Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I love baby Christmas outfits but for the life of me can't forgive the lack of Thanksgiving clothes for babies! The only baby Thanksgiving outfits I can find are a few jumpers and long-alls that have a turkey embroidered on the bib. Now what's up with that, please?

And speaking of bibs, there are LOTS of Thanksgiving theme baby bib and burp cloth sets for sale. In addition to the selection of "Baby's First Thanksgiving" bibs, some of them have funny sayings on them like "MY FAMILY IS THANKFUL FOR ME!", "I'M THANKFUL FOR MY DADDY" and a couple even label the little doll as "MY LITTLE TURKEY"!

Thanksgiving is a holiday where most families spend a large amount of time around the dining room table reflecting on all their many blessings, doting on the new additions to the group and perhaps reminiscing of the good times spent with those that are no longer with us other than in spirit.

Some call it a "food based" holiday and I have to agree since I'm known to enjoy my turkey and dressing. But in my mind, Thanksgiving deserves just as much recognition as Christmas especially since I hear so many people say that they actually enjoy it more since there's not as much pressure. So, why are there not more Thanksgiving clothes for babies in the stores? Is it because the Pilgrims set the tone for a solemn celebration and Christmas is full of HO HO HO and cute little elves?

I suppose I will buy my oldest daughter a new chocolate brown corduroy jumper and have it personalized with a cute turkey and pass her old jumper down to the next one in line. Dark brown does a great job of hiding stains but I think I will still dress it up with a nice new bib just for fun.

For the record, I want to talk about Thanksgiving baby shower decorations just a little bit before I move on to Christmas baby shower ideas, don't you?