Sunday, April 04, 2010


Pregnancy is a time when we're taking in lots of new information including baby shower trends! Yes, being pregnant is glorious and then come the showers and well-meaning friends who want to celebrate your new baby by having parties in your honor.

Don’t be surprised if the hostesses ask for you to have input in the planning of the event. It’s not that they are being slackers or lazy, they want you to have the celebration of your dreams. Baby shower etiquette prevents the guest of honor from sticking their noses in and offering advice if they are not asked but it’s a good idea to be prepared with answers if approached with the most common question, “Is there a particular baby shower theme that you would like?”
Often mommy asks for a theme or color scheme that reflects her preference in nursery decor. Then again, some moms just want something trendy and fun!
Here are a few baby shower trends for 2010 that you may want to consider.


Bye bye, baby blue and pink baby shower decorations. Hello, bright, bold baby shower supplies! This spring the baby shower trends are all about bold, vibrant colors and modern designs.

Martha Stewart’s baby shower ideas are still very traditional and who is going to argue with the reigning diva of home and party decor...not me! The all white baby shower with touches of pastel accents that Martha Stewart has suggested is elegant but please don’t invite the men if this is your preference or they will never darken the door of another co-ed baby shower as long as they live!


As far as baby shower themes go, the more baby shower trends change the more they stay the same. This year you will still see lots of ladybugs, monkeys and yellow ducks as well as the occasional stork. However, expect those old standards to have a shiny, new look. The baby ducks will be bigger and a brighter shade of yellow than ever before. Funky monkeys may come in hot pink and be funkier, sillier and have lots of personality.


All in all, baby shower trends seem to be leaning in a more relaxed and casual direction with a focus on FUN!