Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Theme Baby Shower Ideas

I just had an idea of how an Alice in Wonderland Theme baby shower could be styled for a baby boy! Actually, I found the baby shower ideas here. The article didn't indicate whether the shower was for a baby boy or a baby girl, but after giving a shower a few weeks ago for a baby girl the thought had crossed my mind that it was such a cool theme that there had to be a way to tweak it if the guest of honor was expecting a boy and then I find the answer...a Mad Hatter baby shower theme!

The baby shower favors that they presented were mini-teacups with dainty floral arrangements in them and there were oversized tea cups used as flower pots scattered throughout the other baby shower decorations including glitter covered bunny rabbits, kittens and mushrooms.

Out of all the creative hostess' Alice in Wonderland Theme baby shower ideas in my opinion the unique baby shower invitations were the show stoppers. The invitations, designed by Sherry at Creative Works designs included a note from the Queen of Hearts and an 'open-me'. It was requested that the guests wear hats and the mother-to-be was sporting a mini top hat.

I can't wait until one of my friends announces that she's expecting a baby boy so that I can plan a Mad Hatter baby shower!