Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Pacifier Necklaces

I remember an Hawaiian themed baby shower that I went to where baby pacifier necklaces (or leis decorating with crystal pacifier favors) were draped around each guest's neck by the hostesses who welcomed them as they entered the door. The girls were dressed up like hula girls complete with grass skirts and lovely floral leis decorated with multi-colored crystal pacifiers.

If I were pushed to put a name to the baby shower theme, I would have to call it a pacifier themed luau or maybe a luau with a focus on pacifiers! The creative ladies who styled this event spent a lot of time decorating the leis. I asked them how they did it and they told me that they attached each of the crystal pacifier favors individually using a needle and thread!


The leis at the doorway were very effective in setting a festive tone for the shower from the very start about time consuming! They were so nicely done and festive that in my opinion it was worth every minute but some of you don't have endless hours to spend making your own baby shower favors.


If it's all you can do to come up with baby shower ideas and buy the needed baby shower decorations, there is an easier way to make your own baby pacifier necklaces. Simply buy cord long enough so that your guests can easily slip it on (I'll tell you why in just a second) and attach a single pacifier charm or you can buy ready made, (cheap) candy pacifier necklaces. They are cute, colorful and who doesn't like Lifesavers?

Present each guest with their necklace as they arrive then gather everyone together to make the announcement that the rules are that if anyone is spotted crossing their arms or legs throughout the shower, the person who catches anyone doing so gets to take the other person's necklace. The goal of the game is to "steal" as many of the necklaces as possible with the person who has the most necklaces at the end of the shower declared the winner.

With pacifier baby shower invitations, baby shower favors and games, a similar gift is in order. Present the guest of honor with a silver pacifier charm, a few fancy pacifier holders or even better, a basket filled with a huge number of pacifiers because we know you can NEVER have too many!