Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FREE Baby Shower Gift Idea

I'm pretty pinched for money right now as are most of my friends so here is a FREE baby shower gift idea that I came across that is thoughtful and so very MODERN and high-tech! The cost of the gift is absolute nothing but your time even though I am well aware that time is money, it's not nearly as expensive as a baby gift basket or even a pair of booties PLUS if the mommy-to-be is less than computer savvy, she will really appreciate your taking the time to set up a personalized online scrapbook of her baby shower so that family members and friends can share in the fun from miles away.

So what IS this free baby shower gift idea? Get ready because you are about to set up a Myspace page dedicated to showcasing the hostess's baby shower ideas,the cute baby shower decorations and all the lovely gifts for the new baby.

And here are some tips on how to personalize your gift:

1. Use a sonogram picture or have the dad to be take some pregnant belly pictures for you to use as the profile picture.

2. The title of the page should be something to the tune of "Ann's Baby Shower" or "Ann and Bill's 1st Baby" or any personal headline that will best describe the baby shower theme or event.

3. Ask the hostess for a copy of the shower's guest list so that you can do a search for friends and relatives to invite them to be "friends" and post the first bulletin including the date of the shower, the due date and other information pertaining to the party.

4. You might also consider posting blog entries where you can announce details of the shower where loved ones can post comments and congratulations, etc.

If you want you can upload your own pictures of the shower as well as those taken by others but you can also add video complete with sound that everyone will enjoy.

This FREE baby shower gift idea gives the technologically savvy individual
an opportunity to create a personalized gift with infinite potential that may encourage the new mom and dad to start buffing up their computer skills.