Sunday, November 28, 2010


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It's certainly not limited to baby showers, but Dirty Santa is one of the best, fun Christmas baby shower games EVER! Some people call this wild game the Gift Takeaway Game or Pass the Present, Please but I just call it loads of fun. It's a perfect game to play at a Christmas themed coed baby shower. The guys as well as the girls get a real kick out of "taking away" each other's gifts.


When you send out the Christmas baby shower invitations, instruct each guest to bring a wrapped gift so that there will be one per person under the Christmas tree. You might indicate the kind of gift they are to bring such as a gag gift, a baby gift or even a sexy gift (which is hiliarious at a coed shower) or set a price limit.

As the guests arrive, tag each gift with a number before placing it underneath the tree or in the gift pile in the center of the venue if a tree is not part of your holiday baby shower decorations. You will also write a corresponding number on a folded piece of paper for each gift and put it in a bowl. These pieces of paper will be drawn by each guest to indicate which gift they get when the Christmas baby shower games begin.

When it's time to play, arrange chairs in a circle and pass the bowl with the folded pieces of paper to each guest and have them draw a number starting with a guest seated on one side of the circle and taking turns to the left working your way around the group.

Each person (other than the first player which must draw a number and get a gift from under the tree to start things off) has the option to draw a number and take a gift from the pile or steal a gift that was previously drawn from someone else.

It's a good idea to set some rules for taking each others' gifts, such as a limit to the times each gift can be stolen. The gifting atmosphere is just perfect for a Christmas theme baby shower even though Santa takes a turn at playing Scrooge!