Monday, December 06, 2010


Are baby shower games necessary? Have you ever wondered why we play those silly baby shower games? I hear from so many of you that say you would rather not play games at your friends' baby showers and who hasn't seen at least one mother-to-be cry over the string game where everybody guesses the measurement of her waistline?

One of the worst experiences that I ever had in my life was when a co-hostess decided at the last minute that the string game would lots of fun to play at a coed baby shower. In front of the guys? Really? I could have died but luckily the guest of honor was a good sport and had a VERY supportive husband who made the announcement in front of everyone that he considered himself to be the luckiest man alive to have such a beautiful wife! sweet!

But getting back to why we play baby shower games, they can be lame or even downright upsetting, but they are also an excellent way to break the ice at a party where all of the guests don't know each other well. If the celebration involves family that already knows each other, you probably don't need this especially if one or more members of the group say they would rather skip them. If some of the guests seem disappointed and want to play maybe you can suggest that they only do one or two games or giving those who would prefer a chance to opt out of playing if they really don't want to play.


What should you do if you are the guest of honor and would like to make the suggestion that the hostess not make plans to play baby shower games? Is there a way to make this request without sounding like an ingrateful, spoiled brat? Well, you might start with compliments on her menu selection, her creative baby shower decorations and tell her how very thankful you are that she wanted to throw the shower for you. After you have expressed your sincere appreciation, then you can test the water to see if she would be insulted. If there is the slightest hint of hesitation, my answer to your question, "Are baby shower games necessary?" would have to be (in this case), yes.

To avoid hurt feelings and the possibility of losing a friend who cared enough to spend time to bring together a group of people, feed and entertain them I would stand on my head much less play baby shower Bingo, wouldn't you?