Friday, October 22, 2010


A baby shower tea bag favor is a favorite item to tuck into goodie bags and favor boxes for many different kinds of showers and especially for a tea party baby shower. Since they have caught on in such a big way, you can actually buy tea bags that have tags to match your baby shower invitations which is a big time saver.

But, frankly, I like to make my own because I like to choose the tea flavors and to personalize them myself to match the colors of my baby shower decorations or with my own choice of wording (even if it's nothing more than the date of the shower or the name of the guest of honor).

If you want to make your own, HERE'S a free template and instructions for how to make baby shower tea bag favors (or tags) with a tutorial for how to decorate them to reflect your baby shower theme. After you print out the covers you can decorate the paper with ribbons, decals, tiny bows or whatever you like and then embellish any kind of tea you choose. Some hostesses recommend white, LaserJet paper but you can experiment using any kind of paper you have on hand so long as it's thin enough to fold and thick enough to hold up to whatever kind of decorations you plan to glue onto it.


After you decide what kind of writing you want on your tea bag favors, you might consider adding a printed border to really dress things up or to use scrapbooking edges as a border to embellish the seams.

Some crafters say to take it easy and quote "Less is more" but my motto is to let no part of my cover go undecorated so long as my decorations don't look crowded or cluttered. I usually decorate the back of the cover just as elaborately as I decorate the front with a note of thanks to my guests for attending the party or some catchy verse with a pretty scroll underneath.


After you have covered your tea bag covers with profound wording, names, dates and decorations you will now fold it around the actual tea bag and glue the flaps in place.

Is making your own baby shower tea bag favor easy or child's play? I can't say that this is a easy craft but if you throw many baby showers it's one that is worth mastering because they make such an impressive presentation for such a cheap price. And in my world, anytime that you can make your own cheap AND attractive favors it's worth all the effort it takes to get it right!