Thursday, December 16, 2010


baby boy blue and white snowman baby announcement shower invitation holiday winter christmas

I just saw some pictures of the sweetest vintage frosty baby shower theme and no..the decorations or theme of the party didn't have anything to do with Frosty the Snowman as you will see if you visit Meg Kat's blog as I did.

The pictures of old-fashioned floral arrangements include a combination of ivory white and red roses and hand-glittered pine boughs that are both elegant, "frosty" and right out of days gone by. The decorations are sentimental by design but there's a twist; handmade, pleated signs that were made from pages from old books that are edged with yet MORE glitter and a sweet center medallion that says "BABY"!

The savvy crafter who made the centerpieces also created a matching banner that repeats the theme of the centerpieces as well as some more of the fluffy, white coffee filter balls (I have seen lots of these at showers lately) suspended over the snack table.

This vintage frosty baby shower theme is filled with affordable ideas for a holiday celebration and I can't wait to try making some of the baby shower decorations out of the pages of some old books myself. These pictures were posted just in time because I was about to throw the vintage books away (less some of the pictures that I saved) because the pages were coming loose from their bindings and the covers were not in good shape. But don't wait on me; go over to Meg Kat's blog and see the pictures for yourself!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


sweet pea 2 peas two in a pod baby shower invitations invites cards announcements twins


Aren't these sweet pea baby shower invitations absolutely perfect for a pea pod baby shower theme? I am co-hostessing a shower for a friend who is expecting twins and the other hostesses agreed that this was the best of all the baby shower themes for twins that we had to choose from since the babies' nursery is decorated in green and yellow!

We have some 2 Peas in a Pod balloons ordered and I just read a blog with some great ideas for a very practical centerpiece that is chock full of baby blankets and diapers that mommy gets to take home as a gift! Orange It Lovely also helped put together a peapod baby shower theme recently and she posted some excellent instructions on how to make CUTE diaper bundles for centerpieces.

She said that she wasn't sure if the actual name of her sweet pea decorations was accurate, but when I saw how precious the diapers wrapped in receiving blankets were...I could have cared less what anybody calls them! I just knew I wanted to include everything needed to make them on my list of sweet pea party supplies!

If you want to get a supply list and read how she made the arrangements, I highly recommend that you make a visit to her blog!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Writing about food and warm n cozy baby shower menu ideas seemed like a good topic today since we are smack dab in the middle of the Artic Express (read: it's FREEZING)! When the weather outside is frightful, there's nothing like walking into a warm and welcoming home that smells like Heaven.

And you don't have to be a gourmet cook or hire a fancy catering service to have your baby shower venue smelling like a dream come true. Comfort food is always appreciated, SO easy to make and there's an added bonus. Most of the recipes have ingredients that are staples in any kitchen's cupboard which leaves more of your budget available for buying baby shower gifts and party decorations!

The stars of my warm n cozy baby shower menu ideas are none other than grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and some homemade Danish Wedding cookies. If you were expecting a list of foods that was just a bit more exciting you should know that
I didn't just pull this winning combination out of my hat or my need for something easy to cook for supper. I went to a friend's shower yesterday and on the food table, she had star shaped sandwiches, two tureens full of soup and plates of the most delicious cookies ever!

Her decorations were homemade paper snowflakes and huge, fluffy balls that she had made out of coffee filters. They looked a lot like the tissue paper balls that Martha Stewart inspired everybody to make only she said that the coffee filters were much easier to manage with the only drawback being that you didn't have the color choices that you have using tissue paper.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


 yellow rubber duck ducky card baby shower invitation birth announcement


Here are a few rubber duck baby shower ideas that will make a big "SPLASH" without draining your wallet dry. If you will excuse all of my attempts to make rubber ducky funnies let's get on with it!


There's no need to spend money at the florist for expensive centerpieces for the tables. Visit either your local craft supply store or even the local hardware store (depending on the size of the washtub that you are looking for) and buy enough round,tin tubs to have one for each table that you will be decorating. If you find a good deal, you may want to buy extras because there are several ways you can use them for your duck baby shower like as a substitute for a gift basket or you could fill small buckets with favors instead of a goody bag or box. After you center the galvanized tubs on each table, fill them 3/4 full with water and float several rubber duckys on the water. VOILA! Instant duck theme baby shower centerpieces!


Buy a duck shaped cookie cutter and bake your own sugar cookies. Fill your guests' goodie bags (or tins if you read the above paragraph) with delicious treats that are just...DUCKY!

These are very cheap rubber duck baby shower ideas considering that you will be making your own baby shower favors and centerpieces!


I'm always looking for easy homemade baby shower gifts ideas to share with all of you AND to add to my list of stuff that I want to make myself when and if I ever get time to unpack all of my knitting and crochet yarn, fabric and crafts supplies. If I could ever get around to that, there's just no telling how many cute homemade baby gifts I could churn out...but I digress and I will have to use what what I already have unpacked and in my closet before I dig out any more. Storage is at a premium in my crafts room, people!

Awhile ago, I got an invitation to a friend's baby shower (who should be delivering a sweet baby girl anytime now!) and I know how this mom loves to get gifts that are handmade. She would never put a lot of pressure on me, but let's just say she hinted and winked quite a bit!

Anyway, with all that hinting, I got moving and managed to produce some cute things made from some FREE BABY PATTERNS that I found and got them wrapped in time for her shower. I don't have any pictures to upload because my hard drive crashed but I want to tell you about the precious baby bib that I made out of some quilted fabric, a pair of pants that I made from soft fleece AND by jingies I managed to knit a cute, pink ribbed baby hat out of some Wool Ease Chunky yarn in a HURRY so that I could call it a set!

These were all super easy homemade baby shower gifts that I would have enjoyed making if I hadn't been so rushed. The picture on the baby hat shows it knitted with blue yarn, but don't let that put you off if you need a gift for a baby girl. Go here
to see the picture and read the instructions which are geared for knitters that have skills somewhere between the beginner and advanced level.

The bib pattern worked up so fast and easy that anybody could make it and I plan to make many, many more to have on hand in my stash of gifts and baby shower decorations. And the pants pattern is also one that I will use over and over again because it can be resized as my kids grow and not just used as a pattern for baby gifts for others.

Monday, December 06, 2010


Winter Christmas Baby Girl Birth Announcements Holly Monogram red white green holiday

Are you planning a December baby shower? Will you be giving Christmas baby shower favors or will you proceed in the same way that you might if the shower were planned for any month of the year? Some hostesses prefer not to bring the holidays into their baby shower theme because of religious reasons or in consideration of the religious beliefs of others.

If that's the case, you probably should visit one of our other pages to find the best baby shower favors for your theme. But for those of you who can't get enough holiday fun, HO HO HO and references to all things Santa Claus, we have a few suggestions for cheap, affordable Christmas baby shower favors!


What with breakage and all, you can never have too many Christmas ornaments.


Santa isn't the only guest that will be dropping in during the holidays! Your guests will appreciate some festive soap and a hand towel to dress up their bathroom. This gift makes a lovely presentation and if you shop smart, you can buy the set for less than $5!


In my opinion, Christmas is a season best enjoyed by candlelight. Distribute decorative candles (unlit of course!) along with the rest of your baby shower decorations throughout the venue that have been tagged with the names of your guests. As the festivities are winding down, instruct your friends to pick up the candle with their name on it as they leave with your sincere thanks for sharing in the celebration.

I've been cruising through some of the most wonderful crafts shows lately and still have a few more yet to come. So, expect more recommendations for festive Christmas baby shower favors in the days to come!


Are baby shower games necessary? Have you ever wondered why we play those silly baby shower games? I hear from so many of you that say you would rather not play games at your friends' baby showers and who hasn't seen at least one mother-to-be cry over the string game where everybody guesses the measurement of her waistline?

One of the worst experiences that I ever had in my life was when a co-hostess decided at the last minute that the string game would lots of fun to play at a coed baby shower. In front of the guys? Really? I could have died but luckily the guest of honor was a good sport and had a VERY supportive husband who made the announcement in front of everyone that he considered himself to be the luckiest man alive to have such a beautiful wife! sweet!

But getting back to why we play baby shower games, they can be lame or even downright upsetting, but they are also an excellent way to break the ice at a party where all of the guests don't know each other well. If the celebration involves family that already knows each other, you probably don't need this especially if one or more members of the group say they would rather skip them. If some of the guests seem disappointed and want to play maybe you can suggest that they only do one or two games or giving those who would prefer a chance to opt out of playing if they really don't want to play.


What should you do if you are the guest of honor and would like to make the suggestion that the hostess not make plans to play baby shower games? Is there a way to make this request without sounding like an ingrateful, spoiled brat? Well, you might start with compliments on her menu selection, her creative baby shower decorations and tell her how very thankful you are that she wanted to throw the shower for you. After you have expressed your sincere appreciation, then you can test the water to see if she would be insulted. If there is the slightest hint of hesitation, my answer to your question, "Are baby shower games necessary?" would have to be (in this case), yes.

To avoid hurt feelings and the possibility of losing a friend who cared enough to spend time to bring together a group of people, feed and entertain them I would stand on my head much less play baby shower Bingo, wouldn't you?

Saturday, December 04, 2010


baby girl boy angel baby shower invitation personalized invites cards christmas pink brown holiday


Even though there are lots of angel baby shower invitations mailed throughout the year, during the holidays an angel baby shower theme takes on a more spiritual or religious meaning. It goes without saying that every child is a gift from Heaven above whether they are born in December or on the 4th of July. But where the baby shower decorations and invitations for a celebration at other times of the year for an angel themed party might be whimsical and cute, devout parents expecting a baby to be delivered near the date when Christians celebrate the birth of Christ our Lord and Savior may prefer their newborn to be welcomed in a manner that is reverent with consideration to the family's beliefs.


A favorite Bible verse is a favorite way to personalize cards of all kinds in all seasons, but it would be especially appropriate to include a passage referring to the angels heralding the birth of the Christ child on an invitation for a celebration during the holidays.

Instead of scripture, you might include a short poem. Here are some examples of generic angel baby shower invitation wording that will be super to use during the Christmas season:

Our own little angel will soon be here

That will bring his or her special brand of Christmas cheer


Our special little Angel is on his or her way

And is expected to arrive somewhere close to Christmas day

Please join us to share some gifts and have some holiday fun

And celebrate the arrival of this special little one

And as far as color is concerned; white cards with gold letters would be very elegant as well as midnight blue cards with gold lettering.


Angel baby shower ideas that are lighthearted and fun might include baby shower decorations on the gift and serving tables like clouds of cotton wool or if you prefer edible decorations, cotton candy in your choice of pink, blue or solid white anchored by inexpensive holiday decorations reflecting the color scheme of your choice. Silver or gold would add sparkle and provide a festive atmosphere.


Silver or gold cherub figurines or personalized votive candles can be used to decorate tabletops and sent home with your guests as a remembrance of the day and a token of your appreciation. The angelic cherubs with their wings would be a perfect match for your angel baby shower Heavenly inspired invitations and completely gender neutral if a unisex baby shower theme is needed.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


baby boy blue and white snowman baby announcement shower invitation holiday winter christmas

These baby blue and white snowman baby shower invitations are just the perfect announcement for a baby boy's shower! It's true that a holiday or Christmas baby shower theme comes to mind when you see invitations with a snowman on the front of the card. But I can't see why they should be used exclusively during the holidays especially since the best snowfalls and chances for playing in the snow (at least in my location) in big, fluffy drifts that are over a kids' head and making a world class snowman usually comes after Christmas and New Year's!


Every few years, I drift away from traditional red and green Christmas colors. There are times when nothing but holly berries and pine boughs as decorations look just right to me. But for those times when red and green don't strike my fancy, I have a white flocked Christmas tree and lots of blue Christmas ornaments to fall back on. When I found these festive, blue and white snowman baby shower invitations, baby shower decorations and plates...I knew that I would be adding them to my stash ready for the next Christmas party for a baby boy! If a baby girl is expected, I hope that I can find some cute, pink little snow girl invitations and tableware!