Thursday, October 28, 2010


baby angel ghost baby shower cupcakes black fondant cupcake decorating
I stumbled into the ghost design of these easy Halloween cupcakes. Before I tell you the how and why of decorating the cupcakes, let me me warn you to NEVER, EVER let people know that you are learning to decorate cakes (or cupcakes) with fondant because they will come up with more requests for free cakes than you can shake a stick at!

These well meaning friends and family members will completely overlook the fact that you are a beginner that doesn't know squat about how thick or thin to roll the fondant sheets let alone the finer details of sculpting cute ghosts, witches or goblins to use as toppers.

Now, getting back to how to make these easy Halloween cupcakes I must confess that I took the quick and easy way out and used a yellow cake mix and store bought frosting to save time. Not being an experienced, professional baker that performs well under pressure this was the best route to take.

I colored the frosting that I used to cover the tops of the cupcakes black using gel food coloring. The frosting is no where near as smooth as it seems in the pictures, but it still looks presentable.

After all of the cupcakes were frosted, I tried to use a cute ghost Halloween template as a pattern for cutting out the fondant but the edges were not smooth and the outline of the ghost template was too small for me to use a cutter. In a panic, I started digging in my cookie cutter box and found a tiny angel which as things turned out, made a very nice ghost after using a frosting tip to make two spooky eyes. The fondant made these easy Halloween cupcakes much easier than if I had had to pipe the ghost topping. They are so cute and were so easy to make that I plan to keep these in my notebook of Halloween baby shower ideas along with my collection of Halloween baby shower decorations and menu ideas!


monster halloween costume pregnant belly art painting picture!  Pregnant belly painting
Here are some of the best last minute Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women that will get that cute little baby bump working for you that are both FAST and CHEAP! Why should you miss out on all the fun just because your waistline is temporarily expanded? Pregger chicks like to go Trick or Treating, too!

If this pregnancy is not your first you may have older kids who would be heartbroken if mommy didn't dress up and join them in the fun. If you have several kids to dress up, that's all the more reason you need some quick and easy pregnant Halloween costumes. These last minute Halloween costumes can be put together FAST plus they are comfortable enough to wear so that the mother-to-be can last until it's time for the last little goblin to go home.

Some of the outfits are funny and some are just downright hilarious and who can't use a good laugh(during pregnancy or any other time for that matter?). Choose the best Halloween costume for you and if you add your own cute decorations or use one of our suggestions to highlight a particular aspect of your own personality, please drop a comment and tell us all about it!


1. CAN YOU SAY MOOOOO? Trim the wrist and hand portion from a pair of rubber kitchen gloves (the thicker and pinker the better) keeping the finger portion in tact. Using a whip stitch sew the fingers onto a black maternity top on each side of your baby bump ala a cow's udders.

2. Cut a round opening in the front of a t-shirt (does NOT have to be a maternity shirt) making your pregnant belly visible after having painted it as:

A. a Jack o Lantern
B. a fish bowl
C. planet earth
D. a porthole with a baby peeking through.


This Halloween costume idea requires that dad be a super good sport since he basically has to dress in "drag" for it to be effective. Your partner will dress up as a woman and the pregger chick will dress as a rough and ready guy with a huge beer belly. Clothing and supplies include worn out work pants, a tight, stained (a t-shirt with a redneck slogan or beer logo is cool!) shirt that accentuates your belly, a cap, leather boots and artificial facial hair. Appropriate accessories would be a can of snuff in the back pocket and a "spit can" if gross and disgusting is the way you want to go!


Every baby is a gift from on high but evidence of an unplanned pregnancy might seem slightly "off" on a would-be beauty queen. Clothing and accessory requirements for this costume would be the most elaborate gown you can find that will accommodate your belly and personalize a satin sash with a funny saying like "Miss Planned Parenthood", Miss Ultra-Congeniality or "Most Popular". Throw in an addled escort and you have a funny last minute Halloween costume for pregnant couples!

Monday, October 25, 2010


After posting the resource for free printable Halloween baby shower invitations a week or so ago, I got a few requests for Halloween baby shower ideas that were cute rather than macabre. Macabre? Who would ever dream that I would suggest that bloody, ghoulish baby shower decorations would be a good thing?

For those of you who are aware that I honed my party planning skills back in my sorority days I want you to know that I know the difference between decorating for a baby showers and decorating a sorority house! Back in the day, buckets of blood was one of my favorite themes but I know what's appropriate and what's not...thank you very much.

On that note, I don't see anything wrong with decorating the venue with a harvest moon theme, cute ghosts (kids in sheets) or even black cats. I'm on the fence about witches and one hostess balked at using spooky baby shower decorations altogether and I respect everyone's views but I just can't find anything offensive or evil about the cute little ghost cupakes in this video tutorial no matter how hard I try!

Friday, October 22, 2010


A baby shower tea bag favor is a favorite item to tuck into goodie bags and favor boxes for many different kinds of showers and especially for a tea party baby shower. Since they have caught on in such a big way, you can actually buy tea bags that have tags to match your baby shower invitations which is a big time saver.

But, frankly, I like to make my own because I like to choose the tea flavors and to personalize them myself to match the colors of my baby shower decorations or with my own choice of wording (even if it's nothing more than the date of the shower or the name of the guest of honor).

If you want to make your own, HERE'S a free template and instructions for how to make baby shower tea bag favors (or tags) with a tutorial for how to decorate them to reflect your baby shower theme. After you print out the covers you can decorate the paper with ribbons, decals, tiny bows or whatever you like and then embellish any kind of tea you choose. Some hostesses recommend white, LaserJet paper but you can experiment using any kind of paper you have on hand so long as it's thin enough to fold and thick enough to hold up to whatever kind of decorations you plan to glue onto it.


After you decide what kind of writing you want on your tea bag favors, you might consider adding a printed border to really dress things up or to use scrapbooking edges as a border to embellish the seams.

Some crafters say to take it easy and quote "Less is more" but my motto is to let no part of my cover go undecorated so long as my decorations don't look crowded or cluttered. I usually decorate the back of the cover just as elaborately as I decorate the front with a note of thanks to my guests for attending the party or some catchy verse with a pretty scroll underneath.


After you have covered your tea bag covers with profound wording, names, dates and decorations you will now fold it around the actual tea bag and glue the flaps in place.

Is making your own baby shower tea bag favor easy or child's play? I can't say that this is a easy craft but if you throw many baby showers it's one that is worth mastering because they make such an impressive presentation for such a cheap price. And in my world, anytime that you can make your own cheap AND attractive favors it's worth all the effort it takes to get it right!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A star baby shower theme is one that is super for the winter holidays and all year round when a gender neutral theme is needed; we may not know if the baby will be a boy or a girl but one thing is for sure and that’s that the baby will be the STAR of the SHOW! You can just count on that every time a newborn bounces into the world "A Star is Born".

Whether he or she will be a movie star or a rock star...well, who knows and frankly who cares since the little one is sure to put a twinkle in mom and dad’s eyes!


Did you ever go outdoors at night, put a blanket on the lawn and do your best to count the stars and try to find the hunter, the Big Dipper or some of the other constellations with some help from an older brother or sister. I know I did and maybe that’s the reason that I’ve got more star theme baby shower decorations packed away than any other kind!

You see, star party decorations don’t just belong at a shower! Here are some of my favorite star baby shower themes and party themes. I’m sure that after you see my list, you will start to build your own inventory of silver and gold star decorations!

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower
  • Hey Diddle Diddle Baby Shower (You will need a moon AND stars to decorate for this themed shower!)
  • A Star is Born Baby Shower
  • Rock Star Baby Shower

And there’s one that I’ve been brainstorming for awhile that I just can’t wait to try and that is a Starry Starry Night baby shower theme! Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece as a baby shower theme...who knew?


The "Minute to Win It Baby Shower Game" brings an element of mystery into your planned entertainment since your guests never know who they will be competing against until the names are drawn from a large, glass fish bowl or other receptacle holding the names of all your guests.

Suggested competitions are to see which of your guests can drink all of the water (or other beverage of your choosing) in the baby bottles first or who can successfully organize a set of alphabet magnets on the refrigerator doors or a magnetic message board first and finally who can pin a cloth diaper on a baby doll blindfolded before anyone else.

All of the above challenges should be performed in a minute or less. Not only is this one of the most exciting and fun baby shower games I've played in awhile, the necessary supplies for the Minute to Win It baby shower game are common items that most new mothers already have lying around the nursery or the kitchen making it qualify to be on my list of FREE baby shower games since I have rarely had to buy anything other than prizes for the winners.

Preparation for the game is quick and easy as well! All you have to have is the guest list for the baby shower in order to fill the bowl with names written on folded slips of paper, baby bottles filled with water, a set of magnetic letters, a length of fabric to use as a blindfold, a cloth diaper and a baby doll.

This game will work with any baby shower theme that you have planned and to make things interesting, you can easily come up with your own competitions in addition to or to replace the ones that I have suggested here.

Friday, October 15, 2010


The "How Babies are Made Baby Shower Game" is an HILARIOUS baby shower game idea that is suitable for a casual shower where the goal is just to have FUN! It's ideal for a celebration where the guestlist includes a group of close friends that don't embarrass easily. Some of my friends have included it as part of the entertainment at a co-ed baby shower, but you really need to watch the video not only to get instructions on how to play the game but to see if the couples that will be attending would be on board.


You will need to have one roll of bathroom tissue and one toilet plunger for each couple that plays the game.


Have half of the guests line up on one side of the room with plungers between their knees and the other half facing them on the opposite side of the room with a roll of toilet paper between their knees. The object of the game is for the partners to meet in the middle and manage to get the handle of the plunger inserted into the roll of bathroom tissue and then "waddle" their way back to the starting point. The first couple who manages with dropping either the plunger or the toilet paper is the winner!

When you refer to this video too get a demonstration on how to play you will see why this hilarious baby shower game idea might be a little too risque for a baby shower where the guests don't know each other well. The upside of this game is that the supplies don't cost much, the plungers and tissue can be recycled for other uses making up for the money spent on cute baby shower decorations!


The one drawback of retro or vintage baby shower themes is that when mom wants personalized vintage baby shower invitations it takes me from cruising the flea markets for real old-fashioned cards to spending (more) time in front of the computer looking for templates and clipart to use in making my own invites that "look" old.

I have found that the best way to do this is to scan and use the portions of an old invitation, make my own template and then print it out with a personalized poem or wording. To say that the process of making your own baby shower invitations is time consuming is an understatement and I would frankly rather skip personalizing and use a real retro invition or buy cards from a printer already personalized than spend the time. Call me lazy, but time is something I don't have a lot of and I can better spend it decorating the venue or cupcakes to complement the baby shower decorations, theme or colors.


There is a free printable vintage baby shower invitation template here
that features a retro styles picture on the inside of the card and colorful diaper pins and lettering on the outside.

You have the option of personalizing the wording of the invitation by cutting and pasting your baby shower invitation from word processing program adjusting the size and type of font and color before you print the invitation.

I'm not crazy about the colors used in the graphics on the outside of the card. If you could adjust the color of the letters and the diaper pins it would give the personalized vintage baby shower invitations a more authentic look.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


baby onesie decorating shower book infant

The great thing about having a onesie baby shower is that your guests create a cute gift that the mommy-to-be gets to take home and the activity doubles as entertainment. From comments that I've overheard lately, decorating a onesie is more appealing than baby shower games to lots of people.

But what about those of us who aren't that artistic and don't have a clue as to what's considered cute on the front of a baby's shirt? Not everyone pays a lot of attention to details like that. I know that even I didn't take to peeking inside of strollers and admiring infant outfits until I reached a certain age and started to imagine myself as a mother. I feel for single friends who aren't in the know about trendy baby clothes that are frankly in over their heads at a onesie decorating shower.

I actually considered making this blog post a tutorial or a printable that hostesses could print out to help those poor individuals until I found Oodles of One-Piece Designs for Babies that shows some of the cutest artwork I've ever seen on the front of a baby's body suit and you can buy the book for less than $10!

Why don't you do yourself a favor and buy this book to have on hand for your next clothesline baby shower or onesie baby shower and you can even pass it on to the mother-to-be as a baby shower gift.

Saturday, October 02, 2010


We used to get a lot of searches for owl theme baby shower ideas in fall. It should come as no surprise to those of you who pay close attention to baby shower themes that since we have come to accept these beautiful birds in colors far beyond what Mother Nature intended that their popularity is now year round.

Traditional color schemes of brown, orange and cream or beige are best for showers after Labor Day and since this post is within that time frame, I wanted to direct your attention toward the free owl craft ideas and printables that can be found on the web as I speak AND to tell those of you that are Vera Bradley fans that one of the best (read: cheap!) owl theme baby shower ideas that I have beyond the article that I mentioned earlier is that a diaper bag in the Vera Bradley Night Owl pattern would make a lovely gift for a mom with an baby owl nursery theme! Or a smaller Night Owl Maggie bag (less than $15!) filled with samples, baby formula coupons or a cute pacifier would look super displayed among the hostess' baby shower decorations and be a big hit with the mommy-to-be!