Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A star baby shower theme is one that is super for the winter holidays and all year round when a gender neutral theme is needed; we may not know if the baby will be a boy or a girl but one thing is for sure and that’s that the baby will be the STAR of the SHOW! You can just count on that every time a newborn bounces into the world "A Star is Born".

Whether he or she will be a movie star or a rock star...well, who knows and frankly who cares since the little one is sure to put a twinkle in mom and dad’s eyes!


Did you ever go outdoors at night, put a blanket on the lawn and do your best to count the stars and try to find the hunter, the Big Dipper or some of the other constellations with some help from an older brother or sister. I know I did and maybe that’s the reason that I’ve got more star theme baby shower decorations packed away than any other kind!

You see, star party decorations don’t just belong at a shower! Here are some of my favorite star baby shower themes and party themes. I’m sure that after you see my list, you will start to build your own inventory of silver and gold star decorations!

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower
  • Hey Diddle Diddle Baby Shower (You will need a moon AND stars to decorate for this themed shower!)
  • A Star is Born Baby Shower
  • Rock Star Baby Shower

And there’s one that I’ve been brainstorming for awhile that I just can’t wait to try and that is a Starry Starry Night baby shower theme! Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece as a baby shower theme...who knew?


The "Minute to Win It Baby Shower Game" brings an element of mystery into your planned entertainment since your guests never know who they will be competing against until the names are drawn from a large, glass fish bowl or other receptacle holding the names of all your guests.

Suggested competitions are to see which of your guests can drink all of the water (or other beverage of your choosing) in the baby bottles first or who can successfully organize a set of alphabet magnets on the refrigerator doors or a magnetic message board first and finally who can pin a cloth diaper on a baby doll blindfolded before anyone else.

All of the above challenges should be performed in a minute or less. Not only is this one of the most exciting and fun baby shower games I've played in awhile, the necessary supplies for the Minute to Win It baby shower game are common items that most new mothers already have lying around the nursery or the kitchen making it qualify to be on my list of FREE baby shower games since I have rarely had to buy anything other than prizes for the winners.

Preparation for the game is quick and easy as well! All you have to have is the guest list for the baby shower in order to fill the bowl with names written on folded slips of paper, baby bottles filled with water, a set of magnetic letters, a length of fabric to use as a blindfold, a cloth diaper and a baby doll.

This game will work with any baby shower theme that you have planned and to make things interesting, you can easily come up with your own competitions in addition to or to replace the ones that I have suggested here.