Thursday, December 16, 2010


baby boy blue and white snowman baby announcement shower invitation holiday winter christmas

I just saw some pictures of the sweetest vintage frosty baby shower theme and no..the decorations or theme of the party didn't have anything to do with Frosty the Snowman as you will see if you visit Meg Kat's blog as I did.

The pictures of old-fashioned floral arrangements include a combination of ivory white and red roses and hand-glittered pine boughs that are both elegant, "frosty" and right out of days gone by. The decorations are sentimental by design but there's a twist; handmade, pleated signs that were made from pages from old books that are edged with yet MORE glitter and a sweet center medallion that says "BABY"!

The savvy crafter who made the centerpieces also created a matching banner that repeats the theme of the centerpieces as well as some more of the fluffy, white coffee filter balls (I have seen lots of these at showers lately) suspended over the snack table.

This vintage frosty baby shower theme is filled with affordable ideas for a holiday celebration and I can't wait to try making some of the baby shower decorations out of the pages of some old books myself. These pictures were posted just in time because I was about to throw the vintage books away (less some of the pictures that I saved) because the pages were coming loose from their bindings and the covers were not in good shape. But don't wait on me; go over to Meg Kat's blog and see the pictures for yourself!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


sweet pea 2 peas two in a pod baby shower invitations invites cards announcements twins


Aren't these sweet pea baby shower invitations absolutely perfect for a pea pod baby shower theme? I am co-hostessing a shower for a friend who is expecting twins and the other hostesses agreed that this was the best of all the baby shower themes for twins that we had to choose from since the babies' nursery is decorated in green and yellow!

We have some 2 Peas in a Pod balloons ordered and I just read a blog with some great ideas for a very practical centerpiece that is chock full of baby blankets and diapers that mommy gets to take home as a gift! Orange It Lovely also helped put together a peapod baby shower theme recently and she posted some excellent instructions on how to make CUTE diaper bundles for centerpieces.

She said that she wasn't sure if the actual name of her sweet pea decorations was accurate, but when I saw how precious the diapers wrapped in receiving blankets were...I could have cared less what anybody calls them! I just knew I wanted to include everything needed to make them on my list of sweet pea party supplies!

If you want to get a supply list and read how she made the arrangements, I highly recommend that you make a visit to her blog!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Writing about food and warm n cozy baby shower menu ideas seemed like a good topic today since we are smack dab in the middle of the Artic Express (read: it's FREEZING)! When the weather outside is frightful, there's nothing like walking into a warm and welcoming home that smells like Heaven.

And you don't have to be a gourmet cook or hire a fancy catering service to have your baby shower venue smelling like a dream come true. Comfort food is always appreciated, SO easy to make and there's an added bonus. Most of the recipes have ingredients that are staples in any kitchen's cupboard which leaves more of your budget available for buying baby shower gifts and party decorations!

The stars of my warm n cozy baby shower menu ideas are none other than grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup and some homemade Danish Wedding cookies. If you were expecting a list of foods that was just a bit more exciting you should know that
I didn't just pull this winning combination out of my hat or my need for something easy to cook for supper. I went to a friend's shower yesterday and on the food table, she had star shaped sandwiches, two tureens full of soup and plates of the most delicious cookies ever!

Her decorations were homemade paper snowflakes and huge, fluffy balls that she had made out of coffee filters. They looked a lot like the tissue paper balls that Martha Stewart inspired everybody to make only she said that the coffee filters were much easier to manage with the only drawback being that you didn't have the color choices that you have using tissue paper.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


 yellow rubber duck ducky card baby shower invitation birth announcement


Here are a few rubber duck baby shower ideas that will make a big "SPLASH" without draining your wallet dry. If you will excuse all of my attempts to make rubber ducky funnies let's get on with it!


There's no need to spend money at the florist for expensive centerpieces for the tables. Visit either your local craft supply store or even the local hardware store (depending on the size of the washtub that you are looking for) and buy enough round,tin tubs to have one for each table that you will be decorating. If you find a good deal, you may want to buy extras because there are several ways you can use them for your duck baby shower like as a substitute for a gift basket or you could fill small buckets with favors instead of a goody bag or box. After you center the galvanized tubs on each table, fill them 3/4 full with water and float several rubber duckys on the water. VOILA! Instant duck theme baby shower centerpieces!


Buy a duck shaped cookie cutter and bake your own sugar cookies. Fill your guests' goodie bags (or tins if you read the above paragraph) with delicious treats that are just...DUCKY!

These are very cheap rubber duck baby shower ideas considering that you will be making your own baby shower favors and centerpieces!


I'm always looking for easy homemade baby shower gifts ideas to share with all of you AND to add to my list of stuff that I want to make myself when and if I ever get time to unpack all of my knitting and crochet yarn, fabric and crafts supplies. If I could ever get around to that, there's just no telling how many cute homemade baby gifts I could churn out...but I digress and I will have to use what what I already have unpacked and in my closet before I dig out any more. Storage is at a premium in my crafts room, people!

Awhile ago, I got an invitation to a friend's baby shower (who should be delivering a sweet baby girl anytime now!) and I know how this mom loves to get gifts that are handmade. She would never put a lot of pressure on me, but let's just say she hinted and winked quite a bit!

Anyway, with all that hinting, I got moving and managed to produce some cute things made from some FREE BABY PATTERNS that I found and got them wrapped in time for her shower. I don't have any pictures to upload because my hard drive crashed but I want to tell you about the precious baby bib that I made out of some quilted fabric, a pair of pants that I made from soft fleece AND by jingies I managed to knit a cute, pink ribbed baby hat out of some Wool Ease Chunky yarn in a HURRY so that I could call it a set!

These were all super easy homemade baby shower gifts that I would have enjoyed making if I hadn't been so rushed. The picture on the baby hat shows it knitted with blue yarn, but don't let that put you off if you need a gift for a baby girl. Go here
to see the picture and read the instructions which are geared for knitters that have skills somewhere between the beginner and advanced level.

The bib pattern worked up so fast and easy that anybody could make it and I plan to make many, many more to have on hand in my stash of gifts and baby shower decorations. And the pants pattern is also one that I will use over and over again because it can be resized as my kids grow and not just used as a pattern for baby gifts for others.

Monday, December 06, 2010


Winter Christmas Baby Girl Birth Announcements Holly Monogram red white green holiday

Are you planning a December baby shower? Will you be giving Christmas baby shower favors or will you proceed in the same way that you might if the shower were planned for any month of the year? Some hostesses prefer not to bring the holidays into their baby shower theme because of religious reasons or in consideration of the religious beliefs of others.

If that's the case, you probably should visit one of our other pages to find the best baby shower favors for your theme. But for those of you who can't get enough holiday fun, HO HO HO and references to all things Santa Claus, we have a few suggestions for cheap, affordable Christmas baby shower favors!


What with breakage and all, you can never have too many Christmas ornaments.


Santa isn't the only guest that will be dropping in during the holidays! Your guests will appreciate some festive soap and a hand towel to dress up their bathroom. This gift makes a lovely presentation and if you shop smart, you can buy the set for less than $5!


In my opinion, Christmas is a season best enjoyed by candlelight. Distribute decorative candles (unlit of course!) along with the rest of your baby shower decorations throughout the venue that have been tagged with the names of your guests. As the festivities are winding down, instruct your friends to pick up the candle with their name on it as they leave with your sincere thanks for sharing in the celebration.

I've been cruising through some of the most wonderful crafts shows lately and still have a few more yet to come. So, expect more recommendations for festive Christmas baby shower favors in the days to come!


Are baby shower games necessary? Have you ever wondered why we play those silly baby shower games? I hear from so many of you that say you would rather not play games at your friends' baby showers and who hasn't seen at least one mother-to-be cry over the string game where everybody guesses the measurement of her waistline?

One of the worst experiences that I ever had in my life was when a co-hostess decided at the last minute that the string game would lots of fun to play at a coed baby shower. In front of the guys? Really? I could have died but luckily the guest of honor was a good sport and had a VERY supportive husband who made the announcement in front of everyone that he considered himself to be the luckiest man alive to have such a beautiful wife! sweet!

But getting back to why we play baby shower games, they can be lame or even downright upsetting, but they are also an excellent way to break the ice at a party where all of the guests don't know each other well. If the celebration involves family that already knows each other, you probably don't need this especially if one or more members of the group say they would rather skip them. If some of the guests seem disappointed and want to play maybe you can suggest that they only do one or two games or giving those who would prefer a chance to opt out of playing if they really don't want to play.


What should you do if you are the guest of honor and would like to make the suggestion that the hostess not make plans to play baby shower games? Is there a way to make this request without sounding like an ingrateful, spoiled brat? Well, you might start with compliments on her menu selection, her creative baby shower decorations and tell her how very thankful you are that she wanted to throw the shower for you. After you have expressed your sincere appreciation, then you can test the water to see if she would be insulted. If there is the slightest hint of hesitation, my answer to your question, "Are baby shower games necessary?" would have to be (in this case), yes.

To avoid hurt feelings and the possibility of losing a friend who cared enough to spend time to bring together a group of people, feed and entertain them I would stand on my head much less play baby shower Bingo, wouldn't you?

Saturday, December 04, 2010


baby girl boy angel baby shower invitation personalized invites cards christmas pink brown holiday


Even though there are lots of angel baby shower invitations mailed throughout the year, during the holidays an angel baby shower theme takes on a more spiritual or religious meaning. It goes without saying that every child is a gift from Heaven above whether they are born in December or on the 4th of July. But where the baby shower decorations and invitations for a celebration at other times of the year for an angel themed party might be whimsical and cute, devout parents expecting a baby to be delivered near the date when Christians celebrate the birth of Christ our Lord and Savior may prefer their newborn to be welcomed in a manner that is reverent with consideration to the family's beliefs.


A favorite Bible verse is a favorite way to personalize cards of all kinds in all seasons, but it would be especially appropriate to include a passage referring to the angels heralding the birth of the Christ child on an invitation for a celebration during the holidays.

Instead of scripture, you might include a short poem. Here are some examples of generic angel baby shower invitation wording that will be super to use during the Christmas season:

Our own little angel will soon be here

That will bring his or her special brand of Christmas cheer


Our special little Angel is on his or her way

And is expected to arrive somewhere close to Christmas day

Please join us to share some gifts and have some holiday fun

And celebrate the arrival of this special little one

And as far as color is concerned; white cards with gold letters would be very elegant as well as midnight blue cards with gold lettering.


Angel baby shower ideas that are lighthearted and fun might include baby shower decorations on the gift and serving tables like clouds of cotton wool or if you prefer edible decorations, cotton candy in your choice of pink, blue or solid white anchored by inexpensive holiday decorations reflecting the color scheme of your choice. Silver or gold would add sparkle and provide a festive atmosphere.


Silver or gold cherub figurines or personalized votive candles can be used to decorate tabletops and sent home with your guests as a remembrance of the day and a token of your appreciation. The angelic cherubs with their wings would be a perfect match for your angel baby shower Heavenly inspired invitations and completely gender neutral if a unisex baby shower theme is needed.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


baby boy blue and white snowman baby announcement shower invitation holiday winter christmas

These baby blue and white snowman baby shower invitations are just the perfect announcement for a baby boy's shower! It's true that a holiday or Christmas baby shower theme comes to mind when you see invitations with a snowman on the front of the card. But I can't see why they should be used exclusively during the holidays especially since the best snowfalls and chances for playing in the snow (at least in my location) in big, fluffy drifts that are over a kids' head and making a world class snowman usually comes after Christmas and New Year's!


Every few years, I drift away from traditional red and green Christmas colors. There are times when nothing but holly berries and pine boughs as decorations look just right to me. But for those times when red and green don't strike my fancy, I have a white flocked Christmas tree and lots of blue Christmas ornaments to fall back on. When I found these festive, blue and white snowman baby shower invitations, baby shower decorations and plates...I knew that I would be adding them to my stash ready for the next Christmas party for a baby boy! If a baby girl is expected, I hope that I can find some cute, pink little snow girl invitations and tableware!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Winter Christmas Baby Girl Birth Announcements Holly Monogram red white green holiday


It's certainly not limited to baby showers, but Dirty Santa is one of the best, fun Christmas baby shower games EVER! Some people call this wild game the Gift Takeaway Game or Pass the Present, Please but I just call it loads of fun. It's a perfect game to play at a Christmas themed coed baby shower. The guys as well as the girls get a real kick out of "taking away" each other's gifts.


When you send out the Christmas baby shower invitations, instruct each guest to bring a wrapped gift so that there will be one per person under the Christmas tree. You might indicate the kind of gift they are to bring such as a gag gift, a baby gift or even a sexy gift (which is hiliarious at a coed shower) or set a price limit.

As the guests arrive, tag each gift with a number before placing it underneath the tree or in the gift pile in the center of the venue if a tree is not part of your holiday baby shower decorations. You will also write a corresponding number on a folded piece of paper for each gift and put it in a bowl. These pieces of paper will be drawn by each guest to indicate which gift they get when the Christmas baby shower games begin.

When it's time to play, arrange chairs in a circle and pass the bowl with the folded pieces of paper to each guest and have them draw a number starting with a guest seated on one side of the circle and taking turns to the left working your way around the group.

Each person (other than the first player which must draw a number and get a gift from under the tree to start things off) has the option to draw a number and take a gift from the pile or steal a gift that was previously drawn from someone else.

It's a good idea to set some rules for taking each others' gifts, such as a limit to the times each gift can be stolen. The gifting atmosphere is just perfect for a Christmas theme baby shower even though Santa takes a turn at playing Scrooge!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Here's my list of top baby gift ideas for 2010 that I know you all have been anxiously awaiting! I wracked my feeble brain to come up with some new baby gift ideas for those of you who have no clue what mom already has bought for her neworn.

Perhaps you live on the other side of the country (or the world?) and want to send a new baby gift that will be appreciated no matter how many baby showers the mother-to-be has already had or how well prepared her nursery may be. The gift list is geared towards family members and friends who may have no knowledge of what products that babies need or have no idea what new moms want!


1. Personalized Baby Bibs

2. Handmade Baby Booties

3. Baby bath products - Shampoo, soap and a personalized wash cloth

4. Burp Cloths

I really tried hard to come up with a TOP 5 NEW BABY GIFT IDEAS LIST, but my mind went totally blank at 4.

Are you wondering how I chose the baby gifts that made the list?

The answer is actually pretty simple; all of the gifts are something that a new baby needs, each gift that I suggested can be personalized thus making them very special AND all of the recommendations either tend to get lost, Mommy can't have enough of them or have a tendency to look worn or get stained rather quickly and need to be freshened up.

Just so you know, custom made hair bows for baby girls almost made my list of
TOP BABY GIFT IDEAS for 2010 since they have a habit of falling off and being lost but since they are gender specific, I skipped them.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Baby Shower Ideas

Studio Basics: Thanksgiving Photo Cards Turkey Topper - Front : Coffee

The shower that went to this afternoon had some interesting and tasty Thanksgiving baby shower ideas that were so traditional that they truly caught me by surprise! Although the tableware and decorations might indicate that the only reason this party would be classified as such was the timing there were certain characteristics that were Thanksgiving all the way!.

Thanksgiving Baby Shower Decorations

The tablecloth on the serving table was made of white linen with a rustic burlap fabric overlay. The chargers that were placed underneath tin serving platters that held a variety of crackers were round slabs of wood with the bark left on them. The floral centerpiece was a feast of fall colors and there were individual orange and gold tulips in clear vases. The paper napkins were bright orange and had an inspirational quote about being thankful printed on them. I can't remember the exact quote and darn it, I forgot to bring one home with me! There were no pictures of Tom Turkey on the plates or decorations but the fact that the shower was planned to take place the day before the Thanksgiving holiday and the quote on the napkin indicated that it was indeed a Thanksgiving baby shower theme. Otherwise, the color scheme would have been just fine for a Fall baby shower planned for the month of September, October or even earlier in November.


The hostesses really went all out with comfort food that filled the venue with wonderful smells that brought back childhood memories of holidays spent at my grandmother's house. The scents that took me on that trip down memory lane were coming from traditional dishes that are normally not seen (and enjoyed!) at a baby shower but more in keeping with Thanksgiving and Christmas. There were wedges of apple pie topped with triangles of cheese, spiced cider and some amazing cranberry and pecan relish and perhaps the most amazing of all the Thanksgiving baby shower ideas of all was turkey sandwiches! I didn't expect to be enjoying those until noon on Black Friday!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


I love baby Christmas outfits but for the life of me can't forgive the lack of Thanksgiving clothes for babies! The only baby Thanksgiving outfits I can find are a few jumpers and long-alls that have a turkey embroidered on the bib. Now what's up with that, please?

And speaking of bibs, there are LOTS of Thanksgiving theme baby bib and burp cloth sets for sale. In addition to the selection of "Baby's First Thanksgiving" bibs, some of them have funny sayings on them like "MY FAMILY IS THANKFUL FOR ME!", "I'M THANKFUL FOR MY DADDY" and a couple even label the little doll as "MY LITTLE TURKEY"!

Thanksgiving is a holiday where most families spend a large amount of time around the dining room table reflecting on all their many blessings, doting on the new additions to the group and perhaps reminiscing of the good times spent with those that are no longer with us other than in spirit.

Some call it a "food based" holiday and I have to agree since I'm known to enjoy my turkey and dressing. But in my mind, Thanksgiving deserves just as much recognition as Christmas especially since I hear so many people say that they actually enjoy it more since there's not as much pressure. So, why are there not more Thanksgiving clothes for babies in the stores? Is it because the Pilgrims set the tone for a solemn celebration and Christmas is full of HO HO HO and cute little elves?

I suppose I will buy my oldest daughter a new chocolate brown corduroy jumper and have it personalized with a cute turkey and pass her old jumper down to the next one in line. Dark brown does a great job of hiding stains but I think I will still dress it up with a nice new bib just for fun.

For the record, I want to talk about Thanksgiving baby shower decorations just a little bit before I move on to Christmas baby shower ideas, don't you?

Thursday, October 28, 2010


baby angel ghost baby shower cupcakes black fondant cupcake decorating
I stumbled into the ghost design of these easy Halloween cupcakes. Before I tell you the how and why of decorating the cupcakes, let me me warn you to NEVER, EVER let people know that you are learning to decorate cakes (or cupcakes) with fondant because they will come up with more requests for free cakes than you can shake a stick at!

These well meaning friends and family members will completely overlook the fact that you are a beginner that doesn't know squat about how thick or thin to roll the fondant sheets let alone the finer details of sculpting cute ghosts, witches or goblins to use as toppers.

Now, getting back to how to make these easy Halloween cupcakes I must confess that I took the quick and easy way out and used a yellow cake mix and store bought frosting to save time. Not being an experienced, professional baker that performs well under pressure this was the best route to take.

I colored the frosting that I used to cover the tops of the cupcakes black using gel food coloring. The frosting is no where near as smooth as it seems in the pictures, but it still looks presentable.

After all of the cupcakes were frosted, I tried to use a cute ghost Halloween template as a pattern for cutting out the fondant but the edges were not smooth and the outline of the ghost template was too small for me to use a cutter. In a panic, I started digging in my cookie cutter box and found a tiny angel which as things turned out, made a very nice ghost after using a frosting tip to make two spooky eyes. The fondant made these easy Halloween cupcakes much easier than if I had had to pipe the ghost topping. They are so cute and were so easy to make that I plan to keep these in my notebook of Halloween baby shower ideas along with my collection of Halloween baby shower decorations and menu ideas!


monster halloween costume pregnant belly art painting picture!  Pregnant belly painting
Here are some of the best last minute Halloween costume ideas for pregnant women that will get that cute little baby bump working for you that are both FAST and CHEAP! Why should you miss out on all the fun just because your waistline is temporarily expanded? Pregger chicks like to go Trick or Treating, too!

If this pregnancy is not your first you may have older kids who would be heartbroken if mommy didn't dress up and join them in the fun. If you have several kids to dress up, that's all the more reason you need some quick and easy pregnant Halloween costumes. These last minute Halloween costumes can be put together FAST plus they are comfortable enough to wear so that the mother-to-be can last until it's time for the last little goblin to go home.

Some of the outfits are funny and some are just downright hilarious and who can't use a good laugh(during pregnancy or any other time for that matter?). Choose the best Halloween costume for you and if you add your own cute decorations or use one of our suggestions to highlight a particular aspect of your own personality, please drop a comment and tell us all about it!


1. CAN YOU SAY MOOOOO? Trim the wrist and hand portion from a pair of rubber kitchen gloves (the thicker and pinker the better) keeping the finger portion in tact. Using a whip stitch sew the fingers onto a black maternity top on each side of your baby bump ala a cow's udders.

2. Cut a round opening in the front of a t-shirt (does NOT have to be a maternity shirt) making your pregnant belly visible after having painted it as:

A. a Jack o Lantern
B. a fish bowl
C. planet earth
D. a porthole with a baby peeking through.


This Halloween costume idea requires that dad be a super good sport since he basically has to dress in "drag" for it to be effective. Your partner will dress up as a woman and the pregger chick will dress as a rough and ready guy with a huge beer belly. Clothing and supplies include worn out work pants, a tight, stained (a t-shirt with a redneck slogan or beer logo is cool!) shirt that accentuates your belly, a cap, leather boots and artificial facial hair. Appropriate accessories would be a can of snuff in the back pocket and a "spit can" if gross and disgusting is the way you want to go!


Every baby is a gift from on high but evidence of an unplanned pregnancy might seem slightly "off" on a would-be beauty queen. Clothing and accessory requirements for this costume would be the most elaborate gown you can find that will accommodate your belly and personalize a satin sash with a funny saying like "Miss Planned Parenthood", Miss Ultra-Congeniality or "Most Popular". Throw in an addled escort and you have a funny last minute Halloween costume for pregnant couples!

Monday, October 25, 2010


After posting the resource for free printable Halloween baby shower invitations a week or so ago, I got a few requests for Halloween baby shower ideas that were cute rather than macabre. Macabre? Who would ever dream that I would suggest that bloody, ghoulish baby shower decorations would be a good thing?

For those of you who are aware that I honed my party planning skills back in my sorority days I want you to know that I know the difference between decorating for a baby showers and decorating a sorority house! Back in the day, buckets of blood was one of my favorite themes but I know what's appropriate and what's not...thank you very much.

On that note, I don't see anything wrong with decorating the venue with a harvest moon theme, cute ghosts (kids in sheets) or even black cats. I'm on the fence about witches and one hostess balked at using spooky baby shower decorations altogether and I respect everyone's views but I just can't find anything offensive or evil about the cute little ghost cupakes in this video tutorial no matter how hard I try!

Friday, October 22, 2010


A baby shower tea bag favor is a favorite item to tuck into goodie bags and favor boxes for many different kinds of showers and especially for a tea party baby shower. Since they have caught on in such a big way, you can actually buy tea bags that have tags to match your baby shower invitations which is a big time saver.

But, frankly, I like to make my own because I like to choose the tea flavors and to personalize them myself to match the colors of my baby shower decorations or with my own choice of wording (even if it's nothing more than the date of the shower or the name of the guest of honor).

If you want to make your own, HERE'S a free template and instructions for how to make baby shower tea bag favors (or tags) with a tutorial for how to decorate them to reflect your baby shower theme. After you print out the covers you can decorate the paper with ribbons, decals, tiny bows or whatever you like and then embellish any kind of tea you choose. Some hostesses recommend white, LaserJet paper but you can experiment using any kind of paper you have on hand so long as it's thin enough to fold and thick enough to hold up to whatever kind of decorations you plan to glue onto it.


After you decide what kind of writing you want on your tea bag favors, you might consider adding a printed border to really dress things up or to use scrapbooking edges as a border to embellish the seams.

Some crafters say to take it easy and quote "Less is more" but my motto is to let no part of my cover go undecorated so long as my decorations don't look crowded or cluttered. I usually decorate the back of the cover just as elaborately as I decorate the front with a note of thanks to my guests for attending the party or some catchy verse with a pretty scroll underneath.


After you have covered your tea bag covers with profound wording, names, dates and decorations you will now fold it around the actual tea bag and glue the flaps in place.

Is making your own baby shower tea bag favor easy or child's play? I can't say that this is a easy craft but if you throw many baby showers it's one that is worth mastering because they make such an impressive presentation for such a cheap price. And in my world, anytime that you can make your own cheap AND attractive favors it's worth all the effort it takes to get it right!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A star baby shower theme is one that is super for the winter holidays and all year round when a gender neutral theme is needed; we may not know if the baby will be a boy or a girl but one thing is for sure and that’s that the baby will be the STAR of the SHOW! You can just count on that every time a newborn bounces into the world "A Star is Born".

Whether he or she will be a movie star or a rock star...well, who knows and frankly who cares since the little one is sure to put a twinkle in mom and dad’s eyes!


Did you ever go outdoors at night, put a blanket on the lawn and do your best to count the stars and try to find the hunter, the Big Dipper or some of the other constellations with some help from an older brother or sister. I know I did and maybe that’s the reason that I’ve got more star theme baby shower decorations packed away than any other kind!

You see, star party decorations don’t just belong at a shower! Here are some of my favorite star baby shower themes and party themes. I’m sure that after you see my list, you will start to build your own inventory of silver and gold star decorations!

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower
  • Hey Diddle Diddle Baby Shower (You will need a moon AND stars to decorate for this themed shower!)
  • A Star is Born Baby Shower
  • Rock Star Baby Shower

And there’s one that I’ve been brainstorming for awhile that I just can’t wait to try and that is a Starry Starry Night baby shower theme! Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece as a baby shower theme...who knew?


The "Minute to Win It Baby Shower Game" brings an element of mystery into your planned entertainment since your guests never know who they will be competing against until the names are drawn from a large, glass fish bowl or other receptacle holding the names of all your guests.

Suggested competitions are to see which of your guests can drink all of the water (or other beverage of your choosing) in the baby bottles first or who can successfully organize a set of alphabet magnets on the refrigerator doors or a magnetic message board first and finally who can pin a cloth diaper on a baby doll blindfolded before anyone else.

All of the above challenges should be performed in a minute or less. Not only is this one of the most exciting and fun baby shower games I've played in awhile, the necessary supplies for the Minute to Win It baby shower game are common items that most new mothers already have lying around the nursery or the kitchen making it qualify to be on my list of FREE baby shower games since I have rarely had to buy anything other than prizes for the winners.

Preparation for the game is quick and easy as well! All you have to have is the guest list for the baby shower in order to fill the bowl with names written on folded slips of paper, baby bottles filled with water, a set of magnetic letters, a length of fabric to use as a blindfold, a cloth diaper and a baby doll.

This game will work with any baby shower theme that you have planned and to make things interesting, you can easily come up with your own competitions in addition to or to replace the ones that I have suggested here.

Friday, October 15, 2010


The "How Babies are Made Baby Shower Game" is an HILARIOUS baby shower game idea that is suitable for a casual shower where the goal is just to have FUN! It's ideal for a celebration where the guestlist includes a group of close friends that don't embarrass easily. Some of my friends have included it as part of the entertainment at a co-ed baby shower, but you really need to watch the video not only to get instructions on how to play the game but to see if the couples that will be attending would be on board.


You will need to have one roll of bathroom tissue and one toilet plunger for each couple that plays the game.


Have half of the guests line up on one side of the room with plungers between their knees and the other half facing them on the opposite side of the room with a roll of toilet paper between their knees. The object of the game is for the partners to meet in the middle and manage to get the handle of the plunger inserted into the roll of bathroom tissue and then "waddle" their way back to the starting point. The first couple who manages with dropping either the plunger or the toilet paper is the winner!

When you refer to this video too get a demonstration on how to play you will see why this hilarious baby shower game idea might be a little too risque for a baby shower where the guests don't know each other well. The upside of this game is that the supplies don't cost much, the plungers and tissue can be recycled for other uses making up for the money spent on cute baby shower decorations!


The one drawback of retro or vintage baby shower themes is that when mom wants personalized vintage baby shower invitations it takes me from cruising the flea markets for real old-fashioned cards to spending (more) time in front of the computer looking for templates and clipart to use in making my own invites that "look" old.

I have found that the best way to do this is to scan and use the portions of an old invitation, make my own template and then print it out with a personalized poem or wording. To say that the process of making your own baby shower invitations is time consuming is an understatement and I would frankly rather skip personalizing and use a real retro invition or buy cards from a printer already personalized than spend the time. Call me lazy, but time is something I don't have a lot of and I can better spend it decorating the venue or cupcakes to complement the baby shower decorations, theme or colors.


There is a free printable vintage baby shower invitation template here
that features a retro styles picture on the inside of the card and colorful diaper pins and lettering on the outside.

You have the option of personalizing the wording of the invitation by cutting and pasting your baby shower invitation from word processing program adjusting the size and type of font and color before you print the invitation.

I'm not crazy about the colors used in the graphics on the outside of the card. If you could adjust the color of the letters and the diaper pins it would give the personalized vintage baby shower invitations a more authentic look.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


baby onesie decorating shower book infant

The great thing about having a onesie baby shower is that your guests create a cute gift that the mommy-to-be gets to take home and the activity doubles as entertainment. From comments that I've overheard lately, decorating a onesie is more appealing than baby shower games to lots of people.

But what about those of us who aren't that artistic and don't have a clue as to what's considered cute on the front of a baby's shirt? Not everyone pays a lot of attention to details like that. I know that even I didn't take to peeking inside of strollers and admiring infant outfits until I reached a certain age and started to imagine myself as a mother. I feel for single friends who aren't in the know about trendy baby clothes that are frankly in over their heads at a onesie decorating shower.

I actually considered making this blog post a tutorial or a printable that hostesses could print out to help those poor individuals until I found Oodles of One-Piece Designs for Babies that shows some of the cutest artwork I've ever seen on the front of a baby's body suit and you can buy the book for less than $10!

Why don't you do yourself a favor and buy this book to have on hand for your next clothesline baby shower or onesie baby shower and you can even pass it on to the mother-to-be as a baby shower gift.

Saturday, October 02, 2010


We used to get a lot of searches for owl theme baby shower ideas in fall. It should come as no surprise to those of you who pay close attention to baby shower themes that since we have come to accept these beautiful birds in colors far beyond what Mother Nature intended that their popularity is now year round.

Traditional color schemes of brown, orange and cream or beige are best for showers after Labor Day and since this post is within that time frame, I wanted to direct your attention toward the free owl craft ideas and printables that can be found on the web as I speak AND to tell those of you that are Vera Bradley fans that one of the best (read: cheap!) owl theme baby shower ideas that I have beyond the article that I mentioned earlier is that a diaper bag in the Vera Bradley Night Owl pattern would make a lovely gift for a mom with an baby owl nursery theme! Or a smaller Night Owl Maggie bag (less than $15!) filled with samples, baby formula coupons or a cute pacifier would look super displayed among the hostess' baby shower decorations and be a big hit with the mommy-to-be!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


The frost is on the pumpkin and the search for free printable Halloween baby shower invitations is afoot! Clip art of witch hats, jack o lanterns and things that go bump in the night like spooky ghosts and the occasional black cat that in any other season would be totally out of place on a baby shower invitation are becoming the center of attention... at least for the next several weeks.


Nothing says "Trick or Treat" like the silhouette of a witch on her broomstick illuminated by the light of a full harvest moon. A baby girl's shower might be just the occasion to find some witch graphics to decorate the front of your Halloween baby shower invitations.


If something less sinister is more your cup tea, pumpkin clip art can be used for so many fall baby showers! From early September on through Thanksgiving I never get tired of seeing pumpkins, do you?


Vintage Halloween invitations are my all-time favorite. The images on those old-fashioned cards are just delightful. One little trick that I've used in the past was to scan one of the vintage Halloween cards from my personal collection (yes, I have one) and replace the existing greeting with my own baby shower invitation wording or a short spooky verse like:

Join us to celebrate the arrival of our little pumpkin!

and then print it out on whatever card stock that I choose! If you start shopping early you may be able to find some vintage Halloween baby shower decorations to complete the theme!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Theme Baby Shower Ideas

I just had an idea of how an Alice in Wonderland Theme baby shower could be styled for a baby boy! Actually, I found the baby shower ideas here. The article didn't indicate whether the shower was for a baby boy or a baby girl, but after giving a shower a few weeks ago for a baby girl the thought had crossed my mind that it was such a cool theme that there had to be a way to tweak it if the guest of honor was expecting a boy and then I find the answer...a Mad Hatter baby shower theme!

The baby shower favors that they presented were mini-teacups with dainty floral arrangements in them and there were oversized tea cups used as flower pots scattered throughout the other baby shower decorations including glitter covered bunny rabbits, kittens and mushrooms.

Out of all the creative hostess' Alice in Wonderland Theme baby shower ideas in my opinion the unique baby shower invitations were the show stoppers. The invitations, designed by Sherry at Creative Works designs included a note from the Queen of Hearts and an 'open-me'. It was requested that the guests wear hats and the mother-to-be was sporting a mini top hat.

I can't wait until one of my friends announces that she's expecting a baby boy so that I can plan a Mad Hatter baby shower!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I've noticed lots of spa baby shower ideas being tossed around including recipes for avocado facial masks, how to instructions for setting up a virtual production line of manicure and pedicure chairs and tips for where to have the masseuse set up their tables so as not to interfere with the flow of traffic or the feng shui of the venue. The only part of the planning process that I haven't seen discussed in such detail is menu ideas.

Is this because mommies that are interested in a pampering shower are all watching their weight and don't have much interest in loading up on even low calorie, low carb baby shower food?

Not that I don't have to watch my weight, but I kind of look forward to showers with anticipation using them as an excuse to blow my diet. Yeah, I know that's not a pretty confession to have to make but the truth is the truth.

So, tell me if I'm the only person in the whole wide world that would be taken aback and feel really let down to find that I've been invited to a shower that offers facials rather than food and the only decorations are massage tables and manicure stations.

Please send in your votes as to whether you think that baby shower decorations and food should take second place to beauty treatments and while you're at it, you can share your own spa baby shower ideas and tell us what your favorite baby shower theme may be.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


If you are toying with the idea of finding and sending out vintage baby shower invites that are truly from back in the 1950s and 1960s, you might be in for a bit of a surprise meaning that you may only be able to find gender neutral invitations. You see, long before the word "unisex" was on the radar of expectant moms, that was the route they had to take when planning a baby shower that was to take place before the birth of the baby.

Remember, that the only way of determining whether the blessed bundle was going to be a baby boy or girl in the old days was to take at the mommy-to-be's tummy to see whether the baby was being carried high or low. If that failed, retro moms might go at it by following instructions given in old wives’ tales that had at best a 50/50 rate of accuracy for the obvious reasons.

Since there was no way to know the sex of the baby, most vintage baby shower invites were in gender neutral colors and designs with a delicately balanced color scheme of pink, blue, yellow and green. The same went for the baby shower theme, hence the abundance of stork motifs and baby shower decorations that featured a stork (often with an uncanny resemblance to the family doctor) delivering the new baby cradled in a cloth diaper to the arms of excited parents.


If gender neutral baby shower decorations and invitations are not your cup of tea but you had your heart set on old fashioned or retro baby shower themes, take heart. There are companies that specialize in printing invites that have an old time-y look and feel to them. The benefit to using these cards rather than digging through piles of stuff at the flea market or at garage sales is that you get to use decorations and baby shower ideas that clearly are for a boy or a girl and you have complete control over the baby shower invitation wording.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Themed Baby Shower Ideas

The window of opportunity for fall themed baby shower ideas is VERY tiny when you consider that it's too hot to enjoy baby shower decorations in warm colors until late September. In my part of the country, summer has been known to hang around until mid-October and we have often waited until almost Thanksgiving to see the highly acclaimed "frost on the pumpkins".

What happens is that fall baby shower invitations decorated with scarecrows and cascades of swirling leaves in shades of brown, antique white and rust are edged out by Halloween baby shower decorations featuring pictures of Jack O' Lanterns and turkeys in honor of Thanksgiving.

What I like to do is make my own invitations and blend several of the fall baby shower themes with a scarecrow or a pile of pumpkins (that have not been subjected to the knife as of yet) as the centerpiece on the front of the cards and embellish the graphics by surrounding the bright orange pumpkins, turkeys or scarecrow clipart with some colorful autumn leaves that I stick on with my hot glue gun.

I usually choose to use blank card stock so that I can change the baby shower invitation wording to reflect any fall themed baby shower ideas and baby shower decorations that strike my fancy.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


alice in wonderland baby shower party cake decorating topper ideas vintage


After Katy Perry's bridal shower details were released, requests for Alice in Wonderland baby shower invitations are popping up everywhere. Being a lover of all things "storybook" (especially when such a theme might give me an opportunity to wear a costume!) I immediately started to look for ideas for an Alice in Wonderland baby shower and comparing store bought invitations with possibilities for homemade cards.

What I came up with so far is that there is a virtual treasure trove of graphics to be found online that can be used to make your own invitations or you can buy spectacular colored ones that (in my opinion) would be cool for kids' birthday parties. I actually prefer the vintage images because they remind me of the illustrations in not just this book but many of the storybooks that my mom read to me when I was a child.

There's no way that I'm the only hostess that enjoys a party with lots of old fashioned atmosphere. If you are of a like mind and want your shower to have an authentic, vintage feel you will probably want to make your own Alice in Wonderland baby shower invitations and start your search for baby shower decorations in the local consignment store, garage sales in older neighborhoods or perhaps a flea market!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Pacifier Necklaces

I remember an Hawaiian themed baby shower that I went to where baby pacifier necklaces (or leis decorating with crystal pacifier favors) were draped around each guest's neck by the hostesses who welcomed them as they entered the door. The girls were dressed up like hula girls complete with grass skirts and lovely floral leis decorated with multi-colored crystal pacifiers.

If I were pushed to put a name to the baby shower theme, I would have to call it a pacifier themed luau or maybe a luau with a focus on pacifiers! The creative ladies who styled this event spent a lot of time decorating the leis. I asked them how they did it and they told me that they attached each of the crystal pacifier favors individually using a needle and thread!


The leis at the doorway were very effective in setting a festive tone for the shower from the very start about time consuming! They were so nicely done and festive that in my opinion it was worth every minute but some of you don't have endless hours to spend making your own baby shower favors.


If it's all you can do to come up with baby shower ideas and buy the needed baby shower decorations, there is an easier way to make your own baby pacifier necklaces. Simply buy cord long enough so that your guests can easily slip it on (I'll tell you why in just a second) and attach a single pacifier charm or you can buy ready made, (cheap) candy pacifier necklaces. They are cute, colorful and who doesn't like Lifesavers?

Present each guest with their necklace as they arrive then gather everyone together to make the announcement that the rules are that if anyone is spotted crossing their arms or legs throughout the shower, the person who catches anyone doing so gets to take the other person's necklace. The goal of the game is to "steal" as many of the necklaces as possible with the person who has the most necklaces at the end of the shower declared the winner.

With pacifier baby shower invitations, baby shower favors and games, a similar gift is in order. Present the guest of honor with a silver pacifier charm, a few fancy pacifier holders or even better, a basket filled with a huge number of pacifiers because we know you can NEVER have too many!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Here are a few pink baby shower ideas that even those who have never been a big fan of the color pink might enjoy. You might not have a single item of pink clothing in your closet and you may never, EVER think of actually decorating a room in your home using the color, but when a baby girl is expected, of course, there will be lot of pink.

The funny thing is that the mommy-to-be may who once shared your aversion to what some might consider a color best left in nature may now, with a little girl on the way, may have changed her opinion and not seem to mind it in the least!

As the hostess, what should you do? Should you:

A. Try your very best to talk her into a less "PINK" girl baby shower themes

B. Avoid a consultation with the guest of honor and decorate as you choose


C. Bite the bullet, and come up with some pink baby shower ideas that are tasteful and that won't transform the venue into an area that brings a big blob of chewing gum to mind.

....We have a winner! Give mommy the little touch of pink that she craves as an accent color rather than buying baby shower decorations that leave your guests with the feeling they've been swimming in a big pink punch bowl.

Color combinations that you might consider for everything from your girl baby shower invitations to colors for the cake would be pink and green, pink and brown and save pink and white for hostesses who embrace the chance to surround themselves with cotton candy colored decor with reckless abandon.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


With the stork visiting on a regular basis the question of who do you invite to a baby shower is the topic of many a conversation taking place at the water cooler, the neighborhood coffee klatch or the family dinner on Sunday. Choosing the baby shower invitations and baby shower decorations for the celebration is the fun part of shower planning. Determining who to invite to a baby shower can be a little more complicated.

We don't want to leave anybody out, nor do we want to bring Cousin A face to face with Cousin B for the first time since their feud began over twenty years ago just so they can have the final showdown at the party. Is it your responsibility as the hostess to be sure that family members don't duke it out over the punch bowl? Certainly, you would want to do everything in your power to keep any awkward situations at bay but keep reading and you will see that baby shower etiquette takes this burden from your shoulders.


For starters, the people who are usually invited are family members, friends and occasionally co-workers. And remember, even though the hostess is who pays for the baby shower, the guest list is not her responsibility and that she should always consult with the mother-to-be for a list of whom she wants to attend.


Since you will be footing the bill; it's perfectly alright to set some limitations as far as the number of guests that you can entertain. This is a very touchy step in the shower planning process but it's a fact of life that budget must be considered when determining who do you invite to a baby shower.

Hostesses should be very cautious in how they tell their pregnant friend that her guest list can only have X number of people on it. Perhaps the best way to avoid an uncomfortable moment is to mention when you tell her that you would like to throw a baby shower for her that you can only handle a certain number of guests. You might also indicate at this time that you would like to focus on a particular circle of friends, family members or co-workers.

Be prepared to present your case citing money issues or lack of space to accommodate a large number of people. If the number of people that you can handle and the number that your friend had in mind were worlds apart you might want to suggest that she have more than one baby shower, one for friends, one for family and another for the people that she works with rather than one huge party. Be warned that this is a very sensitive area where you should tread softly I have known friendships to be stressed to the point of fracture.

The bottom line of who do you invite to a baby shower is not really up to the hostess; it's up to the guest of honor. And once the guest list is agreed upon the mother-to-be should provide you with not only the name of her guests' but their mailing address, phone number or email address so that you can contact everyone to invite them to the party.


Your responsibility is to get the invitations to everyone on the list. The purpose of a baby shower is to bring together a group of individuals to surround the mother-to-be with people to share in her joy and to be there for her at this time of her life. You are merely the facilitator that forwards the necessary details to her chosen guests. So now you see, who is invited to a baby shower is up to the mother-to-be not the hostess.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Before I tell you how to throw a long distance or a virtual baby shower, maybe I should tell those of you that are less high-tech by nature exactly what I'm talking about. A virtual, online or long distance baby shower is basically a baby shower that takes place on the worldwide web, the internet or whatever you want to call it.

Just like a regular shower, it can be a simple affair where a few friends who are physically miles apart gather in a chat room to offer best wishes to the mother-to-be or a more elaborate celebration might have its own website or take place in real time!

Here are some of the many ways that you can do a long distance baby shower:


Give your virtual baby shower its own "home page" using a free blogging service like Google Blogspot. You can customize the theme and wording and use popular colors. Think of the colorful background and themes as modern baby shower decorations!


Take your pick of Facebook, Myspace or one of the many free websites focusing on pregnancy. Any of these services will give you freedom to post videos, pictures and details for your long distance baby shower as well as links to the mommy-to-be’s baby gift registry.


Get everybody together no matter how far apart they may be using Skype or


How the gifts are delivered is completely up to you and the mother to be but whatever you decide should be outlined in the baby shower invitation wording. If you will be hosting the shower live, you might ask the guests to mail their gifts to the mom’s address by a certain date so that she can open them and thank the giver in person. This is a detail that should be worked out between yourself, the hostess, and the guest of honor depending on what type long distance baby shower you are planning.


The hostess can have invitations printed to mail out for an online baby shower just like we’ve done for the old-fashioned kind for decades. Instead of a physical address, the wording should include details about how and where the online baby shower will take place and where the expectant mom has her baby registry.

If the virtual baby shower website requires everyone to register for a membership online, tell them in the invitation to do this ahead of time to reduce the possibilities of an unexpected problem on the day of the online baby shower that would cause them to miss the festivities.

To save money, she might send out free online baby shower invitations to the guests’ email box. The benefits of using email virtual baby shower invites are multi-fold as not only do you save money, but the time that you would normally spend licking envelopes and sticking on postage stamps. Plus, there’s no risk of invitations being lost in the mail.

I’m happy to say that there are many excellent websites that make an online baby shower more personal and warm than you might expect. There are several excellent ones that offer an array of services for a $50 charge including a photo album, a guest book, live chat features and even baby shower games that you can play with your friends at the virtual party.


If you plan to mail your invitations, you might send your guests a keepsake of the event like a personalized bookmark or a silver charm along with the card as a favor. Shower etiquette does not require that you have favors for any shower and certainly not an online shower but it is a nice touch if your budget allows.

Long Distance Baby Shower Thank You Cards

If the invites were sent through the postal service, I would advise that mom send her thank you cards the same way. If the guests were invited via free online baby shower invitations, an online thank you note would be appropriate.

There are new virtual baby shower websites and new ways to make these celebrations special popping up everyday. You are welcome to share your long distance baby shower ideas with us using the comments form on this page.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Ladies, get ready for some radical baby shower ideas! Yes, it's time for my annual Baby Shower DO list! I hope I'm not too late to save us all from many boring hours since the baby shower invitations are already rolling in!

From May to July, those of us with pregnant friends (who for some reason all have an August delivery date!) spend our time brainstorming baby shower decorations, menus and gift ideas each of us looking to throw a party that blows the one that came before it right out of the water.

That in and of itself probably should be the first DON’T on my list. But not wanting to start out with negative remarks I want to first share some modern albeit radical baby shower ideas voicing how I think a shower for the mother of today should be organized.


I never could understand why a mom was only supposed to have a shower for her first baby. C’mon people, unless she’s having babies back to back without a breather in between chances are she gave away all her gear and baby clothes in newborn size long ago...probably to you or one of your friends. So, don’t wonder if you should give this girl a party…find some cute baby shower ideas for second or third or whatever and get going!


Ask the mother-to-be what she and her friends might enjoy in the way of entertainment. This is one area that I’m totally in favor of throwing tradition to the four winds and letting it fly. Be it disco dancing or playing stud poker, a baby shower CAN be a chance for girls to get together and just have a blast.

I’m not a huge fan of baby shower bingo but for those of us who are into it, rave on! On the other hand, why should ladies who wouldn’t be caught dead in a Bingo be expected to play? Another baby shower game that loses its luster (in my opinion) after the first go round is any kind of dirty diaper game. There are times when playing silly games and watching grown men wearing adult diapers can be outrageously funny and if that tickles the guest of honor’s fancy, and then by all means DO IT!

This is perhaps one of the most controversial, radical baby shower ideas on my list. Ask if it might be acceptable with the guest of honor if she skipped opening the gifts at the shower.

If it’s a family shower, Grandma might raise an eyebrow at this baby shower idea but if it’s a party for the girls...well, they will probably be just fine with the idea of not having to watch while one gift after another is opened. I know it's your party, Mama, but seriously...


The more pictures, the better in my book. HOWEVER, you should never distribute them via email, include them in scrapbooks and especially never post them on a social network without the permission of the mother-to-be.


Party mints, cheese spread and crackers do not cut it, my friend. You are not required to put on a spread but don’t insult people who take time out to celebrate with you by giving them snacks that you poured out of a box. Grill burgers or SOMETHING!


There are plenty of websites that offer wonderful baby shower ideas that will help busy moms throw a baby shower from choosing a baby shower theme to finding cheap baby shower decorations. Before you jump in with both feet and waste a lot of time and money, visit some of these websites and get some tips.

Now....what do you think about my radical baby shower idea DO list? Are my suggestions too over the top or extreme? Or are you giving me a big ol’ virtual high five? If you have a personal list of likes and dislikes or traditions that you would love to burn why don’t you just tell me about it? Just drop a line and tell me, what is your idea of the best shower?

By the way, I was going to have a list of stuff that you should NEVER do at a shower, but I ran out of room so I'll get right on that tomorrow.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Forget the cheap baby shower gift ideas, how about some FREE baby shower gift ideas? There are many ways that you can score free stuff that you can keep on hand ready and waiting to be put into service when baby shower invitations come in the mail.


If some time has passed since you last spent your time scouring the magazine and newspaper ads for baby stuff, there is no better time to refresh your coupon clipping skills than right now! By taking advantage of freebies and promotions, you will have enough free diapers and samples to fill a gift basket in no time flat!

Set aside a special place in your linen closet (or some other pet free, smoke free location) and then, when it's time to load up and buzz over to take part in the celebration of your friend's little bundle of joy, you will be WAY ahead of the game.


As soon as I open the invitation, I grab a gift basket (usually a cheap basket I pick up at Dollar Tree) and organizing my free baby shower gift ideas into those that are specifically for a baby boy shower, a baby girl shower or those that are gender neutral and start my arrangement. Presentation is everything and I don't want my gift basket to appear shabby when surrounded by all those cute baby shower decorations!

I usually have little packages of baby items like diaper shirts and onesies that I picked up for $1 on clearance sale (my last score had a retail price of over $5 and I bought it for less than a dollar!) that I decorate with bows that I make using pink, blue or neutral ribbon and use them as the centerpiece of the basket if I don't have a nice cloth diaper or diaper cover that I won in one of the giveaways that I enter. Then I surround the baby clothes with samples or freebies from my stash. I generally include around $10 to $15 worth of stuff like cute cases for baby wipes, baby wash, shampoo and baby lotion samples and free diapers if I have some on hand.

Yeah, these free baby shower gift ideas take a little more time than calling the baby boutique and asking them to gift wrap something that you pick up on your way to the shower, but we don't always have that option if you've been laid off from your job or have been hit with a medical emergency. Even if things are going great and you have lots of cash lying around, it's a fun challenge to put together a baby shower gift basket filled with free stuff that will be the standout on the gift table!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Here's a mind blowing baby shower game idea that will appeal to the practical jokesters or tricksters among you. The great thing about this game is that you don't have to have a lot of supplies, it doesn't take a long to play so your guests won't get bored with it and we got a HUGE laugh out of it at a shower that I recently attended.

There really aren't many rules to abide by and you will have to do a little planning ahead of time but it's still an easy and fun game to play.

Before the guests arrive, load a tray or fill a basket with baby stuff that are in your baby shower theme or to match the colors of your baby shower decorations. You might buy some small items to present to the guest of honor at the end of the game (whether she actually wins or not).

When it's time for the baby shower games, choose one of the guests or one of your co-hostesses and have them walk from guest to guest showing them the items on the tray instructing them to study it and giving them a minute or so to do so. After each guest has had an opportunity to study the items on the tray, then have the person who is in charge of the to leave the room.

After she is safely out of sight of the guests, you will then pass out paper and pencils and instruct everyone to write down in detail what the person with the tray was wearing including jewelry, hair ornaments and eyewear.

It's so much fun to see how surprised everyone is when they are not asked to make a list of the baby stuff that they were told to study! The look on their astonished faces is totally hilarious because they were so busy committing all the items on the trait to memory that they completely neglect to look at anything else!

This baby shower game idea is a good one to play at co-ed showers because it's so funny to see the guys try to describe what the lady was wearing in their own words.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


If fresh daisies to use in your daisy baby shower decorations are just too expensive, make your own paper daisy decorations! Once you get good at it, you might try your hand at making your own daisy baby shower invitations decorated with cute, paper flowers that never droop, wilt or need water!

Whether you are making your own floral arrangements as a money saver when the budget is tight or just enjoy the challenge of tackling a paper flowers tutorial and showing off your craft skills. Whatever your reasons, if you (and some of your friends) care to take the DIY approach to making your floral arrangements to decorate the venue, paper baby shower flowers are a perfect alternative for pricey stems purchased at your local florist.

And HERE is a paper daisy pattern and easy to follow instructions to get you started. Who knows, once you master using this template and when you see what a big hit your daisy baby shower decorations are with your friends, you might want to make paper flowers to sell to other hostesses planning a floral baby shower theme and create your own cottage industry specializing in custom baby shower invitations and decorations made to order.

If you don't trust your artistic talents and are reluctant to jump in and make your own handmade flowers from the daisy template, you should call your local craft store and see if they have some lessons planned where paper crafters teach classes on how to make paper flowers. Making enough to complete all of your daisy baby shower decorations on time might be a little too much for a beginner, but that's all the more reason to get started now so that you will be ready for next time!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FREE Baby Shower Gift Idea

I'm pretty pinched for money right now as are most of my friends so here is a FREE baby shower gift idea that I came across that is thoughtful and so very MODERN and high-tech! The cost of the gift is absolute nothing but your time even though I am well aware that time is money, it's not nearly as expensive as a baby gift basket or even a pair of booties PLUS if the mommy-to-be is less than computer savvy, she will really appreciate your taking the time to set up a personalized online scrapbook of her baby shower so that family members and friends can share in the fun from miles away.

So what IS this free baby shower gift idea? Get ready because you are about to set up a Myspace page dedicated to showcasing the hostess's baby shower ideas,the cute baby shower decorations and all the lovely gifts for the new baby.

And here are some tips on how to personalize your gift:

1. Use a sonogram picture or have the dad to be take some pregnant belly pictures for you to use as the profile picture.

2. The title of the page should be something to the tune of "Ann's Baby Shower" or "Ann and Bill's 1st Baby" or any personal headline that will best describe the baby shower theme or event.

3. Ask the hostess for a copy of the shower's guest list so that you can do a search for friends and relatives to invite them to be "friends" and post the first bulletin including the date of the shower, the due date and other information pertaining to the party.

4. You might also consider posting blog entries where you can announce details of the shower where loved ones can post comments and congratulations, etc.

If you want you can upload your own pictures of the shower as well as those taken by others but you can also add video complete with sound that everyone will enjoy.

This FREE baby shower gift idea gives the technologically savvy individual
an opportunity to create a personalized gift with infinite potential that may encourage the new mom and dad to start buffing up their computer skills.

Sweet Baby Shower Gift Idea

I just read a sweet baby shower gift idea that I wanted to share with my visitors and the great part is that it's very touching and personal as only a homemade baby gift can, it's CHEAP and easy to make!

You won't need a whole lot of craft supplies, but you may have to visit the crafts section of your local discount store and pick up a cute "treasure box" that has a lid and a scented votive candle. If you can't find a pretty box at the craft shop, visit a flea market to find a vintage china ring box with a lid that is big enough to hold a candle or you might find what you want at a collectibles shop. After you have your box and candle, you will then need to ask the your friend's relative or the "dad to be" to snap a pregnant belly picture for you.

After you have all your supplies, place the scented votive in your pretty box and using a hole punch make a hole in the corner of the belly pic and use a color coordinated ribbon to tie the picture to the box. On the back of the picture or on a card you can write a short verse that goes something like this:

Close your eyes and say a prayer,

And when (baby name here) is finally here.

Light this candle out of love,

To thank God for sending this angel from above.

I thought this is such a sweet baby shower gift idea that you can easily personalize with the baby's name. The wording of the poem on the card would be appropriate for an angel baby shower theme or pretty much any baby shower. You might change the wording around a bit to make it even more personal if you like.

Another possibility would be to buy enough boxes and candles and use them as baby shower decorations during the festivities and then send them home with your guests as favors.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eco Friendly Baby Shower Favors

You might laugh but the inspiration for these eco friendly baby shower favors was the oil spill in the gulf. We never truly appreciate what we have until it's gone (sounds like I'm writing lyrics to a country song), right? And the idea of tar balls all over our favorite white sugar sand beach seems to have put us all in a "Save the Planet" frame of mind. To think that babies born today may never see those pristine beaches just breaks my heart and if we have to plan parties for environmental awareness, then count me in!

The key to choosing the best "green baby shower favor" is timing. For instance, if your Mother Earth baby shower theme is planned for the middle of the holiday season, a packet of wildflower seeds would not be the excellent choice that it might have been if the shower was scheduled for prime growing season (say early spring) in your area.

On the other hand pot plants or seedlings make excellent eco friendly baby shower favors for the winter months. Buy an (or make your own) attractive pot or coffee mug and some potting soil and either plant a small plant inside the "pot". For a bridal shower, you might consider using inexpensive champagne glasses to hold your plant.

You don't have to buy (or make) large flower pots or coffee mugs to make a lovely presentation. In fact, if you are pressed for time and handmade baby shower favors are out of the question you can visit the crafts and candles section in your discount store and buy small votive cups. Your eco friendly baby shower favors will have cost you less than a dollar ($1) leaving more of your budget free for cute baby shower decorations and food.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Here are some really cute invitations and father-to-be baby shower ideas that will start him off right knowing how wonderful it is to be a dad! For starters, start cruising the party supply stores for Father's day party supplies that you can use for baby shower decorations. So what if the date of your event is nowhere near June or the 4th of July. In fact, that may even be better because you might just luck up on some cheap tableware and decorations on the discount table!


If the baby shower for dad is scheduled during the summer months, the back yard is one of the best venues ever for a couples shower. If the guest of honor is a grillmaster, you might want to buy some of the large mylar balloons in the shape of a barbeque grill. If he doesn't fancy himself a chef, focus your father-to-be baby shower ideas on whatever his hobby happens to be and buy plates and cups that are designed to honor the proud papa's favorite sports or activities!

Personalize the event with special couple baby shower invitations, personalize banners for the entry to the shower and if you want to give dad a real surprise, have a life size cardboard standee of the man-of-honor custom-made!


A diaper bag for dad, a masculine baby carrier or a baby stroller with handles that are the perfect height for tall men are all lovely gifts that will make him feel a part of the baby's life from the very start.


You might present all the guys with their very own personalized BBQ apron as a baby shower favor or keepsakes like personalized coffee mugs or beer mug shaped candles. These cool candles make excellent centerpieces for the tables if your party is being held at night.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunflower Baby Shower Invitations

Don't you love these sunflower baby shower invitations? A friend recently asked for my help in making her own flower shower invitations and I ended up helping her shop for favors and decorations, too! When we were shopping for ideas, we decided that in addition to the flower centerpieces for the baby shower that sunflower seeds should play a part. And don't you think that surrounding the silk sunflowers with sunflower seeds is just ideal? After the guests have come and gone your birds get a tasty treat!


I considered using a homemade invitation using this template but somehow I never could make it look cheerful and inviting like a sunflower ought to be. So, I ordered personalized invitations and was so happy that I did because they are so cute with the bright colors including pink and yellow that are so hard to print yourself.

black and yellow sunflower seed centerpiece

In addition to the invitations I got address labels, and thank you cards that we ordered at the same time we ordered the invitations.

THEN we made a banner with lettering that said "SUNNY DAYS" with little birds on each ends that closely match the invitations and thank you cards. The banner turned out very nice and the mother-to-be took it home with her after the shower.


in addition to the sunflower centerpieces the table was decorated with cobalt blue and yellow plates and napkins. The brown, blue and yellow color scheme worked beautifully with the baby shower theme.

We bought tiny bird's nest baby shower favors with robin's egg soaps to use on each place setting that made lovely baby shower decorations and the guests were delighted that they got to take the nests and soaps home with them.

After we added the favors, we considered adding some cute wooden birdhouses to the side of our sunflower centerpieces, but decided against it because there wasn't really much room left on the tables.


We looked for yellow punch recipes and decided that we didn't want to serve a yellow drink after we had a laugh about serving drinks that looked like urine specimens so we served yellow lemonade.

We wanted a crispy menu because we felt the sunflower baby shower invitations called for light and airy finger foods. The menu had fresh asparagus, crudite, chips and dip and delight fruit and pasta salads. We also offered sandwiches so that the guys wouldn't complain that they were hungry.


We played the usual games and the guests' prizes were all in keeping with our bird's nest sunflower theme.

We played three games and the winners all got presents that were bird theme. One was a bird house, one was wind chimes with a bird house on top and the last one was a bird decoration to be used in the garden.

We thought it was a fun idea to have the gifts match the theme.

This was one cute baby shower and we were so flattered that several of the guests asked if they could "borrow" our baby shower ideas.