Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Baby Shower Ideas

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The shower that went to this afternoon had some interesting and tasty Thanksgiving baby shower ideas that were so traditional that they truly caught me by surprise! Although the tableware and decorations might indicate that the only reason this party would be classified as such was the timing there were certain characteristics that were Thanksgiving all the way!.

Thanksgiving Baby Shower Decorations

The tablecloth on the serving table was made of white linen with a rustic burlap fabric overlay. The chargers that were placed underneath tin serving platters that held a variety of crackers were round slabs of wood with the bark left on them. The floral centerpiece was a feast of fall colors and there were individual orange and gold tulips in clear vases. The paper napkins were bright orange and had an inspirational quote about being thankful printed on them. I can't remember the exact quote and darn it, I forgot to bring one home with me! There were no pictures of Tom Turkey on the plates or decorations but the fact that the shower was planned to take place the day before the Thanksgiving holiday and the quote on the napkin indicated that it was indeed a Thanksgiving baby shower theme. Otherwise, the color scheme would have been just fine for a Fall baby shower planned for the month of September, October or even earlier in November.


The hostesses really went all out with comfort food that filled the venue with wonderful smells that brought back childhood memories of holidays spent at my grandmother's house. The scents that took me on that trip down memory lane were coming from traditional dishes that are normally not seen (and enjoyed!) at a baby shower but more in keeping with Thanksgiving and Christmas. There were wedges of apple pie topped with triangles of cheese, spiced cider and some amazing cranberry and pecan relish and perhaps the most amazing of all the Thanksgiving baby shower ideas of all was turkey sandwiches! I didn't expect to be enjoying those until noon on Black Friday!