Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Themed Baby Shower Ideas

The window of opportunity for fall themed baby shower ideas is VERY tiny when you consider that it's too hot to enjoy baby shower decorations in warm colors until late September. In my part of the country, summer has been known to hang around until mid-October and we have often waited until almost Thanksgiving to see the highly acclaimed "frost on the pumpkins".

What happens is that fall baby shower invitations decorated with scarecrows and cascades of swirling leaves in shades of brown, antique white and rust are edged out by Halloween baby shower decorations featuring pictures of Jack O' Lanterns and turkeys in honor of Thanksgiving.

What I like to do is make my own invitations and blend several of the fall baby shower themes with a scarecrow or a pile of pumpkins (that have not been subjected to the knife as of yet) as the centerpiece on the front of the cards and embellish the graphics by surrounding the bright orange pumpkins, turkeys or scarecrow clipart with some colorful autumn leaves that I stick on with my hot glue gun.

I usually choose to use blank card stock so that I can change the baby shower invitation wording to reflect any fall themed baby shower ideas and baby shower decorations that strike my fancy.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


alice in wonderland baby shower party cake decorating topper ideas vintage


After Katy Perry's bridal shower details were released, requests for Alice in Wonderland baby shower invitations are popping up everywhere. Being a lover of all things "storybook" (especially when such a theme might give me an opportunity to wear a costume!) I immediately started to look for ideas for an Alice in Wonderland baby shower and comparing store bought invitations with possibilities for homemade cards.

What I came up with so far is that there is a virtual treasure trove of graphics to be found online that can be used to make your own invitations or you can buy spectacular colored ones that (in my opinion) would be cool for kids' birthday parties. I actually prefer the vintage images because they remind me of the illustrations in not just this book but many of the storybooks that my mom read to me when I was a child.

There's no way that I'm the only hostess that enjoys a party with lots of old fashioned atmosphere. If you are of a like mind and want your shower to have an authentic, vintage feel you will probably want to make your own Alice in Wonderland baby shower invitations and start your search for baby shower decorations in the local consignment store, garage sales in older neighborhoods or perhaps a flea market!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Pacifier Necklaces

I remember an Hawaiian themed baby shower that I went to where baby pacifier necklaces (or leis decorating with crystal pacifier favors) were draped around each guest's neck by the hostesses who welcomed them as they entered the door. The girls were dressed up like hula girls complete with grass skirts and lovely floral leis decorated with multi-colored crystal pacifiers.

If I were pushed to put a name to the baby shower theme, I would have to call it a pacifier themed luau or maybe a luau with a focus on pacifiers! The creative ladies who styled this event spent a lot of time decorating the leis. I asked them how they did it and they told me that they attached each of the crystal pacifier favors individually using a needle and thread!


The leis at the doorway were very effective in setting a festive tone for the shower from the very start about time consuming! They were so nicely done and festive that in my opinion it was worth every minute but some of you don't have endless hours to spend making your own baby shower favors.


If it's all you can do to come up with baby shower ideas and buy the needed baby shower decorations, there is an easier way to make your own baby pacifier necklaces. Simply buy cord long enough so that your guests can easily slip it on (I'll tell you why in just a second) and attach a single pacifier charm or you can buy ready made, (cheap) candy pacifier necklaces. They are cute, colorful and who doesn't like Lifesavers?

Present each guest with their necklace as they arrive then gather everyone together to make the announcement that the rules are that if anyone is spotted crossing their arms or legs throughout the shower, the person who catches anyone doing so gets to take the other person's necklace. The goal of the game is to "steal" as many of the necklaces as possible with the person who has the most necklaces at the end of the shower declared the winner.

With pacifier baby shower invitations, baby shower favors and games, a similar gift is in order. Present the guest of honor with a silver pacifier charm, a few fancy pacifier holders or even better, a basket filled with a huge number of pacifiers because we know you can NEVER have too many!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Here are a few pink baby shower ideas that even those who have never been a big fan of the color pink might enjoy. You might not have a single item of pink clothing in your closet and you may never, EVER think of actually decorating a room in your home using the color, but when a baby girl is expected, of course, there will be lot of pink.

The funny thing is that the mommy-to-be may who once shared your aversion to what some might consider a color best left in nature may now, with a little girl on the way, may have changed her opinion and not seem to mind it in the least!

As the hostess, what should you do? Should you:

A. Try your very best to talk her into a less "PINK" girl baby shower themes

B. Avoid a consultation with the guest of honor and decorate as you choose


C. Bite the bullet, and come up with some pink baby shower ideas that are tasteful and that won't transform the venue into an area that brings a big blob of chewing gum to mind.

....We have a winner! Give mommy the little touch of pink that she craves as an accent color rather than buying baby shower decorations that leave your guests with the feeling they've been swimming in a big pink punch bowl.

Color combinations that you might consider for everything from your girl baby shower invitations to colors for the cake would be pink and green, pink and brown and save pink and white for hostesses who embrace the chance to surround themselves with cotton candy colored decor with reckless abandon.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


With the stork visiting on a regular basis the question of who do you invite to a baby shower is the topic of many a conversation taking place at the water cooler, the neighborhood coffee klatch or the family dinner on Sunday. Choosing the baby shower invitations and baby shower decorations for the celebration is the fun part of shower planning. Determining who to invite to a baby shower can be a little more complicated.

We don't want to leave anybody out, nor do we want to bring Cousin A face to face with Cousin B for the first time since their feud began over twenty years ago just so they can have the final showdown at the party. Is it your responsibility as the hostess to be sure that family members don't duke it out over the punch bowl? Certainly, you would want to do everything in your power to keep any awkward situations at bay but keep reading and you will see that baby shower etiquette takes this burden from your shoulders.


For starters, the people who are usually invited are family members, friends and occasionally co-workers. And remember, even though the hostess is who pays for the baby shower, the guest list is not her responsibility and that she should always consult with the mother-to-be for a list of whom she wants to attend.


Since you will be footing the bill; it's perfectly alright to set some limitations as far as the number of guests that you can entertain. This is a very touchy step in the shower planning process but it's a fact of life that budget must be considered when determining who do you invite to a baby shower.

Hostesses should be very cautious in how they tell their pregnant friend that her guest list can only have X number of people on it. Perhaps the best way to avoid an uncomfortable moment is to mention when you tell her that you would like to throw a baby shower for her that you can only handle a certain number of guests. You might also indicate at this time that you would like to focus on a particular circle of friends, family members or co-workers.

Be prepared to present your case citing money issues or lack of space to accommodate a large number of people. If the number of people that you can handle and the number that your friend had in mind were worlds apart you might want to suggest that she have more than one baby shower, one for friends, one for family and another for the people that she works with rather than one huge party. Be warned that this is a very sensitive area where you should tread softly I have known friendships to be stressed to the point of fracture.

The bottom line of who do you invite to a baby shower is not really up to the hostess; it's up to the guest of honor. And once the guest list is agreed upon the mother-to-be should provide you with not only the name of her guests' but their mailing address, phone number or email address so that you can contact everyone to invite them to the party.


Your responsibility is to get the invitations to everyone on the list. The purpose of a baby shower is to bring together a group of individuals to surround the mother-to-be with people to share in her joy and to be there for her at this time of her life. You are merely the facilitator that forwards the necessary details to her chosen guests. So now you see, who is invited to a baby shower is up to the mother-to-be not the hostess.