Sunday, July 25, 2010


Forget the cheap baby shower gift ideas, how about some FREE baby shower gift ideas? There are many ways that you can score free stuff that you can keep on hand ready and waiting to be put into service when baby shower invitations come in the mail.


If some time has passed since you last spent your time scouring the magazine and newspaper ads for baby stuff, there is no better time to refresh your coupon clipping skills than right now! By taking advantage of freebies and promotions, you will have enough free diapers and samples to fill a gift basket in no time flat!

Set aside a special place in your linen closet (or some other pet free, smoke free location) and then, when it's time to load up and buzz over to take part in the celebration of your friend's little bundle of joy, you will be WAY ahead of the game.


As soon as I open the invitation, I grab a gift basket (usually a cheap basket I pick up at Dollar Tree) and organizing my free baby shower gift ideas into those that are specifically for a baby boy shower, a baby girl shower or those that are gender neutral and start my arrangement. Presentation is everything and I don't want my gift basket to appear shabby when surrounded by all those cute baby shower decorations!

I usually have little packages of baby items like diaper shirts and onesies that I picked up for $1 on clearance sale (my last score had a retail price of over $5 and I bought it for less than a dollar!) that I decorate with bows that I make using pink, blue or neutral ribbon and use them as the centerpiece of the basket if I don't have a nice cloth diaper or diaper cover that I won in one of the giveaways that I enter. Then I surround the baby clothes with samples or freebies from my stash. I generally include around $10 to $15 worth of stuff like cute cases for baby wipes, baby wash, shampoo and baby lotion samples and free diapers if I have some on hand.

Yeah, these free baby shower gift ideas take a little more time than calling the baby boutique and asking them to gift wrap something that you pick up on your way to the shower, but we don't always have that option if you've been laid off from your job or have been hit with a medical emergency. Even if things are going great and you have lots of cash lying around, it's a fun challenge to put together a baby shower gift basket filled with free stuff that will be the standout on the gift table!


Anonymous said...

i saw this really cute little hand and foot print sets at wal-mart for like 15 bucks. just go look in the baby section they have tons of gift sets and things like that.

Anonymous said...

I don't have time to clip coupons or enter giveaways. I hardly have to pick up the gift.

I do like to know that the gifts I give my friends will be used so I either check their baby registry if they are registered online or at a store for gift ideas so that I'm sure that I'm getting things that the baby will actually use like diapers (in the specified brand and type), baby shampoo, lotion, baby oil OR buy a gift card Amazon, Target so that she can use it to buy the baby whatever she likes.

Anonymous said...

My signature gift is homemade bath salts surrounded by coupons for baby products! A little something for both mom and baby.