Saturday, December 11, 2010


I'm always looking for easy homemade baby shower gifts ideas to share with all of you AND to add to my list of stuff that I want to make myself when and if I ever get time to unpack all of my knitting and crochet yarn, fabric and crafts supplies. If I could ever get around to that, there's just no telling how many cute homemade baby gifts I could churn out...but I digress and I will have to use what what I already have unpacked and in my closet before I dig out any more. Storage is at a premium in my crafts room, people!

Awhile ago, I got an invitation to a friend's baby shower (who should be delivering a sweet baby girl anytime now!) and I know how this mom loves to get gifts that are handmade. She would never put a lot of pressure on me, but let's just say she hinted and winked quite a bit!

Anyway, with all that hinting, I got moving and managed to produce some cute things made from some FREE BABY PATTERNS that I found and got them wrapped in time for her shower. I don't have any pictures to upload because my hard drive crashed but I want to tell you about the precious baby bib that I made out of some quilted fabric, a pair of pants that I made from soft fleece AND by jingies I managed to knit a cute, pink ribbed baby hat out of some Wool Ease Chunky yarn in a HURRY so that I could call it a set!

These were all super easy homemade baby shower gifts that I would have enjoyed making if I hadn't been so rushed. The picture on the baby hat shows it knitted with blue yarn, but don't let that put you off if you need a gift for a baby girl. Go here
to see the picture and read the instructions which are geared for knitters that have skills somewhere between the beginner and advanced level.

The bib pattern worked up so fast and easy that anybody could make it and I plan to make many, many more to have on hand in my stash of gifts and baby shower decorations. And the pants pattern is also one that I will use over and over again because it can be resized as my kids grow and not just used as a pattern for baby gifts for others.