Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eco Friendly Baby Shower Favors

You might laugh but the inspiration for these eco friendly baby shower favors was the oil spill in the gulf. We never truly appreciate what we have until it's gone (sounds like I'm writing lyrics to a country song), right? And the idea of tar balls all over our favorite white sugar sand beach seems to have put us all in a "Save the Planet" frame of mind. To think that babies born today may never see those pristine beaches just breaks my heart and if we have to plan parties for environmental awareness, then count me in!

The key to choosing the best "green baby shower favor" is timing. For instance, if your Mother Earth baby shower theme is planned for the middle of the holiday season, a packet of wildflower seeds would not be the excellent choice that it might have been if the shower was scheduled for prime growing season (say early spring) in your area.

On the other hand pot plants or seedlings make excellent eco friendly baby shower favors for the winter months. Buy an (or make your own) attractive pot or coffee mug and some potting soil and either plant a small plant inside the "pot". For a bridal shower, you might consider using inexpensive champagne glasses to hold your plant.

You don't have to buy (or make) large flower pots or coffee mugs to make a lovely presentation. In fact, if you are pressed for time and handmade baby shower favors are out of the question you can visit the crafts and candles section in your discount store and buy small votive cups. Your eco friendly baby shower favors will have cost you less than a dollar ($1) leaving more of your budget free for cute baby shower decorations and food.