Saturday, January 30, 2010

Juicy Couture Baby Shower Theme

A Juicy Couture baby shower theme is all the rage for mommy divas who are about to deliver. Pink and brown is a super color scheme for a shower even if the mom to be isn't into designer bags and pursuing fashion as a pastime and this brand takes those colors to a whole new level.

pink and brown juicy couture party favors candy wrappers
Here are some oh so very cute favors that I found on Etsy in sweetumspartyfavors store. The vendor, Sweetums, says that she will personalize them with whatever wording you need whether it's a birthday party for a tween who fancies herself a fashionista or a pink and brown Juicy Couture baby shower theme.

And speaking of wording, you might consider using Juicy Couture's slogan on your personalized baby shower invitations to fit your party's theme instead of a poem:

You might consider something like,

"Once upon a time in a land far, far away there was a baby and a mommy to be who liked stuff JUICY COUTURE swept the land and they lived happily ever after."

which is just a slightly re-worded version of the slogan printed on the front of many pink purses manufactured by Juicy. And then below the revised Juicy wording you might print something like

"Please join us on (date) to celebrate the arrival of (friend's name) baby."

If the soon to arrive baby is known to be a baby girl, you might consider some of their other buzzwords and slogans in your Juicy Couture baby shower theme like "Couture Baby to Be", "Crowned Princess of Everything" or "Fairest of Them All."

Any of these could be slightly re-worded and made to work with this particular theme in mind.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010


personalized ladybug party baby shower favor boxes pink black

When shopping for ladybug favor boxes and bags, most hostesses take the easy way out and buy the ones that match their package of ladybug party supplies. Being a busy mom myself who has little time to create homemade party favors for each and every baby shower and birthday party this has certainly been my preferred least until I saw these cuties!

These ladybug favor boxes closely match the "Oh So Sweet" Pink Ladybug Party Supplies and Decorations to a "T" and the beauty is that you can have the label on each loot box personalized with the expectant mother's name if the occasion is a baby shower or the little girl's name if you are buying the favors for a kid's birthday party.

Sure, to order them from the vendor adds another step to your already lengthy "to do" list and you could probably generate the personalized labels and make your own ladybug favor boxes but when they are so cheap why would you want to put yourself under added pressure? They are cute, they are inexpensive and a click of a button away, go for it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pirate Baby Shower Decorations

pirate ship wall decal personalized vinyl
Yo HO HO! Here's a tip for some pirate baby shower decorations that won't be lounging in a landfill after the party is over! A personalized pirate ship wall decal is a super pirate theme party decoration that will do double duty as a baby shower gift if the mom to be has chosen to decorate in a pirate theme. Even if the nursery's decor is considered to be complete and ready for baby's arrival, chances are mom will make room to display a creative wall decoration.

jolly roger skull pirate onesie

How could she possibly resist since the ship it has her baby boy’s name or initials monogrammed right there on the hull? If the mother to be hasn’t chosen a name, you might have a famous pirate quote, "Ahoy Matey" or "YO HO HO" instead of a monogram.

If the vendor is local, you might ask for a gift certificate to have the nursery wall decal personalized after the baby is born.

Onesies are also items that would work well as pirate baby shower decorations when the hostess has personalized a pirate onesie with a Jolly Roger graphic or a pirate hat on the front. Use the pirate baby onesie in an arrangement along with a pirate pacifier and you have the makings of a lovely pirate themed baby shower gift basket that mom will enjoy using once her little buccaneer has made his appearance.

If you have questions or some pirate baby shower decoration ideas that you would like to share, please share them in the comments form below and above all you should return to Unique Party Decorations, Party Supplies and Decorating Ideas to see tips shared by other hostesses.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


I would like to share some boring but essential baby gift ideas. To clarify this statement there was a time when I recommended frivolous shower gifts. This list was made during the time before the mom and dad's credit cards got maxed out.

Because of tough economic times, belt tightening has now extended to gift buying for newborns. A few years ago keeping up with celebrity moms was all the rage but now we see the elite focusing on the necessities with just a few designer items thrown in here and there.

The input I'm getting from mothers-to-be in my circle is that they would prefer to get the basics (no matter what the baby shower theme might be) and buy their own luxury items if and when they have the cash. This newsflash is what prompted me to start recommending some perhaps boring but essential baby gift ideas.

I asked over a dozen moms "What is THE baby gift you would love to get more than one of at your shower?" and every one of them mentioned cute baby onesies. They all said that they could always use more burp cloths, onesies and of course diapers.

The list is far from complete and I would appreciate it if you would return to Unique Baby Shower and Party Decorating Ideas and add your favorite boring but essential baby gift ideas to our list!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


The key characteristic of the modern baby shower is fun! Color schemes, themes and furnishings are as dependant as ever on the hostess' decorative taste and today's hostess is a savvy shopper when it comes to ferreting out tableware and shower decorations with lots of style.


Polka dots and stripes are exciting but themes are not out of style by any means. Just expect the old standbys to have a fresh new face. Teddy bears, monkeys and themes based on hobbies and lifestyles are still going strong.


A contemporary baby shower color scheme does not have to be a cacophony of bright and bold colors. Primary colors are not necessary to accomplish a timely atmosphere at the shower. If possible, I always recommend that you take your cues from the expectant mom's nursery decor if possible. If wild colors are working for her in her nursery, by all means follow suit when decorating your shower venue and choosing baby shower invitations. However, there’s nothing old fashioned about a peaceful, soothing color scheme.


Stripes, polka dots and colorful graphics are all the rage in modern baby shower decorations so pick a color scheme and go crazy!


Remember the old saying "The devil is in the details"? Well, in the case of contemporary or modern baby shower it’s the LACK of detail that makes all the difference. Leave fussy behind and take a minimalistic approach.


Powder pink and baby blue are still appropriate at the modern shower so long as they are part of interesting color combinations.
Brown has become a welcome companion to both pink and blue as has bright lime green. Another trend is to jazz things up using hot pink or turquoise blue rather than the more sedate pastel shades.


It’s completely possible to give a nod to the old school way of decorating and still have a safe and stylish modern shower.