Saturday, May 15, 2010


For a onesie shower, you will need onesie baby shower invitations, a onesie baby shower game and some cute onesie themed decorations which are easy enough to find in either baby boy or baby girl colors.

There are plenty of fun games using baby clothes where you can substitute a onesie to reflect your baby shower theme but I prefer a decorating contest to most onesie baby shower games. This is a great baby shower idea for venues where space is at a premium or for elegant baby showers where physical baby shower games might seem out of place.

All you have to do is set up a onesie decorating corner where the guests will gather to decorate onesies rather than playing traditional games.


Set aside an area for seating and a craft station where your supplies are organized into convenient stacks.


  • Plain, white cotton baby onesies (varying sizes if there are more than 10 guests participating)
  • Permanent Fabric Markers
  • Templates, stencils
  • Scissors Fabric and iron on transfer paper
  • An ironing board and iron
  • Stiff cardboard squares to use as portable lap desks or enough craft tables and seating for your guests

At one shower where we played the onesie baby shower game, the hostess had Elmer's Painters instead of fabric markers. You can buy them at your local discount store. They come in lots of cute colors, with a wide variety of tip sizes, and in bright, bold colors that wash great.

Two words on what to avoid...PUFF PAINT! If you decorate the onesies using puff paint, it's so stiff when it dries that it would be too uncomfortable and scratchy for a baby to wear.

Another suggestion would be to choose to decorate with markers or with iron on fabrics...not both. Keeping things simple always leaves more room for FUN!

Instruct your guests to include their signatures on their artwork they create. At the end of the party, mom will have a nice arrangement of decorated onesies (in many sizes!) and each time she dresses her baby in one of the personalized onesies she will remember what a lovely time she had at her shower!