Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm always hearing from hostesses that need girl baby shower invitation ideas in cute themes and trendy colors. So, here are some tips for decorating and making your own baby girl shower invitations as well as recommendations for details to include in your invitations' wording or verses.

Custom laser cut pink bassinets and strollers are classics for girl baby shower invitations but the modern hostess should know that she also has many other options and that these traditional styles have been joined by cute pink onesie invites and cards shaped like frilly dresses if she’s into cards cut into shapes.

Beyond the rules of proper baby shower etiquette and the wording or verses that should at the very least supply all of the important details regarding the party, there are very few restrictions or rules that might prohibit the use of any kind of baby girl shower invitations that strikes your fancy. However, there are a few things to consider in the decision making process.


Regardless of the theme, color is crucial. Color selection is not as rigid as it once might have been. As an example, a few years ago you would be hard pressed to find as much as a smidge of blue on a baby girl shower invitation. Today, an invite that is predominately baby blue is probably not the best choice but using touches of blue somewhere on the card as an accent color is not forbidden.

Gender specific colors aside, I like to choose an invitation that reflects the baby shower color scheme. If my decorations and party supplies are pink and green, I shop for a card in these colors.


Choosing a cute baby girl shower theme is lots of fun! After I make this decision, I like to mail invitations that are in the same theme as the party. When the guests get the card in their mailbox, they get a preview of the celebration.

There are several ways to pick a theme for your invitations. You might do a little digging to learn the baby girl's nursery theme or the name of the baby girl's baby bedding collection.

If her room is decorated in a particular theme or color combination, the mother-to-be would probably be flattered to see that you approve of her taste to the degree that you based your baby girl shower ideas on her baby nursery decor. You might even give your guests a tip in the baby girl shower invitation’s wording that mommy would appreciate gifts in her chosen color scheme or theme.


If you are making your own girl baby shower invitations, in addition to considerations pertaining to color and theme, your girl baby shower invitations can be personalized with special wording, fonts, and decorated with sweet charms, ribbons and lace.

How you decorate them depends on the baby shower’s theme, color scheme or for that matter the mood that mommy was in when she woke up that morning and picked them out...which is perfectly OK because there are certainly enough girl baby shower invitations out there to accommodate the occasional mood swing or even the most unique and eclectic taste in baby shower ideas!