Friday, May 14, 2010

Non-Alcoholic Pink Baby Shower Punch

The last few baby girl showers that I attended had two punch bowls. One filled with non-alcoholic pink baby shower punch and the other with alcoholic pink punch that the servers let you know had a bit of a "punch" to it. Of course the mommy-to-be drank the virgin variety as much of an oxymoron as you might perceive that to be...


16 oz of lemonade (not pink)

2 Quarts of Ginger Ale

Cherry juice

Combine the first 2 liquids and perform a taste test. If it's too tart or sweet add more ginger ale. After you have it just how want it, it's time to add enough cherry juice to get the perfect color of pink baby shower punch.


16 oz of lemonade (plain, not pink)

1 quart of ginger ale

1 quart of light rum

Cherry juice

Combine the first 3 liquids and perform a taste test (take it easy...or you'll be out for the party). If it's too sweet or tart add more ginger ale (or more rum if you dare). After you have the taste just how want it, you can now add enough cherry juice to get a oerfect match with the non-alcoholic punch bowl contents.

Before the shower, the hostess contacted me to ask me for pretty, pink baby shower punch recipes that, in her words, were not the color of Pepto Bismol. She indicated that she wanted a recipe that would be tasty, not too sweet, not too tart and that would have just the slightest touch of pastel pink so as not to clash with her baby girl shower supplies OR the alcoholic punch recipe that she planned to make.

My thoughts immediately went to a recipe that used pink lemonade and ginger ale as the main ingredients and then I wondered how on earth that a perfect match of the two recipes could be guaranteed and then it hit me...use all clear ingredients for the main recipe and then pour just enough cherry juice in each bowl to get just the right shade of pink.

Or you might use cranberry juice if you aren't particularly fond of cherry flavored drinks. The recipe above is I came up with for the non-alcoholic pink baby shower punch. I posted it there just in case the details of how I came up with the idea began to bore you.

If you have only one punch bowl and just need a single recipe for non-alcoholic pink punch, pretty much any punch using cranberry juice, cherry juice, pink lemonade or kool-aid pink lemonade as an ingredient will work with most baby shower decorations.