Saturday, January 09, 2010


I would like to share some boring but essential baby gift ideas. To clarify this statement there was a time when I recommended frivolous shower gifts. This list was made during the time before the mom and dad's credit cards got maxed out.

Because of tough economic times, belt tightening has now extended to gift buying for newborns. A few years ago keeping up with celebrity moms was all the rage but now we see the elite focusing on the necessities with just a few designer items thrown in here and there.

The input I'm getting from mothers-to-be in my circle is that they would prefer to get the basics (no matter what the baby shower theme might be) and buy their own luxury items if and when they have the cash. This newsflash is what prompted me to start recommending some perhaps boring but essential baby gift ideas.

I asked over a dozen moms "What is THE baby gift you would love to get more than one of at your shower?" and every one of them mentioned cute baby onesies. They all said that they could always use more burp cloths, onesies and of course diapers.

The list is far from complete and I would appreciate it if you would return to Unique Baby Shower and Party Decorating Ideas and add your favorite boring but essential baby gift ideas to our list!