Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sock Monkey Baby Nursery Decorations

A friend recently mentioned to me that the sock monkey baby nursery decorations she had seen in even the most posh baby boutiques were not tickling her in the least. She said that not only were they expensive, but impractical and frankly not that cute. I could see that she was getting frustrated and after dealing with many mothers I knew better than to pull out a portfolio of nursery pictures at this stage of the game.

Knowing that a friend of ours had a baby shower planned for her at the end of the week I decided that the best course of action was to wait and see if any of the gifts that she received might serve to point her in one direction or another. I had my doubts that as the hostess of said shower had already tipped me off that a monkey theme baby shower was in the works. I could not foresee that something miraculous might catch her eye and inspire her if after cruising the baby stores for months on the prowl for sock monkey baby nursery decorations and crib bedding sets she had come home empty-handed time after time.

Then the day of the shower rolled around and wonder of wonders, the first gift out of the box was a personalized sock monkey diaper bag lined with sock monkey fabric by Moda accompanied by a cute, matching rag baby quilt. I knew by the guest of honor’s reaction that I had better start organizing pictures of sock monkey crib bedding and sock monkey baby nursery decoration ideas as soon as I got home.
Isn’t it wonderful how if you wait things have a way of working themselves out? I find this especially true when working with pregnant ladies struggling with choosing a theme for their nursery decor.

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