to each make one of these cute little guys. All mom has to supply is glue! The finished product makes a great Halloween party favor!

Candy corn theme lollipop labels
Buy as many cheap lollipops at the store and then personalize them with candy corn theme party circles. Pick your favorite candy corn clipart and use one of the free printable downloads to make your own labels. Or you could take the easy route and just buy the ones in the picture already personalized with the wording of your choice.

Cute candy corn party favor ideas.  Personalized candy corn mint tins.
One of my favorite candy corn craft ideas is to take all those breath mint tins that you've been saving and re-purpose them with a fresh, new label and a refill of candy for the kids. You can also buy them already personalized and filled with candy with the label in place! But I have to say that my favorite is the cute candy corn candles made from flower pots. They are so cheap to make and absolutely precious. The only drawback with this craft is that some painting skills and supplies are required. But since you get cute
table decorations for a baby shower
or a Halloween party that you can use over and over, you may find that it's worth breaking out the paints and brushes.

Here's a cheap craft idea with a tutorial that is nothing more than orange, yellow, and white yarn glued onto styrofoam cones with a hot glue gun! Sounds silly, right? But three of them as a group make a great table top display!

If you have no yarn but have lots of orange, yellow and white tissue paper, here's instructions on how to make candy corn decorations out of tissue paper.

And I saved the BEST for last! Why is this the best of ALL the candy corn craft ideas? Because you can EAT this one! Yeah! Anything you can eat is top notch in my book! Go HERE to get the recipe and instructions for how to make (drumroll please) candy corn cheesecake! Just so you know, the recipe doesn't actually have candy in it so that's a good thing!

Throw a Practically FREE Halloween Baby Shower

Halloween Costumes by ShindigZ

Today I will tell you how it may be possible to throw a practically FREE Halloween baby shower. Yesterday I gave you some ideas on how to make the most of your budget by buying cheap Halloween baby shower decorations (pumpkins in particular) that could be multi-purposed and I had no more hit the "publish post" button than I found an amazing offer in my email inbox from Shindigz telling me that they have reduced prices on a bunch of their Halloween store items!

Not only can your shoppers get up to 85% off Halloween items without a coupon code, they can also get on orders UNDER $49 using code WSGJ9N.

If you shop their sale items and use the coupon code to get free shipping a discount of 85% will put you on your way to throw a practically free
Halloween baby shower
as far as
baby shower decorations
and tableware are concerned with money left over to buy that costume that you've had your eye on!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Throw a Cheap Halloween Baby Shower

Gorgeous fall pumpkin arrangement with potted fall greenery.
I can tell you how to throw a cheap Halloween baby shower this fall so listen up! If you've been to the grocery store lately, you know how expensive fresh produce has become and sadly, pumpkins are more expensive than ever!

But what's a baby shower
without pumpkins?

Let's take another look at these big, orange beauties and you can decide whether they are as prohibitively expensive as we thought or whether we need to load up our shopping cart with as many as we can carry.

It's a fact that decorative paper pumpkins are dirt cheap but chances are that you will get only one use out of them, TOPS, before you have to toss them in the trash.

With real pumpkins, you get to

a. arrange them to make a stunning display at the entrance of your shower venue

b. relocate them to your front lawn after the baby shower is over

c. include them as part of your Thanksgiving decorations

d. roast the seeds

e. make a pumpkin pie

Once you consider all of the ways that pumpkins can be used as
baby shower decorations
as well as vitamin packed food for your family, I'm sure that you will realize just how frugal a purchase they are! And if you know of a local farmer, chances are they will be even cheaper than if you bought them at the grocery store. Now, THAT'S how to throw a cheap
Halloween baby shower

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Baby Shower Beverage Ideas

Black and Green Spooky Halloween Baby Shower Punch, Free Printable Labels and Decorations

Here are a few Halloween baby shower beverage ideas that are spooky, fun and inexpensive. There are no weird ingredients or flavorings to buy but you might want to ask your friends to hang onto their empty Starbucks Frappuccino bottles for a few weeks so that you will have them ready to fill with your frightfully delicious punch! Wash the glass bottles, remove the labels before the party and replace them with these great free, printables from the This Blog. Don't forget the super creepy matching straw flags!'s what you do to turn your favorite recipe into the perfect Halloween party punch. Whip up a recipe of your favorite baby shower punch in the old witch's cauldron and then add some enough black and green food and drink coloring to give it a pleasantly putrid color.

I tried this with my favorite
pink baby shower punch recipe
and everything went well but I wished that I had added the green coloring first and then the black so that the drinks would have had more of a green-ish color.

Feel free to share your own Halloween baby shower beverage ideas, recipes and pictures of your Halloween baby shower decorations in the comments section!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fun Pink and Brown Baby Shower Cake

Cute round pink and brown girl baby shower cake decorated with pink and brown fondant polka dots and a light pink gum paste bow
The fun pink and brown baby shower cake is not without a few flaws. But you really have to look hard to find them so I'm really, really proud of it! I baked it myself from start to finish and since I'm not anywhere close to what you might call a professional cake baker and/or decorator I think that it turned out rather well if I do say so myself.

The goal was to decorate the cake to match the pink and brown baby shower decorations and tableware that were pink and brown (duh). There were several ways that the cake could have been decorated if my skills were more advanced but since I'm a beginner, I took the easy route and chose large, brown polka dots with smaller pink dots inside them on a sheet of pink fondant topped off with a big, pink gum paste bow!

The fondant and gumpaste didn't give me much trouble other than dying the chocolate brown fondant took a LOT of food coloring. Here's a tip; if you will be using dark brown fondant buy brown rather than having to use food dye to tint it brown.
I was even able to manage a perfect match to the colors of the brown and pink baby shower decorations which made me very happy!

For a little time and about $10 in fondant and gumpaste, I got a fun pink and brown baby shower cake that looked (almost) as if it had been decorated at a bakery!
A round cake with polka dots is a great cake for a beginner and for my next party, I'm going to give pink and brown zebra stripes a shot!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cowboy Western Bandanna Baby Shower Supplies

A rootin' tootin' western tablescape can be created with homemade cowboy western bandanna baby shower supplies, some items bought at the party supply store and some tableware that was leftover from a Valentine's Day party.

Western cowboy bandana baby shower and kids' birthday party decorations.

Western cowboy theme tablescape

The red and white checked tablecloth and the raffia table skirt add a rustic farmhouse flavor to the festivities but that's just the beginning; there's still work to be done! You will then decorate the table's border using alternating blue and red (or pink or green for girls or whatever colors work with your color scheme) western bandanas as decorations.
Rustic western cowboy theme table place cards made of miniature bales of hay personalized with homemade nametags and a sheriff's badge.

The table settings consist of red dinner plates (leftover from a Valentine's Day party place setting) and black dessert plates. Fold a red bandanna napkin around a black fork, knife and spoon and tie using a length of bailing cord or natural raffia.

Miniature bales of hay personalized with homemade name tags decorated with a shiny, silver sheriff's badge as placecards will make your guests feel special and look right at home with your cowboy western bandanna baby shower supplies.

Vintage railroad lanterns add mood lighting and the bright tin buckets filled with treats make colorful western cowboy baby shower favors or you might add a toy or some temporary tattoos for a kids' birthday party favors. The red tin buckets add to the table decorations and eliminate the need for goodie bags or boxes.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Worst Baby Shower Gifts Ever

I have my own opinions of the worst baby shower gifts ever but I can't list them here to avoid possibly hurting the feelings of well meaning family members and friends (hi there, Aunt Molly! Don't worry I LOVED the wool onesie and it doesn't make my baby's eczema that bad at all!). One mommy's trash may be another one's treasture and everyone's tastes and needs are different as to what might constitute a bad baby gift but according to a recent survey that I conducted on Unique Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas' Facebook page, there are a few items that most moms who have a few months of newborn care under their belts agree are not worth the price or the space they take up in the baby's room.

The funny thing is that I see many baby gear and popular nursery items that made it into the "Top 5" of the list on practically every mother-to-be's baby shower registry! I guess that everyone thinks warm baby wipes are the bomb until they realize that they can easily warm them with their hands, right?

I know that you are waiting to get the results of the Worst Baby Gift opinion poll and here they are!

1. Wipe Warmers
2. Diaper Genies
3. Changing Tables
4. Jogging Strollers
5. "How To" Books for Baby Care

The question that was asked was actually worded as "What is the most useless baby product" but since most moms regard these items as not worth the trouble, we certainly don't want to give them as baby shower gifts, do we?

I would love hear your ideas of the Worst Baby Shower Gifts Ever if you would care to share!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to Make a Wreath with Leftover Baby Shower Decorations

Door wreath made from leftover hot pink baby shower napkins and baby birdy party circles
Recently, during a rare quiet moment at my house, I decided to figure out how to make a wreath with leftover baby shower decorations. I had some really cute green, white and pink baby birdy cupcake toppers and hot pink napkins left over from the last bird theme baby shower that I hosted; actually the party unexpectedly became a sip n see but that's neither here nor there as they say.

I could've socked the cute party circles and baby shower napkins back and added them to my ever-growing stash of tableware and decorations but something (probably the fact that it's getting more and more difficult to close that cabinet door)motivated me to go online and see if anybody had any craft ideas that might call for the items that I had on hand.

As luck would have it, one crafty mom had posted pictures of a door wreath made using tissue paper and others had I had to tweak their instructions to adjust for the slight differences in paper napkins and their materials but after some trial and error not to mention some issues I had with the hot glue gun things moved right along.


I found a styrofoam wreath form in the storage room that was decorated with some very tired fall leaves. The leaves were faded but the form was good to go after I stripped the old decorations off of it. Here are the instructions:

1. Open the napkins and cut them into uniform 5X7 shapes
2. Pink the napkins in the middle making a "point" where they will be glued onto the styrofoam
3. Poke a tiny hole in the styrofoam and shoot a bead of hot glue inside. I used a wooden chopstick to both poke the hole and to push the points of the fluffed napkin into the glue. SPACING: I spaced each "napkin rosette" about 2 inches apart but you will need to determine how close you need for each to be to get good coverage.
4. Using wired ribbon tie a bow.
5. Nestle it slightly into the napkins where you want it to be positioned on the wreath. I used "10 o'clock" and "2 o'clock" for the wreaths for my french doors.
6. Glue two party circles in the center of the bows


Since I already had the wreath form, the party circles AND the napkins on hand all I had invested in two wreaths was my time so you might say my front door decorations for the summer were FREE!
and hot glue it

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

FREE Baby Shower Banners, Invitations and Table Decorations

Blue and Brown Monkey Theme Baby Shower by Serena of Rylie Boo Events
I'm very excited to offer my visitors this opportunity to not only win FREE baby shower banners, invitations and table decorations like cupcake toppers, place cards and signs but ALSO a free party consultation with Serena of Rylie Boo Events!

As you can see from the picture of the blue and brown monkey theme baby shower she does a super job of coordinating colors, themes and all of the baby shower decorations. Just in case you happen not to win the giveaway, you should know that she offers a huge selection of party supplies and decorations in her Etsy shop. I do not recommend that you visit her store if you are in a rush, especially if you are as wild about looking at pictures of amazing, custom party decorations as I am!

The last day to enter for a chance to win the FREE Baby Shower Banners, Invitations and Table Decorations package is April 19th, 2011 so get a move on and get all six entries in place before it's too late!

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Free Easter Baby Shower Invitations

It's never too early to start looking for free Easter baby shower invitations. If you're planning a shower for early spring bunnies and Easter eggs are one of the best, most easy to decorate themes ever!

And do I have some adorable (and yes..FREE) downloadable templates for baby shower invitations to share with you! Actually, they are offered just as "Easter Cards" but determined hostesses looking to save some cash can easily adapt them to Easter themed baby shower invitations.

pink and brown woodland creatures deer bunny rabbits turtles squirrels polka dots forest tree


Go here to see which of the pdf files best fits your baby shower theme.

I adore the invites with the silhouette of the Easter bunny in pink with the cute little cottontail! How cute are those fluffy ears? But the white Easter bunny profile on the gray background is pretty bloomin' sweet, too!

And if cards with an Easter bunny font aren't what you're after you might like the ones with an Easter eggs pattern on the border and the "Happy Easter" graphics.

There are four (4) free Easter baby shower invitations for you to choose from including neutral designs as well as a couple that would work very nicely with baby boy or girl baby shower decorations. And don't forget to leave a note on the Nifty Thrifty Things blog telling the webmaster how much you appreciate her hard work!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Red Velvet Baby Shower Cake Pops

red velvet hot pink and green cake pops girl baby shower

I honestly don't know whether to recommend this article to those needing easy red velvet baby shower cake pops or easy hot pink cake pops. As you read the directions, just keep both in mind, ok? Oh, and let me mention right here that as cute as they look on the table in no way do they taste as good as homemade. My apologies to Duncan Hines cake mix but I'm just sayin'.

If you were here to see these amazing red velvet baby shower cake pops, you would have heard my (less than fantastic) rendition of "I Did It My Way". If Elvis heard me sing, he would probably come after me with his mama’s cast iron skillet but honestly these cake pops that were so EASY to make that it just made me want to sing!

You see I just took a box of Duncan Hines red velvet cake mix and added a few extra ingredients to make it taste better! Disclaimer: not as good as a homemade cake but easy and cute.



1 BOX of Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix
Enough buttermilk to replace the water called for in the cake mix instructions
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
¼ cup cocoa
1 package of Jello Pudding Mix ( I used Jello White Cocolate Instant Pudding but regular chocolate or vanilla would work)
Vegetable Oil

Follow the instructions on the cake mix box EXCEPT that you will add 1 package of Jello Pudding Mix, ¼ cup cocoa and 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract AND substitute buttermilk for any water the recipe calls for. PLUS you will need to add a little more buttermilk if the batter is not the right consistency.

I also noted that I had to cook the cake about 10 minutes longer than the box indicated before the toothpick inserted in the center came out clean.

Bright and early the next morning, I crumbled the cooled cake into my big mixing bowl and using my mixer I blended in ¾ of a can of cream cheese frosting (once again, not as good as homemade but I just didn’t have time to do the shopping).

Roll this mixture into whatever size balls you want your pops to be. Some say that they like small, quarter size balls so that they can be eaten in one bite and other bakers prefer large ones. My red velvet baby shower cake pops were bite size or around the size of Tootsie Roll pops. As I rolled them out I lined them up on a cookie sheet and then popped them in the fridge to chill for a few hours. They get firm faster in the if you are in a big hurry but take care that you don‘t forget them and let them freeze solid!

When you see they are firm, melt a small amount of whatever kind of chocolate in the microwave per directions on the package.

5. Take the cake balls out of the fridge, insert a sucker stick in each ball and roll the balls in chocolate and stand up on wax paper until firm. If you making cake balls rather than pops, you can use a spoon to dip them in the chocolate and then tap off the extra.

Tip 1. I used white chocolate because the baby shower’s color scheme was pink, green and white. The white chocolate looks really pretty against the red of the cake.

Tip 2. The cream cheese frosting lightens the red color of the cake so if you want dark red velvet cake pops you might have to add a little more red food coloring.

Tip 3. These cake balls are excellent choices for a Valentine’s Day baby shower or a Christmas baby shower or any time food choices are needed that will complement red baby shower decorations but since mine turned out to be hot pink (after I added white chocoloate pudding mix and buttermilk) they looked great with the pink and green color scheme of a girl baby shower that I gave recently.

I was in a pinch for time on the day before the shower and needed a recipe that I could whip up fast so that I could let it cool overnight. I just happened to have a box of Duncan Hines red velvet cake mix on hand and it just made sense to make the red velvet baby shower cake pops using this method.

Would I say that the improved cake mix tasted as good or better than a homemade red velvet cake. I'll say it again... NO! There’s no way that a cake mix can taste completely homemade but while the cake didn’t exactly taste like my wonderful, southern grandmother’s old-fashioned homemade Red Velvet cake; it was still darn good.

Monday, March 07, 2011


 pink and green spring lime watermelon salmon baby girl shower invitation card invites


 baby girl hot pink lime green spring mint daisy silk flower ball baby shower decorations homemade craft

This flower ball has to be one of the most inexpensive and EASY pink and green Daisy baby shower craft ideas EVER! And I just had to share the pictures of the process just in case my silk flower ball instructions/tutorial fails to cover all of the details.

Here's everything that I used:
  • a Styrofoam ball in whatever size you need. I used a 6 inch ball for this project
  • 2 sheets of tissue paper per 6 inch styrofoam ball in a color that is similar to that of whatever kind of flowers that you plan to use
  • A mini-hot glue gun. My regular sized one was just too much for me to handle on these little stems but you may be better at it than I am; you be the judge as to whether or not you can manage this without burning your fingers.
  • Flowers of your choice. FWIW I started out with salmon pink Gerbera Daisies that I adored but I found that they didn't work. They were too wide and flat or something. The less expensive (read CHEAP!) Pink and green daisies look much nicer. It took more of them but they didn't cost nearly as much as the Gerbera daisies.

pink and green Daisy flower ball instructions tutorial

1: Remove a pile of silk flowers from their stems while the glue gun is heating up.

2. Smooth tissue paper over a portion of your ball. I didn't glue it or pin it in place but you can secure it with pins or a little glue if you need to. I just held it in place and then let the flowers do the work.

3. Dab a dot of hot glue on the stub of your blossom and quickly poke it through the tissue paper and into the ball.

4. Space the flowers so that their petals overlap each other slightly.

 pastel hot satin ribbon bow baby girl shower decorations pink and green Daisy flower ball instructions tutorial

After the styrofoam ball is completely covered in flowers you can either display it "as is" on a pedestal or on top of a pillar of some sort or you can do what I did and attach a length of ribbon, decorate it with a big bow made from satin ribbon and hang it from shepherd's crooks along the sidewalk leading to the house where more of my pink and green Daisy baby shower craft ideas were on display. And yes, I will be uploading pictures of the pink and green baby shower invitations, decorations and dessert table very soon!

Friday, February 18, 2011

CoCo Chanel Baby Shower Theme

pink gray and white baby girl shower invitations card chanel french parisian


What did I spy in pictures of a recent Coco Chanel baby shower theme but these personalized pink and gray baby shower invitations! Being a girl who would never consider leaving the house without a misting of her Chanel No. 5, I was enchanted by the thought of a Chanel baby shower!

You can go HERE to see pictures of the baby shower decorations as well as the floral arrangements and food ideas..not to mention the lovely, white and pink ruffled cake that played a part in taking this celebration to the height of elegance.

When I think of my favorite French perfume, I must say that gray and pink with ruffles doesn't enter my mind but the pink and gray colors that were used to create the atmosphere of the Coco Chanel theme blended with liberal references to Chanel and things Parisian is lovely.

And I'm sure that the food ideas appealed to everyone as there were both hearty and light selections including filling bacon-wrapped filet, Kobe beef sliders and tomato soup shooters with grilled cheese sandwich wedges as well as lighter grilled vegetables, cherry salad, fresh fruit, chicken empanadas and Caprese skewers. And of course there was French pink lemonade (in keeping with the gray and pink decor) and champagne.

One of my favorite of all the creative baby shower ideas that I read about was the perfume bar(how apropos!). I'm sure that the guests were invited to create their own special blend of perfume and then take these sophisticated baby shower favors right on home with them.

Perhaps the most intriguing decorative details of the Coco Chanel baby shower theme was how the hostess incorporated the look and feel of the famous Chanel perfume label into both the design of the baby shower favors and the party decor. Rather than reading Chanel No. 5, the elegant sign read PEYTON No. 2 (Peyton was the guest of honor's second baby).

Friday, February 11, 2011


pink princess baby shower diaper cake decorations white girl


This adorable princess castle diaper cake has to be one of the cutest princess baby shower ideas ever! From the pink satin ribbons that secure the rolled onesies on each of the three layers all the way up to the hot pink turrets flying the paper flags of the (undoubtedly) magical kingdom this diaper cake is enchanting. And all those diapers; it just has to be the baby shower gift of a lifetime for a mother expecting a baby girl.

hot pink and green princess baby shower cakes crown cake topper non pareils stripes flowers girl

In colors that match the princess baby shower invitations here we have a precious hot pink and green princess baby shower cake. The crown cake topper is bejeweled with non pareils and on the sides of each layer are alternating pink and green stripes.

All of this hostess' princess baby shower ideas were bright and cheerful and I'm saving these pictures so that I can refer back to them the next time I host a princess baby shower theme for a baby girl!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


red and white baby shower cupcakes cakes christmas valentines day fondant

One of the most famous of all red baby shower themes is a Valentine's Day theme! It's the hostess' only chance until the 4th of July to bump up the volume on pink and complement navy blue with beautiful, bright red! As we know red baby shower invitations (romantic heart shaped, Santa themed and patriotic) are more abundant during the weeks before Cupid's favorite holiday, Independence Day and Christmas.

But a smart hostess can't always work with holiday themes since babies tend to arrive on their own timetable. If you have your heart set on red baby shower decorations when no "red" holidays are close to the guest of honor's due date, a black and red ladybug theme might quench your thirst for this color scheme. Or what about a spring theme decorated with lipstick red tulips? Another popular theme for a baby boy's shower that works well with rust and bright red is a cowboy or western theme.

There are many, many festive holidays that the color red brings to mind, but if we put our heads together we can plan our celebrations with red baby shower themes any day of the year!

Monday, February 07, 2011


Aren't these elegant, black and white baby shower cupcakes incredible? I suppose it's selling them short to limit them to baby showers, they would be amazing for any celebration that has a formal "tuxedo required" atmosphere or any black and white shower theme including black toile or black and white damask baby shower decorations.

elegant black and white baby shower cupcakes bridal

See More Here

You might be wondering where I found them... do you remember a few days ago when I posted about a few amazing showers that I had seen online? Well, I paid a visit to all of the vendors that were mentioned on the post including Sweet Cupcakes and Treats to see what else they had in their photo galleries. During my visit I saw so many amazing cakes and cupcakes that I wrote them a note to tell them how much I admired their baked goods and they so kindly gave me permission to feature some pictures of these black and white baby shower cupcakes and be sure to visit again soon to see the other pictures they said I could share with my visitors.

Here's a hint; the next baby shower cupcake pictures that I post will be Valentine's Day cupcakes.

Friday, February 04, 2011


farm animals theme baby shower invitations homemade cow horse pig duck chickens barnyard animals


These farm animal baby shower invitations had all my favorites on them, horses, cows, cute, pink pigs and even a few baby chicks. I admit that I was slightly disappointed that there were no yellow ducks or geese but since the rubber ducky baby shower invitations have their own category, I suppose that's to be expected.

But I feel I must tell you that when I found this baby shower invitation it was actually a personalized birthday party invitation for a little boy. You see, someone contacted me and said that they were having trouble finding invitations for a farm animal baby shower and wanted to know if I had any ideas or pictures of examples they could go by to help them make their own homemade invitations.

The lady indicated that she didn't find the idea of making her own cards especially appealing. I set out to see if I could find some cute store bought cards to spare her having to buy craft supplies to add to the expense of the necessary farm animal baby shower partywear , decorations and food. What I found was enough wild jungle animal invitations for 100 showers and no farm animal baby shower invitations whatsoever! That's pretty confusing what with the popularity of decorating the nursery using baby farm animals , isn't it?

I was so happy that my friend really liked this card that I found AND she also liked my suggestion of considering a petting zoo or a farm animal sanctuary as possible farm theme baby shower venues. When I was reading about Molly B, the cow that escaped (more than once) I read that the Non Profit Farm Sanctuary where this lucky black and white cow now resides books all kinds of events at the sanctuary including children birthday parties, weddings, business events, etc. PLUS they do why not a farm theme baby shower? The kids that attend with their moms would love that and it would help support the sanctuary and if you need farm animal baby shower invitations, I found at least one!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


pink mocktail pregatini non-alcoholic drinks punch for baby shower

I have been looking around and learned that non-alcoholic drinks for a baby shower have the catchiest names! Some hostesses call them "Mocktails" some refer to them as "Preggatinis" and I've also heard them mentioned in terms of "punch without the punch". And by now you may be wondering why they are so important that they have so many cute names attached to them.

Well, as you probably already know mommies-to-be are advised not to drink alcohol while they are pregnant. In order for the guests to have real cocktails or spiked punch without making the guest of honor feel left out, recipes for sparkling, festive non-alcoholic punch and beverages are very popular.

If you are planning to toast the mother-to-be with a flute filled with sparkling champagne it would only be fair for her to have a glass to lift in response. To avoid the possibility of an awkward moment without pressing mom to go against her doctor's orders, you should take a look at this tasty recipe for mock champagne or Martha Stewart's picture gallery of non-alcoholic drinks to see if you find one or two that you might want to add to your portfolio of baby shower ideas because there will always be need for recipes for non-alcoholic drinks for a baby shower!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


I just found a downloadable template that will show you how to make your own FREE owl baby shower invitations. Well, the printable download is free but you should add the cost of the colored ink cartridges for your inkjet printer and the paper that you will be using to make this delightful little forest creature. And I DO so love the colors that were used in the example on 3EYEDBEAR.

You could use these decorations instead of store bought lanterns for a wise old owl baby shower and coordinate the little hoot with your owl baby shower invitations by altering the color combinations. The example on the paper craft website, at first glance, seems to be gender neutral in design because of the predominance of yellow. But after taking a closer look I noticed that the owl's beak, feet and the circles around the eyes had lots of baby blue making it more suitable for a baby boy shower than a baby girl shower. If you think these paper birds are as cute as I do but need decorations for a girl's baby shower, you could substitute pink in the blue areas to give your free owl baby shower decorations a more feminine look. Use green ink for gender neutral owl decorations!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


baby boy blue diaper bag baby shower invitation invitations card invites announcement party


A fill the diaper bag baby shower theme isn't just about buying enough pacifiers, diapers, baby wipes and toys to cover baby's needs for a quick trip out on the town. It's a wonderful opportunity for close friends to gather, have a relaxing sip of their favorite beverage, have some good food and share tips on what every mom MUST have in her baby's bag.

New moms need lots of advice and who better to help her build her diaper bag checklist than her besties? Who else would know how particular the mother-to-be is bound to be about her baby's bib or that if a stiff breeze comes up that she will insist that her baby's head and ears be covered with a cute hat immediately?


Beyond the usual details of when, where and what time, the hostess should indicate that each guest jot down their ideas of what items are necessities that must be in every well-stocked baby bag and that they present a few of inexpensive items as gifts in keeping with the "Fill the Diaper Bag Baby Shower Theme" and if your budget allows; the new mother would surely appreciate a spare diaper bag or two.


This would be a super time to use those vintage baby shower decorations that your mom (or grandmother?) have packed away. Floral arrangements in old-fashioned pink or blue ceramic baby shower or pacifier shaped flower vases would be perfect! The idea is to decorate the venue with items that are staples in baby bags and back in the day florists primarily used ceramic planters shaped like diaper pins, diapers and booties.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


bring a book baby shower invitations invitation template invites cards announcements baby girl boy neutral


After spending a few hours brainstorming bring a book baby shower ideas and looking at some pictures of beautifully styled baby showers, I decided to throw a WISE OWL BABY SHOWER THEME. Baby owls are very trendy at the moment and popping up in all areas of the baby's nursery including the crib bedding, quilts, blankets and anything else big enough to carry images of these cute little critters.

Bird theme showers and nursery decor were all the rage for awhile, and owls are a kind of bird, right? So, it was just a matter of time before we re-visted the late 1970s and brought owls back into the spotlight. And once the ball got rolling, we brought them back in a big way.

If you are wondering how owls figure into my "Bring a Book Baby Shower Ideas", the best expanation I can give is what is more bookish than a wise old owl?

I made my own owl baby shower invitations and I used a short poem as baby shower invitation wording indicating that the guests bring books to build the baby's library as gifts. To give the books a personalized touch, everyone was asked to (at the very least) write their names inside and hopefully they will take a minute to write a note wishing the little one well.

The inspiration for my combination bring a book/owl baby shower came from here and here if you want to take a look and see pictures of the baby shower decorations and get some food and menu ideas!

Friday, January 21, 2011


black and white formal tuxedo baby shower neutral baby shower invites cards invitations announcements


Have you seen pictures of the baby shower that Oprah hosted? I did AND I found some amazing black and white baby shower ideas in the process! To give you some background, Oprah hosted a baby shower for Catherine Shranks in December last year (sounds like a long time ago, but it was only a month!) while she was in Melbourne. It was hosted at a local baby boutique, Bebe, and styled by Sharnel the web-mommy of My Life My Loves blog and you can see pictures of the "to die for" pink baby shower that Oprah hosted right there on her blog!

And what a delightfully pink affair it was! I enjoyed looking at each and every one of the vendor's websites and when I was checking out the bakery that made the baby shower cupcakes, I hit pay dirt!

You see I am styling a black and white baby shower in the next couple of weeks. The invitation that you see above was picked since the mother-to-be showed a strong preference for black and white baby shower invitations and a shower color scheme of black, white and red! I was in the process of checking into black and white baby shower decorations when I found the perfect cupcakes for the shower right there on Sweet Cupcakes and Treats which is the bakery that created the pastel pink, floral cupcakes for Oprah's party.

The black and white cupcakes are called "Fred Astaire". They are in shiny silver jackets, and have thin, black stringwork bows with a silver, edible bead decorating the center. Alongside them are white on white cupcakes in silver cups with silver decorations. They remind me of a tuxedo and are VERY elegant; just perfect for the black and white baby shower invitations. And if I'm right, my red camellias should be in bloom right in time to provide free flowers for my floral centerpieces! What can say? Sometimes just the perfect inspirations just falls in your lap and when it does; I would be the last person to complain!

Monday, January 17, 2011


With so many families miles apart, I get more and more requests for cyber baby shower ideas. If you aren't familiar with this kind of baby shower, it's not actually a baby shower theme. It's a baby shower that takes place via the internet using a service like Skype or Facebook or some other virtual location in cyberspace.

Needless to say when all the visuals and communication take place via a webcam or through keystrokes, hostesses have to really focus and be creative to give the affair a festive atmosphere and to make all of the virtual guests feel like they are taking part in the celebration.

Just because the shower is taking place on the web does NOT mean that your invites should be delivered by email. Budget permitting, I believe that cards delivered the old-fashioned way using the United States Postal Service is one tradition that is well worth keeping.


No mother-to-be can feel properly showered without decorations. One of the best cyber baby shower ideas I've seen was to have a cute banner made with the baby's name on it and pop them in the mail in time for the guest of honor in time for the party! The banner will make a nice backdrop and the guests will be able to see it while mom is opening her gifts.


And speaking of gifts, it's a great idea for the guests to choose items from the guest of honor's registry, have all gifts shipped directly to her and then she can open them while her cyber guests watch!

I'm sure as this type of shower becomes more commonplace, there will be more and more cyber baby shower ideas to share. Meanwhile, the best advice is to forget that you are chatting via the internet and behave as though everyone is together in the same room and have a great time. Appreciate the times we live in and enjoy that distance doesn't keep you from celebrating with your friends and taking part in important events! Isn't it nice to know that with today's technology, we're never far apart!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


baby boy onesie clothesline baby shower invitations invites cards blue


There are lots of ways to make a CLOTHESLINE BABY SHOWER THEME memorable, fun and filled with joy. As with all successful baby shower themes, the tone of a clothesline shower is set with the invitations.

If you know the baby's gender, a background of pink or blue lets your potential guests know right away whether their shower gifts should be for a baby boy or a baby girl! And speaking of clothesline baby shower invitations, I just read a very cute idea that will give your friends an opportunity to show off their creativity AND will provide you with some very original and unique baby shower decorations!

Choose your clothesline baby shower invitations and then tuck a paper onesie, dress or t-shirt (depending on whether the shower is for a baby boy, girl or a baby whose gender is unknown) inside each one of the invites' envelopes. You can GO HERE to find a t-shirt template as well as a baby onesie template that you can use as a pattern for your drawing.

You will then tuck one of the baby onesie or t-shirt shapes inside each envelope along with a note with wording indicating that your guests are to decorate the front of their paper baby clothes, write a note to the mother-to-be on the back and bring their artwork with them to the shower.

When the guests arrive, have a hostess greet them, collect their artwork and clip their paper baby outfits to a special clothes line using color coordinated wooden clothes pins. You will find that the display quickly grows in size and becomes a charming, decorative focal point for your clothesline baby shower theme.

When the party is over, all of the paper baby clothes can be collected and put into a scrapbook as a keepsake for the mother-to-be along with pictures from the shower to preserve those special memories that she, and the baby, will enjoy for many years to come.

To show your appreciation to the guests that shared in the celebration, t-shirt or onesie shaped cookies in a special goodie bag will make excellent clothesline baby shower favors.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


ducky duck baby shower cake yellow rubber cupcakes

Just when you think you've seen all of the ducky or rubber duck baby shower cake ideas, in slips something unique that you never have seen before. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was recently hostess of a neutral rubber ducky baby shower and spent more than a little amount of time shopping for cute baby shower decorations and centerpieces. Not meaning to pat myself on the back, but I really hit it out of the park in both categories with the help of a very savvy florist here in town. Ok, that's enough about the cute table decorations.

The purpose of this post is to showcase this duck themed cupcake display for a baby girl. Usually yellow duck baby shower themes are chosen because the mother-to-be doesn't know or doesn't want to know the gender of her unborn baby and most duck baby shower cake ideas completely exclude gender specific colors of pink and blue. But here we have
a cute little, white duck cake topper swimming along on a small island of baby blue floating on a large sea of cupcakes with pink frosting. What a wonderful duck baby shower cupcake idea for boy and girl twins!

The collection of cupcakes gives the same visual as a sheet cake only requires no special serving tools. It's kind of a "pull apart" baby shower cake that could be adapted to many different baby shower themes. This one is going in my folder of baby shower ideas for sure!

Monday, January 10, 2011


rubber duck ducky baby shower centerpiece decorations picture ideas bowl


Would you believe that these rubber duck baby shower decorations cost less than $5? I can't take all the credit for the ideas though. You see, I needed a yellow ducky baby shower centerpiece and went to the florist to pick out flowers and she gave me the instructions. The floral designer is not only a personal friend of mine but baby shower ideas are her specialty. When I told her the theme of the shower, she asked me right away if I had my heart set on a centerpiece of flowers. The puzzled look I gave her called for a little clarification and she then shared her ideas for the homemade centerpiece that you see in the above picture.

The bottom line is that I saved a bundle on rubber duck baby shower decorations by following her advice. In fact, the money I saved more than covered the cost of my baby shower invitations! And in case you're worried that she got in trouble with her employer or that she is putting her own store out of business by handing out decorating advice that sends hostesses out the door, don't worry. Her shop has so many cute wreaths, floral arrangements and handmade baby shower decorations that you could never find anywhere else that she can easily afford to give cost-cutting tips from time to time. She knows that most of her customers never leave the store empty-handed!