Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I'm a huge fan of matching baby gear for lots of reasons. Not long ago the idea struck me that there may be benefits to carrying this obsession a step further and matching the shower to the baby's nursery theme if one exists. It seems to me that hostesses are missing out on a grand opportunity if they don't take the time to do their research and match the baby shower theme to the nursery's decor.

There's certainly no lack of baby shower and party decorations in every color under the sun. Even if the guest of honor has chosen to decorate with an obscure theme with a little dedication to the task at hand you should be able to come up with gifts and decorations that give a nod to what she chose for her baby's room.

The benefits of matching baby gear are that even if the stroller, the baby carrier or even the baby's clothes are stored in plain sight it almost seems that it's part of the plan and the nursery has a less cluttered look about it.

For instance, if mom has a ladybug nursery theme it's no trouble at all to find ladybug baby shower supplies and decorations and the guests can help mom build her stash of matching baby gear that's decorated with ladybugs. Here's an idea; you might want to tip off your guests as to the preferred color scheme as pink and brown ladybugs are just as if not more popular than the traditional red and black ladybugs these days.

A ladybug theme is just one example. It's also easy to find matching baby gear for jungle, cowboy, princess and lots of other common themes. If you give this idea a try, please drop back by and share your pictures and tell us how it worked for you.