Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunflower Baby Shower Invitations

Don't you love these sunflower baby shower invitations? A friend recently asked for my help in making her own flower shower invitations and I ended up helping her shop for favors and decorations, too! When we were shopping for ideas, we decided that in addition to the flower centerpieces for the baby shower that sunflower seeds should play a part. And don't you think that surrounding the silk sunflowers with sunflower seeds is just ideal? After the guests have come and gone your birds get a tasty treat!


I considered using a homemade invitation using this template but somehow I never could make it look cheerful and inviting like a sunflower ought to be. So, I ordered personalized invitations and was so happy that I did because they are so cute with the bright colors including pink and yellow that are so hard to print yourself.

black and yellow sunflower seed centerpiece

In addition to the invitations I got address labels, and thank you cards that we ordered at the same time we ordered the invitations.

THEN we made a banner with lettering that said "SUNNY DAYS" with little birds on each ends that closely match the invitations and thank you cards. The banner turned out very nice and the mother-to-be took it home with her after the shower.


in addition to the sunflower centerpieces the table was decorated with cobalt blue and yellow plates and napkins. The brown, blue and yellow color scheme worked beautifully with the baby shower theme.

We bought tiny bird's nest baby shower favors with robin's egg soaps to use on each place setting that made lovely baby shower decorations and the guests were delighted that they got to take the nests and soaps home with them.

After we added the favors, we considered adding some cute wooden birdhouses to the side of our sunflower centerpieces, but decided against it because there wasn't really much room left on the tables.


We looked for yellow punch recipes and decided that we didn't want to serve a yellow drink after we had a laugh about serving drinks that looked like urine specimens so we served yellow lemonade.

We wanted a crispy menu because we felt the sunflower baby shower invitations called for light and airy finger foods. The menu had fresh asparagus, crudite, chips and dip and delight fruit and pasta salads. We also offered sandwiches so that the guys wouldn't complain that they were hungry.


We played the usual games and the guests' prizes were all in keeping with our bird's nest sunflower theme.

We played three games and the winners all got presents that were bird theme. One was a bird house, one was wind chimes with a bird house on top and the last one was a bird decoration to be used in the garden.

We thought it was a fun idea to have the gifts match the theme.

This was one cute baby shower and we were so flattered that several of the guests asked if they could "borrow" our baby shower ideas.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


For a onesie shower, you will need onesie baby shower invitations, a onesie baby shower game and some cute onesie themed decorations which are easy enough to find in either baby boy or baby girl colors.

There are plenty of fun games using baby clothes where you can substitute a onesie to reflect your baby shower theme but I prefer a decorating contest to most onesie baby shower games. This is a great baby shower idea for venues where space is at a premium or for elegant baby showers where physical baby shower games might seem out of place.

All you have to do is set up a onesie decorating corner where the guests will gather to decorate onesies rather than playing traditional games.


Set aside an area for seating and a craft station where your supplies are organized into convenient stacks.


  • Plain, white cotton baby onesies (varying sizes if there are more than 10 guests participating)
  • Permanent Fabric Markers
  • Templates, stencils
  • Scissors Fabric and iron on transfer paper
  • An ironing board and iron
  • Stiff cardboard squares to use as portable lap desks or enough craft tables and seating for your guests

At one shower where we played the onesie baby shower game, the hostess had Elmer's Painters instead of fabric markers. You can buy them at your local discount store. They come in lots of cute colors, with a wide variety of tip sizes, and in bright, bold colors that wash great.

Two words on what to avoid...PUFF PAINT! If you decorate the onesies using puff paint, it's so stiff when it dries that it would be too uncomfortable and scratchy for a baby to wear.

Another suggestion would be to choose to decorate with markers or with iron on fabrics...not both. Keeping things simple always leaves more room for FUN!

Instruct your guests to include their signatures on their artwork they create. At the end of the party, mom will have a nice arrangement of decorated onesies (in many sizes!) and each time she dresses her baby in one of the personalized onesies she will remember what a lovely time she had at her shower!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Non-Alcoholic Pink Baby Shower Punch

The last few baby girl showers that I attended had two punch bowls. One filled with non-alcoholic pink baby shower punch and the other with alcoholic pink punch that the servers let you know had a bit of a "punch" to it. Of course the mommy-to-be drank the virgin variety as much of an oxymoron as you might perceive that to be...


16 oz of lemonade (not pink)

2 Quarts of Ginger Ale

Cherry juice

Combine the first 2 liquids and perform a taste test. If it's too tart or sweet add more ginger ale. After you have it just how want it, it's time to add enough cherry juice to get the perfect color of pink baby shower punch.


16 oz of lemonade (plain, not pink)

1 quart of ginger ale

1 quart of light rum

Cherry juice

Combine the first 3 liquids and perform a taste test (take it easy...or you'll be out for the party). If it's too sweet or tart add more ginger ale (or more rum if you dare). After you have the taste just how want it, you can now add enough cherry juice to get a oerfect match with the non-alcoholic punch bowl contents.

Before the shower, the hostess contacted me to ask me for pretty, pink baby shower punch recipes that, in her words, were not the color of Pepto Bismol. She indicated that she wanted a recipe that would be tasty, not too sweet, not too tart and that would have just the slightest touch of pastel pink so as not to clash with her baby girl shower supplies OR the alcoholic punch recipe that she planned to make.

My thoughts immediately went to a recipe that used pink lemonade and ginger ale as the main ingredients and then I wondered how on earth that a perfect match of the two recipes could be guaranteed and then it hit me...use all clear ingredients for the main recipe and then pour just enough cherry juice in each bowl to get just the right shade of pink.

Or you might use cranberry juice if you aren't particularly fond of cherry flavored drinks. The recipe above is I came up with for the non-alcoholic pink baby shower punch. I posted it there just in case the details of how I came up with the idea began to bore you.

If you have only one punch bowl and just need a single recipe for non-alcoholic pink punch, pretty much any punch using cranberry juice, cherry juice, pink lemonade or kool-aid pink lemonade as an ingredient will work with most baby shower decorations.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm always hearing from hostesses that need girl baby shower invitation ideas in cute themes and trendy colors. So, here are some tips for decorating and making your own baby girl shower invitations as well as recommendations for details to include in your invitations' wording or verses.

Custom laser cut pink bassinets and strollers are classics for girl baby shower invitations but the modern hostess should know that she also has many other options and that these traditional styles have been joined by cute pink onesie invites and cards shaped like frilly dresses if she’s into cards cut into shapes.

Beyond the rules of proper baby shower etiquette and the wording or verses that should at the very least supply all of the important details regarding the party, there are very few restrictions or rules that might prohibit the use of any kind of baby girl shower invitations that strikes your fancy. However, there are a few things to consider in the decision making process.


Regardless of the theme, color is crucial. Color selection is not as rigid as it once might have been. As an example, a few years ago you would be hard pressed to find as much as a smidge of blue on a baby girl shower invitation. Today, an invite that is predominately baby blue is probably not the best choice but using touches of blue somewhere on the card as an accent color is not forbidden.

Gender specific colors aside, I like to choose an invitation that reflects the baby shower color scheme. If my decorations and party supplies are pink and green, I shop for a card in these colors.


Choosing a cute baby girl shower theme is lots of fun! After I make this decision, I like to mail invitations that are in the same theme as the party. When the guests get the card in their mailbox, they get a preview of the celebration.

There are several ways to pick a theme for your invitations. You might do a little digging to learn the baby girl's nursery theme or the name of the baby girl's baby bedding collection.

If her room is decorated in a particular theme or color combination, the mother-to-be would probably be flattered to see that you approve of her taste to the degree that you based your baby girl shower ideas on her baby nursery decor. You might even give your guests a tip in the baby girl shower invitation’s wording that mommy would appreciate gifts in her chosen color scheme or theme.


If you are making your own girl baby shower invitations, in addition to considerations pertaining to color and theme, your girl baby shower invitations can be personalized with special wording, fonts, and decorated with sweet charms, ribbons and lace.

How you decorate them depends on the baby shower’s theme, color scheme or for that matter the mood that mommy was in when she woke up that morning and picked them out...which is perfectly OK because there are certainly enough girl baby shower invitations out there to accommodate the occasional mood swing or even the most unique and eclectic taste in baby shower ideas!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


yellow baby shower cakes
Who wants corny, yellow baby shower cakes? Well, if they are cute cupcakes like these, you can count me in! I have to tell you that when I saw these little cuties, on More Cupcake Designs I did a complete double take!

The little yellow baby shower cupcakes look incredibly like real corn on the cob but they are made using light yellow cake frosting, jellybeans and Laffy Taffy.

I'm filing this recipe in my barbecue baby shower ideas file folder but they would be lovely for a 4th of July baby shower theme or any backyard party.

The dishes and corn skewers do a lot to add an air of "corncob" authenticity to the treats, but even if I were able to duplicate the dishes to the letter, I wasn't sure that I could pull it off. You see, I'm not the most accomplished baker and certainly not a professional when it comes to baby shower cake decorating ideas.

But WAIT...the website has step-by-step video instructions that puts trying my hand at baking these little, yellow baby shower cakes at the top of my "to do" list.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


I was looking around for a video to share that would show moms playing the baby shower diaper game when I came across this and thought that it might be useful for your next shower planned for around the swimming pool. I'm not sure that this was a dad's baby shower that we see in the film or if it was just a bunch of guys hanging out and having a good time but I believe we can pick up some fun baby shower ideas from watching it!

The supply list for this baby shower diaper game would be incredibly short..a box or two of adult diapers and buckets and while we're unable to see the baby shower decorations (if there were any?) but it seems to me that this kind of party would not require anything elaborate. It seems to me that the dads at the party were having a total blast posing in their diapers even before the competition began so if you plan to play this game, don't forget to have plenty of cameras and maybe a video camera handy!

The object of the game was to jump into the swimming pool, let the diapers absorb as much water as possible and then see who gets the most water in their bucket by wringing out their diapers. I found it amazing to see that after a dip in the pool the diaper dudes resembled babies sadly in need of a diaper change not to mention what good sports the guys were that were playing!

This game would be a great coed shower idea for a backyard barbeque where you needed some fun coed baby shower games or games for a "guys only" shower.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


Here are some baby shower goody bag ideas that will inspire the hostess with far too little time on her hands to decorate the venue, much less time for brainstorming on what to put in favor boxes and bags.


One thing I want to mention is that the term "goody bags" does not always have to be an actual paper bag. This is more of a reference to an assortment of homemade items in a single container of some sort rather than one individual item. You can use jars, boxes, paper, cellophane bags or even a beautifully wrapped platter to hold the array.

You can order bags or boxes from a party supply store or better yet order them from the same place you get your invitations. You can order personalized baby shower invitations and get the favor container to match.

Your other option would be to make the bags yourself and decorate them using rubber stamps or stickers. FWIW, you can often get stickers from the same place you buy your invitations.


after you have chosen the ideal container (hopefully it's not too big) you can get to work filling it with homemade pretties or treats that will undoubtedly tickle your party guests.


The quick and easy way to fill your favor boxes with treats is to take them down to the local candy shop and buy an assortment of colorful candies or delicious chocolates.


Visit a candle store and fill your bag with scented votives, a votive cup and a package of matches. Coordinate the colors if at all possible or tie a pretty ribbon around the votive to reflect the baby shower's color scheme.

These tips are without a doubt not a cheap route to take but then there are those occasions when time gets away from us and we simply do not have time to spend on crafts and baking.


If you DO have the time to make your own favors, here are some baby shower goody bag ideas that won't keep you in the kitchen or at the work table too long.

  • Bake several batches of your favorite brownie recipe in shapes that reflect your baby shower colors or theme
  • Mold your own chocolates and include a chocolate mold in each goodie bag


Brownies and chocolates probably won't last the car ride home from your shower, but a silver or crystal keepsake will last forever. Ornaments in the shape of baby strollers, baby bottles and pacifiers always have a place on the ornament or Christmas tree and your friends will think of you every time they see them. And isn't this what favors are for; to remind your guests what a wonderful hostess you are?


Mommies who put the needs of their babies ahead of their own can always use a little something for mommy. Pampering items like mirrors, personalized purse caddies and skin care products are excellent baby shower goody bag ideas because they are not something that ladies buy for themselves.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


No matter when your shower is planned, you may be looking for some sports theme baby shower decorations that are appropriate for the season. Whether your (or your friend’s) little All-Star is due to arrive in the spring, summer, winter or fall you can just bet your bottom dollar that there is a ball bouncing of one kind or another and that there are plenty sports theme baby shower invitations, decorations and ideas for sporty cakes, too!


To cover all the bases (no pun intended), some hostesses plan an all sports shower rather than narrowing the focus to a particular sporting activity. For instance, on the cake you may find football, baseball and even soccer decorations. On the guest tables, the sports theme baby shower decorations might include hockey sticks, baseball bats and even a small football helmet. The All Sports theme is especially appropriate if the baby is born into an athletic family where mom or dad may have excelled at more than one sport.


Traditionally, sports themes are for couples who are expecting boys. However, that tradition is fading fast with the number of females involved in competitive sports. If this is the case you might consider a hefty sprinkling of the color pink in your decorating.


You are going to love decorating your venue for this kind of shower. And your husband will, too if you pay him the compliment of putting all of his high school, college or even little league baseball trophies on display. Men love to remember their glory days. Sports themed baby showers are a great way to insure that the guys won’t groan when their significant other opens the invitation for the couples shower. A shower decorated in such a manly fashion could never be boring, right?

If you can’t get reach all those boxes of sports memorabilia from hubby’s boyhood, beg and borrow stuff from your friends or you can buy balloons, decorative pennants and other decorations at your party store. Team loyalty can play a part in picking a color scheme for your shower so ask ahead of time if any exists that should be considered.

Those are just a few sports theme baby shower ideas to get you started that will make the crowd go wild!