Monday, July 26, 2010


Ladies, get ready for some radical baby shower ideas! Yes, it's time for my annual Baby Shower DO list! I hope I'm not too late to save us all from many boring hours since the baby shower invitations are already rolling in!

From May to July, those of us with pregnant friends (who for some reason all have an August delivery date!) spend our time brainstorming baby shower decorations, menus and gift ideas each of us looking to throw a party that blows the one that came before it right out of the water.

That in and of itself probably should be the first DON’T on my list. But not wanting to start out with negative remarks I want to first share some modern albeit radical baby shower ideas voicing how I think a shower for the mother of today should be organized.


I never could understand why a mom was only supposed to have a shower for her first baby. C’mon people, unless she’s having babies back to back without a breather in between chances are she gave away all her gear and baby clothes in newborn size long ago...probably to you or one of your friends. So, don’t wonder if you should give this girl a party…find some cute baby shower ideas for second or third or whatever and get going!


Ask the mother-to-be what she and her friends might enjoy in the way of entertainment. This is one area that I’m totally in favor of throwing tradition to the four winds and letting it fly. Be it disco dancing or playing stud poker, a baby shower CAN be a chance for girls to get together and just have a blast.

I’m not a huge fan of baby shower bingo but for those of us who are into it, rave on! On the other hand, why should ladies who wouldn’t be caught dead in a Bingo be expected to play? Another baby shower game that loses its luster (in my opinion) after the first go round is any kind of dirty diaper game. There are times when playing silly games and watching grown men wearing adult diapers can be outrageously funny and if that tickles the guest of honor’s fancy, and then by all means DO IT!

This is perhaps one of the most controversial, radical baby shower ideas on my list. Ask if it might be acceptable with the guest of honor if she skipped opening the gifts at the shower.

If it’s a family shower, Grandma might raise an eyebrow at this baby shower idea but if it’s a party for the girls...well, they will probably be just fine with the idea of not having to watch while one gift after another is opened. I know it's your party, Mama, but seriously...


The more pictures, the better in my book. HOWEVER, you should never distribute them via email, include them in scrapbooks and especially never post them on a social network without the permission of the mother-to-be.


Party mints, cheese spread and crackers do not cut it, my friend. You are not required to put on a spread but don’t insult people who take time out to celebrate with you by giving them snacks that you poured out of a box. Grill burgers or SOMETHING!


There are plenty of websites that offer wonderful baby shower ideas that will help busy moms throw a baby shower from choosing a baby shower theme to finding cheap baby shower decorations. Before you jump in with both feet and waste a lot of time and money, visit some of these websites and get some tips.

Now....what do you think about my radical baby shower idea DO list? Are my suggestions too over the top or extreme? Or are you giving me a big ol’ virtual high five? If you have a personal list of likes and dislikes or traditions that you would love to burn why don’t you just tell me about it? Just drop a line and tell me, what is your idea of the best shower?

By the way, I was going to have a list of stuff that you should NEVER do at a shower, but I ran out of room so I'll get right on that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I agree that not having a shower for a follow-up baby is ridiculous! My first baby is only 17 months old and there are still many items that I need for this baby to replace stuff that either was stained beyond belief or that were so nice that I passed on to friends who needed them.

For instance I could use a new boppy pillow (and extra cover), a baby carrier (lent mine and the friend moved away) and a new car seat (sold it because we weren't sure when we'd be having another baby).

PLUS, I will definitely need 0 to 6 months baby clothes.

My friends have said they are going to throw me a baby shower but my mother-in-law says it's not appropriate.

She says I should just have a baby registry and anybody who wants to send something can go there to pick what they want to give. I think that THIS is inappropriate because sending the link to people seems like I’m begging for gifts and at least with a shower they are entertained as guests!

Anonymous said...

Showers after the first baby can be tricky. My friends say they are going to have a party (rather than a shower), which is fine, but my problem is how do I let my friends and family know that I don't need blankets, booties and pacifiers but let them know what stuff I DO need?

Is it weird to include wording in the invitation telling people what to bring as gifts? Somehow sending them to a registry seems like that's exactly what you're doing and that seems rude to me too.

It's like you're telling them "I don’t care what you would have bought. This is what I want"

Anonymous said...

I’ve had questions about this same thing and I really don’t know the answer. It's hard to be so impractical as to turn down a way that you could get presents that you really need in lieu of stuff that you will have to re-gift or sell at a yard sale. What IS the etiquette on this?

Telling people that you want this or that just feels demanding and greedy to me.

As much as I could use the help, I'm ready to entertain the idea of having a party and indicating in the invite that the guests not bring anything. I'd rather do that than be uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, if anybody asks you could let them know that you have most of the stuff you need except for some bigger items and see what they say.

You might suggest that they go in with another family member and friend to buy them since they are a little bit expensive.

Or you might suggest that they give you a gift card, so that you can get what you need.

I can understand that you don’t want to be rude or look like that you don’t trust their taste in baby gifts.

Other than the tricky aspects that have been discussed my opinion is that it's perfectly fine to have a baby shower for second, third or whatever number baby a girl's having.

And your suggestion of skipping the silly Bingo and word association and smelly diaper games is excellent! There are plenty of more interesting things to do when friends get together than that!

Anonymous said...

My friends asked if they could throw me a 2nd baby shower. My babies were three and four years apart and my second born was a boy (and my firstborn a girl) so there were plenty of things I needed.

We kept the guest list short and I didn’t register because I had all the big items from my first baby. I wanted the get together to be more of a celebration rather than an occasion for me to get baby gifts.

But one way around the issue of what gift to get or is to have a diaper shower where everybody just brings a package or one cloth diaper in the brand that you plan to use.

A diaper party is more about necessities and then if friends and family members want to bring gifts to the hospital they can do so without feeling they were pushed.

Anonymous said...

If you don’t feel comfortable having a Sprinkle or Shower, then just don’t do it!

You can celebrate your baby with your friends by going out to dinner and a movie, a shower isn’t required or something to spend time worrying about!

Anonymous said...

To the it's alright to BEG for gift cards or diapers but not other stuff? That just doesn't make sense to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I just don't think it looks good to have a shower for a second baby. It's not that a 1st baby is more special than a's just that you are starting from scratch with a 1st baby and that is so expensive.

With the 2nd you already have furniture and the big ticket items unless there was an emergency move, a disaster or something which puts a whole different complexion on things.

And YES it IS rude to make a list of expensive gifts that you want that will only put pressure on your friends who may be having real financial difficulties. Whatever happened to "it's the thought that counts"?

I know that those who really care about me want to buy the nicest gift they can for my baby without being asked and to tell them what to buy (unless they ask) would be insulting.