Friday, April 30, 2010


If you’re wondering why anybody needs cheap baby shower ideas when a shower is supposed to be a welcoming occasion of giving and celebration I suppose it’s safe to say that you haven’t researched the cost of cakes and decorations. After you do, throw in the price of a decent gift and the cost of a baby shower can be shocking. For this reason, hostesses on a budget are clamoring to discover ways to throw a cheap baby shower without looking

After doing some checking I found that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did on how to save money when hosting a party. For one thing, the biggest advantage to making your own baby shower invitations is that you get to boast about how you came up with the design. Bragging rights are important, but right now we are going to focus on how to throw a cheap baby shower, not stroking our egos and building a reputation for being the "hostess with the mostess" so keeping reading because I have a few tips that will save you some money.


If you have an endless supply of colored ink cartridges and card stock lying around, but all means, make good use of those free printable baby shower invitations online. But if doing your own printing involves buying ink and supplies, not to mention eating up a fair amount of your precious time, do yourself a favor and head out to the party supply store and see what they have on their discount table. To save money on postage, take a walk and hand deliver the invites to friends within walking distance.


Again, the discount table at the party supply store is your friend. Even if you hit the mother lode of discontinued decorations, keep it simple by filling the space with lots of balloons and crepe paper. Buy the least amount of tableware that you can get by with. A pile of leftover plates and cups is a reminder of money wasted.


Be sure that your invitations arrive ten to fourteen days before the date of the party asking the recipient to RSVP so that you can know the exact number of guests that will be attending. This is invaluable information to have on hand when buying refreshments.


Eliminating waste is perhaps one of the best, cheap baby shower ideas that you will ever find. Buying only what you need will keep expenses down and you can host your party without looking like a tightwad.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


You can easily make your own homemade blue and brown baby shower favors that are unique and your own design right down to the initials or personalized touches. You can print or buy candy bar wrappers or mold your own robin's egg blue scented soaps tied with a chocolate brown ribbon that matches your baby shower invitations to a "T".

If you don't have the time for making your own favors from scratch, buy some elegant favor boxes and put something delicious inside. Tuck some delicious chocolates or guest soaps in a blue and brown baby shower favors box that has been personalized with the baby's or the mother-to-be's monogram and believe me when I say that your guests will not care whether you made your own soap or chocolates!

Their attention will be riveted on the elegant presentation that projects a classy, confident sense of style. You can find such a box with personalized labels that are visible through the die cut opening secured with a lovely ribbon. Your friends will be impressed with your baby shower ideas, just you wait and see!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kentucky Derby Baby Shower

 Kentucky baby shower invitation thank you card announcement party


The timing for my Kentucky Derby baby shower tips are being posted today because it struck me that in a few weeks we'll be hearing the announcer bellow "And DOWN the stretch they come!" Ahhhh....when it's springtime in Kentucky, everything is about racing horses, and a horse themed baby shower is a lovely way for the rest of the country to take part in the excitement.

This sports shower will make a lovely spring co-ed shower theme. If you're worried that you don't know enough about the traditions surrounding racehorses or Kentucky to successfully pull it off never fear because I can direct you toward two websites that have some suggestions. You can adapt many of the menu and decorating ideas that are commonly used for Kentucky Derby parties for your Kentucky Derby Baby Shower and horse baby shower invitations to carry out your theme to perfection! Your ideas will appeal to sports fans, racing fans and riding fans! I know of very few baby shower themes that cover that much territory, do you?

Sunday, April 04, 2010


Pregnancy is a time when we're taking in lots of new information including baby shower trends! Yes, being pregnant is glorious and then come the showers and well-meaning friends who want to celebrate your new baby by having parties in your honor.

Don’t be surprised if the hostesses ask for you to have input in the planning of the event. It’s not that they are being slackers or lazy, they want you to have the celebration of your dreams. Baby shower etiquette prevents the guest of honor from sticking their noses in and offering advice if they are not asked but it’s a good idea to be prepared with answers if approached with the most common question, “Is there a particular baby shower theme that you would like?”
Often mommy asks for a theme or color scheme that reflects her preference in nursery decor. Then again, some moms just want something trendy and fun!
Here are a few baby shower trends for 2010 that you may want to consider.


Bye bye, baby blue and pink baby shower decorations. Hello, bright, bold baby shower supplies! This spring the baby shower trends are all about bold, vibrant colors and modern designs.

Martha Stewart’s baby shower ideas are still very traditional and who is going to argue with the reigning diva of home and party decor...not me! The all white baby shower with touches of pastel accents that Martha Stewart has suggested is elegant but please don’t invite the men if this is your preference or they will never darken the door of another co-ed baby shower as long as they live!


As far as baby shower themes go, the more baby shower trends change the more they stay the same. This year you will still see lots of ladybugs, monkeys and yellow ducks as well as the occasional stork. However, expect those old standards to have a shiny, new look. The baby ducks will be bigger and a brighter shade of yellow than ever before. Funky monkeys may come in hot pink and be funkier, sillier and have lots of personality.


All in all, baby shower trends seem to be leaning in a more relaxed and casual direction with a focus on FUN!

Saturday, April 03, 2010


easter baby shower party game tail bunny pin

Here's an idea for an Easter baby shower game that will be lots of fun for moms and kids and if you've waited until the last minute, don't worry because you probably have all all of the supplies in your kitchen drawer.

You will need to cut strips of white cotton cloth about two feet long that you loop together in a rubber band to resemble a fluffy bunny tail. Cotton balls or even white satin gift bows and scrunched up paper towels will work in a pinch.

Each person who participates in the competition will need a "tail". The tails should be passed out and taped with double sided sticky tape or stuck in place upon the guests' arrival at the shower preferably while they are signing the guest registry and complimenting the hostess on her lovely baby shower decorations.

The rules: The object of this Easter baby shower game is for the guests to collect as many bunny tails as possible without alerting the owner. If the "owner" of the tail catches you in the act, you do not get to add this tail to your collection.

Each time a bunny tail is taken from a guest, it is added to the player's stash of "bunny tails".

Who wins: The guest with the most bunny tails at the end of the party is the winner.