Saturday, January 30, 2010

Juicy Couture Baby Shower Theme

A Juicy Couture baby shower theme is all the rage for mommy divas who are about to deliver. Pink and brown is a super color scheme for a shower even if the mom to be isn't into designer bags and pursuing fashion as a pastime and this brand takes those colors to a whole new level.

pink and brown juicy couture party favors candy wrappers
Here are some oh so very cute favors that I found on Etsy in sweetumspartyfavors store. The vendor, Sweetums, says that she will personalize them with whatever wording you need whether it's a birthday party for a tween who fancies herself a fashionista or a pink and brown Juicy Couture baby shower theme.

And speaking of wording, you might consider using Juicy Couture's slogan on your personalized baby shower invitations to fit your party's theme instead of a poem:

You might consider something like,

"Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a baby and a mommy to be who liked stuff JUICY COUTURE swept the land and they lived happily ever after."

which is just a slightly re-worded version of the slogan printed on the front of many pink purses manufactured by Juicy. And then below the revised Juicy wording you might print something like

"Please join us on (date) to celebrate the arrival of (friend's name) baby."

If the soon to arrive baby is known to be a baby girl, you might consider some of their other buzzwords and slogans in your Juicy Couture baby shower theme like "Couture Baby to Be", "Crowned Princess of Everything" or "Fairest of Them All."

Any of these could be slightly re-worded and made to work with this particular theme in mind.

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