Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunflower Baby Shower Invitations

Don't you love these sunflower baby shower invitations? A friend recently asked for my help in making her own flower shower invitations and I ended up helping her shop for favors and decorations, too! When we were shopping for ideas, we decided that in addition to the flower centerpieces for the baby shower that sunflower seeds should play a part. And don't you think that surrounding the silk sunflowers with sunflower seeds is just ideal? After the guests have come and gone your birds get a tasty treat!


I considered using a homemade invitation using this template but somehow I never could make it look cheerful and inviting like a sunflower ought to be. So, I ordered personalized invitations and was so happy that I did because they are so cute with the bright colors including pink and yellow that are so hard to print yourself.

black and yellow sunflower seed centerpiece

In addition to the invitations I got address labels, and thank you cards that we ordered at the same time we ordered the invitations.

THEN we made a banner with lettering that said "SUNNY DAYS" with little birds on each ends that closely match the invitations and thank you cards. The banner turned out very nice and the mother-to-be took it home with her after the shower.


in addition to the sunflower centerpieces the table was decorated with cobalt blue and yellow plates and napkins. The brown, blue and yellow color scheme worked beautifully with the baby shower theme.

We bought tiny bird's nest baby shower favors with robin's egg soaps to use on each place setting that made lovely baby shower decorations and the guests were delighted that they got to take the nests and soaps home with them.

After we added the favors, we considered adding some cute wooden birdhouses to the side of our sunflower centerpieces, but decided against it because there wasn't really much room left on the tables.


We looked for yellow punch recipes and decided that we didn't want to serve a yellow drink after we had a laugh about serving drinks that looked like urine specimens so we served yellow lemonade.

We wanted a crispy menu because we felt the sunflower baby shower invitations called for light and airy finger foods. The menu had fresh asparagus, crudite, chips and dip and delight fruit and pasta salads. We also offered sandwiches so that the guys wouldn't complain that they were hungry.


We played the usual games and the guests' prizes were all in keeping with our bird's nest sunflower theme.

We played three games and the winners all got presents that were bird theme. One was a bird house, one was wind chimes with a bird house on top and the last one was a bird decoration to be used in the garden.

We thought it was a fun idea to have the gifts match the theme.

This was one cute baby shower and we were so flattered that several of the guests asked if they could "borrow" our baby shower ideas.