Thursday, August 19, 2010


Here are a few pink baby shower ideas that even those who have never been a big fan of the color pink might enjoy. You might not have a single item of pink clothing in your closet and you may never, EVER think of actually decorating a room in your home using the color, but when a baby girl is expected, of course, there will be lot of pink.

The funny thing is that the mommy-to-be may who once shared your aversion to what some might consider a color best left in nature may now, with a little girl on the way, may have changed her opinion and not seem to mind it in the least!

As the hostess, what should you do? Should you:

A. Try your very best to talk her into a less "PINK" girl baby shower themes

B. Avoid a consultation with the guest of honor and decorate as you choose


C. Bite the bullet, and come up with some pink baby shower ideas that are tasteful and that won't transform the venue into an area that brings a big blob of chewing gum to mind.

....We have a winner! Give mommy the little touch of pink that she craves as an accent color rather than buying baby shower decorations that leave your guests with the feeling they've been swimming in a big pink punch bowl.

Color combinations that you might consider for everything from your girl baby shower invitations to colors for the cake would be pink and green, pink and brown and save pink and white for hostesses who embrace the chance to surround themselves with cotton candy colored decor with reckless abandon.