Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sweet Baby Shower Gift Idea

I just read a sweet baby shower gift idea that I wanted to share with my visitors and the great part is that it's very touching and personal as only a homemade baby gift can, it's CHEAP and easy to make!

You won't need a whole lot of craft supplies, but you may have to visit the crafts section of your local discount store and pick up a cute "treasure box" that has a lid and a scented votive candle. If you can't find a pretty box at the craft shop, visit a flea market to find a vintage china ring box with a lid that is big enough to hold a candle or you might find what you want at a collectibles shop. After you have your box and candle, you will then need to ask the your friend's relative or the "dad to be" to snap a pregnant belly picture for you.

After you have all your supplies, place the scented votive in your pretty box and using a hole punch make a hole in the corner of the belly pic and use a color coordinated ribbon to tie the picture to the box. On the back of the picture or on a card you can write a short verse that goes something like this:

Close your eyes and say a prayer,

And when (baby name here) is finally here.

Light this candle out of love,

To thank God for sending this angel from above.

I thought this is such a sweet baby shower gift idea that you can easily personalize with the baby's name. The wording of the poem on the card would be appropriate for an angel baby shower theme or pretty much any baby shower. You might change the wording around a bit to make it even more personal if you like.

Another possibility would be to buy enough boxes and candles and use them as baby shower decorations during the festivities and then send them home with your guests as favors.