Friday, October 15, 2010


The "How Babies are Made Baby Shower Game" is an HILARIOUS baby shower game idea that is suitable for a casual shower where the goal is just to have FUN! It's ideal for a celebration where the guestlist includes a group of close friends that don't embarrass easily. Some of my friends have included it as part of the entertainment at a co-ed baby shower, but you really need to watch the video not only to get instructions on how to play the game but to see if the couples that will be attending would be on board.


You will need to have one roll of bathroom tissue and one toilet plunger for each couple that plays the game.


Have half of the guests line up on one side of the room with plungers between their knees and the other half facing them on the opposite side of the room with a roll of toilet paper between their knees. The object of the game is for the partners to meet in the middle and manage to get the handle of the plunger inserted into the roll of bathroom tissue and then "waddle" their way back to the starting point. The first couple who manages with dropping either the plunger or the toilet paper is the winner!

When you refer to this video too get a demonstration on how to play you will see why this hilarious baby shower game idea might be a little too risque for a baby shower where the guests don't know each other well. The upside of this game is that the supplies don't cost much, the plungers and tissue can be recycled for other uses making up for the money spent on cute baby shower decorations!


The one drawback of retro or vintage baby shower themes is that when mom wants personalized vintage baby shower invitations it takes me from cruising the flea markets for real old-fashioned cards to spending (more) time in front of the computer looking for templates and clipart to use in making my own invites that "look" old.

I have found that the best way to do this is to scan and use the portions of an old invitation, make my own template and then print it out with a personalized poem or wording. To say that the process of making your own baby shower invitations is time consuming is an understatement and I would frankly rather skip personalizing and use a real retro invition or buy cards from a printer already personalized than spend the time. Call me lazy, but time is something I don't have a lot of and I can better spend it decorating the venue or cupcakes to complement the baby shower decorations, theme or colors.


There is a free printable vintage baby shower invitation template here
that features a retro styles picture on the inside of the card and colorful diaper pins and lettering on the outside.

You have the option of personalizing the wording of the invitation by cutting and pasting your baby shower invitation from word processing program adjusting the size and type of font and color before you print the invitation.

I'm not crazy about the colors used in the graphics on the outside of the card. If you could adjust the color of the letters and the diaper pins it would give the personalized vintage baby shower invitations a more authentic look.